Are You Coppin’ The Air Jordan 13 Tomorrow?

air jordan 13 he got game

After heavy releases weekend after weekend, tomorrow marks a slow release day when it comes to the big brands. One shoe takes the spotlight however, in the Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game.”

The official colorway is white/black-true red, but the name “He Got Game” has stuck due to them being seen in the movie of the same name. Other releases for tomorrow include another colorway of the Nike Air Max 95 Dynamic Flywire in photo blue and the Air Jordan 13 GS in cool grey/fusion pink.

Which sneaker are you coppin’ tomorrow?



air jordan 13

  • AlSneaks

    I might grab the 13s, but I’m still on the fence.

  • Executive

    13’s are old news. This is gonna be one wack Saturday.

  • Executive

    13’s are old news. This is gonna be one wack Saturday.

  • might grab the 13s if they’re still in stores by the time I hit the mall. not breaking my neck to get there though.

  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    I’ll cop if they are still there when I go to the mall.

  • Guess Who?

    Umm is there an other option?

  • Edson

    Why are ppl hating on the 13s??… Shit i should have no problem copping online then

  • P.A’s Finest


  • omar najeeb

    @merlot…& solebrotha….WORD!
    And I never really cared for this colrwy. I actually love the other 13s. Flints,cherrys, plyoff dunk-on-kendall gills, ’04 ‘tudes &’10 tudes…all em. Jus not the hgg’s. If they there aftrnn (which is less than likely) I’ll pck em up

  • Lem

    I will get the grey/pink pair for my daughters. Other than that nope.

  • AJ head

    I like that grey pink colourway.
    I hope JB will release grey-university blue color for mens size.


    I like many have always been a fan of certain Jordan Retro’s I’m starting to think that these release dates are really a SCAM. Limited shoes as well as jerks at the shoe stores.

  • 4DRUMZ

    Big fan of them and NEVER had them so it had to happen! This is the second time I’ve seen this picture with the black sock liner!?!? The 2013 is white… but I think the black looks better!

  • JayOldPeachsteam

    Laced the whole family this weekend…

  • shoe guy

    these 13s are hot.. many salty folks around now who got none.. lines were crazy as hell… i got mine.. but will keep them on ice till end of summer after all the lames and posers have scuffed theirs up..ahahhaha

  • course I had no chance. got to the mall at 11 and these thirsty a ss kids already bought up every pair. wasn’t too broken up. like i previously stated I was going to leave it up to fate. instead I ended up coppin the bright crimson 3’s, a perfectly dope cw on the shelf 2 weeks after its release because it’s not an og cw (granted a guy bought the last pair right after me) and some random gr dunks.

    shoe game in shambles.