Are You Ready to Space Jam?

Space Jam Air Jordan 11 XI

Remember when we broke the news about the Space Jams back in March? We had a few unbelievers in the 200+ comments, and I wonder if they still don’t believe the Space Jams are releasing? No need to call out names because you know who you are. Anyhow, not that anyone needs a reminder, but it’s our job to tell you that the Space Jam Air Jordan 11 drops tomorrow, December 23rd.

The wait is finally over! If you live in the Atlanta area, the good folks at NikeStore Lenox will take care of you tomorrow. If you plan on camping you must line up at the Pink Pig. They will give out wrist bands at 5:15am, and then they will open their doors. ATL heads swing by NikeStore Lenox for your Space Jam fix!

With all that being said, let the SPACE JAM convo begin…

Space Jam Air Jordan 11

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • I’m all Space Jammed out!

  • trev

    I been waiting since ’01.



  • gotjordans?

    I hear ChampsSports sold out already!

  • Converse King

    I’m not expecting a huge turnout at my local area mall for these. But if there is, then there are still plenty of other malls around as well. Plus I can order online.

  • o.s.t

    I won’t be able to sleep. too excited about the spacejams. be up at 4 a.m but won’t make a difference. my areas when it comes to sneakers is called vans francisco .

  • gotjordans?

    So is this a General Release or Limited Quickstrike?

  • Question Does Hype Kill?

    Love The Space Jam 11

    Hate the loads of Resellers that will be Beasting Tommarrow for these Overpriced Kicks in My Opinion (Still Gon Cop Though) Becuz I missed out on The 2000 Release

    I Already have the 2001 Bred 11 DS

    Question Love the Shoe But will I be Dissapointed by the Quality? Since I have another Jordan 11 to compare it too from 2001

    Hope I win a Pair at Greg Street’s Event Tommarrow Night at Utopia

    Question Why The F@CK is Athlete’s Foot in the Metro Atlanta Area Selling there Space Jam’s for $200 Bucks plus Tax What part of the game is that? And is That even Legal?

    Once again Does Hype Kill?

    Question Do I really need to get up at 5:30 am to be at the Mall by 6 to ensure that I get a Pair which in my Case is a 13 which I know they are not going to have a lot of

    JB is like Voodoo to Most Sneaker Heads just My Opinion!!

    Any Responses??

  • gotjordans?

    Eastbay and Foot Locker websites already have them on their screen with a timer…!

  • gotjordans?

    I’ll swing by at my local mall during brunch time. If I cop a pair, that’ll be great, if I miss out on them, I ain’t trippi’…!
    All I know is that in the next few days, a bunch of these will be on Ebay for ridiculous high prices!

  • gotjordans?

    And that’s gonna be a shame, for those ppl who will cop multiple pairs…! smh

  • RidahTaTe

    ^^^CO SIGN

  • weezy23

    the wait is over…. gonna copp online to gaurantee a pair cuz for some reason wack cats are trying to get them and re sell so i wear a 10 the 1st size to ussually go!

  • gotjordans?

    I hope the shoe sites don’t crash tonight…!

  • Another Question I have a deal on the Table for a Pair of 2000-2001 Nike Air Jordan Columbia 11’s Ds for My Ds pair of Retro Penny 2’s plus $165 Bucks I aint got Mad Money like that its either these Space Jams which I have always wanted or make this Deal Which should I Pick? This Space Jam Ish Got Me tripping hard!!What do you think iz the better deal??

  • DMVsneakerdude

    Midnight launch at Footlocker in a warm mall! Thanks goodness! Can’t wait!

  • Marcg*sparklecity*SC

    Hells ya

  • gotjordans?

    I am gonna try my luck on Eastbay, and Finishline…
    I am READY…! Less than 5 hours now.

  • gotjordans?

    And too.
    Just check, they’re on timer too!

  • Converse King

    One thing’s for sure, I’m not camping for these things. They’re just shoes, and I have a backup plan anyway. If I can’t get the Space Jams, I’m just gonna get a new ipod, so I’m not that worried about it.

  • Glad i already got my pair last week! 🙂

  • good luck to to everyone getting their pairs, glad i got my two pairs from the shop i work at last friday, i would be going nuts haha

  • Jsallday209

    hype kills……..
    everybody and they mama bouta have a pair.

  • Bangner

    Good Luck to everyone, i already copped my pair a few days ago…might have to get one more tonight tho

  • at least they didnt release these in the same #’s the yeezy’s were released in

  • Sneaker Fiend

    Whats up everyone, I got mine today at Sports Zone where I live. Let me tell you the story, I called and talked to the manager and told him I would campout at 3 AM and he said you can come in and get them now for regular price. And for all who want to know with tax they are 184.99. Im very greatiful. I want to shout G-Roc and TSG for keepin this sneaker culture alive and well. Good luck to all tommorow mornin and even those who will try to get them online. PEACE

  • Sneaker Fiend

    And these folks whose parents have to buy there’s who probably wont get up anyway can just forget it

  • Got my size 12 locked up. Can’t wait to slide these on at 8:30 tomorrow morning! 🙂

  • Converse King

    How many of you all are gonna wear them to bed tomorrow night. LOL just playing.

  • Chris Maxwell

    thank god i got mine back in august

  • $216 after tax at Athlete’s foot… BUMBACLOT BWOY!

  • Sneaker Fiend

    Jay whats good 216 where they get off selling at that price?

  • Sneaker Fiend

    Everyone wants a pair but cant because one of my hommies told me that finishline only was gettin 12 pair a piece so my advice is to go to footlocker becuase they have more sizes.


    THESE R GREAT SHOES BUT I STILL THINK THEY R OVER RATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Sneaker Fiend

    Yeah Bill you are rite now if they were the ogs thats something different u know?

  • Its on & crackalackin mayne from 9:00 pm & we ain’t leavin til 6 in the mornin….I’m OG like Ice T, but we’re def not the same age. lol

  • LG

    its going to be crazy around the DMV area. but i will have 2 pairs.thats crazy they are charging 200, they jacked the price up on the black laser 4 when they came out.

  • haha im “hyped” for those grey griffeys, any on have a release date on those?


    Man i really didnt think the hype would be this crazy!Saw a pic where sum footlocker in ATL got broken into!Its just more crazier then i thought but im out in LA bout to hit Fox Hills Mall with my boy in hopes of a pair of these beautys!Hope everyone has a safe nite/morning.Peesh.

  • @Sneaker Fiend… Wsup cuzz.

  • miked23

    I managed to cop them already saturday. They are definitely hot as hell but as we all should expect, not as good of quality as the og’s. Still gotta love em!!

  • truesneakerhead

    i already know they aint goin sale out in the mall in my town because people love bootleg jordans i know im getting them early in the mornign i cant wait i got my christmas outfit for the club polo shirt and some 501 levis and white sox fitted im goin be fresh these came out when i was four im 17 now

  • tommaso

    anyone from the san bruno area
    U think ne ones gunna camp??

  • gotjordans?

    I clicked on “broke the news”, and I was reading some of the comments on there. MAN, there were A LOT of non-believers and nay-sayers… Like G-Roc said, you know who you are and there’s proof.
    Some of the stuff I read I couldn’t stop laughing!!! 🙂

  • gotjordans?

    I remember saying “only time will tell”, but I didn’t call G-Roc a liar.  NO SIR, I didn’t…! 😉

  • gotjordans?

    To tommaso,

    I am near San Mateo, and that local mall will have ppl camped out.

  • miked23

    I didnt think there would be a nationwide hype over this shoe like this. This is truley amazing. I could imagine MJ sitting back like “look at these fools” lol! Hey when u love sneakers you will do whatever it takes to get em. Im glad I got mine early. Good luck to everyone!

  • Sneaker Fiend

    To tommaso forget everyone else get your pair bro and then show it off

  • tommaso

    ^^ Hillsdale? Shit haha. Im headin to serramonte tm mornin.


    Im glad i got mine two weeks ago. No waiting in line for me.

  • killa cam

    getting a pair online, if not imma go to the store b4 school like in the old days

  • STLBoy

    ugh my local store is a midnight release ahaha I should heading up there pretty soon, I hope its not like da playoff 8 release it was hectic

  • B.C.

    Damn only 2.5 hours left and idk if I wanna cop online and pay for the extra shipping or not. I don’t think it will be that hard to cop in Portland, but I’m on the fence about it.

  • Jordan.252


  • jmaine

    hell yeah g-roc

  • finalllyyy!!! im so ready. im gettin ready to camp out right now. haha cant wait!!

  • gotjordans?

    Now that I have time to think about this, they can’t be limited, I mean they’re available in every shoe site like Eastbay,, and Perhaps its a quickstrike cuz it was released short noticed, but definitely not limited. Shouldn’t be hard to cop, 1 pair is all I need.

  • gotjordans?

    I am ready to cop online:
    Shoe sites: checked
    Credit Card: checked
    Keyboard: checked

    I’m gonna try every shoe website in case one or more crash during my purchase.

  • Sneaker Fiend

    To gotjordans? but finishline only has 12 pair at each location but you should get them trust me

  • why so serious?…

  • Converse King

    How snug is the fit on these compared to other Jordans?

  • CallmeDiesel

    i don’t think these are as limited as people are thinking. every single store in the mall will be carrying these. they will sell out by the end of the weekend, but not tomorrow.


  • Yay me, for receiving my pair earlier today.

    Will also be at the shop at 9 tomorrow for my second pair.

  • The sneakerheads were nestled all snug in their beds,While visions of space jams danced in their heads..haha sorry stuck at work..going to burn this place down

  • Joe

    They aren’t limited. They are a GR but your gonna swear they were a QS. What you believe to be in your malls aren’t in your malls anymore. They have been snatched up for employees and early purchases which were made without going through the register. Some stores are only getting 1-2 pair per size, which are already gone and have been for atleast a week. Some other spots are getting like 4-5 pairs in each size.
    The fact these are going to just about every Jordan Brand retailer nationwide has scattered the quantity in absurd ways..From what i have been told House of Hoops is getting 400 prs, and between all the stores in the all the malls there’s supposed to be 1700 prs. I have not gotten word if those 1700 prs include random boutiques or just malls. That just includes mens sizes, not boys, toddlers or infants…Finding the spots which have the most pairs is the tricky part here…
    I know people personally who already have 5 pairs, 10 pairs, bought through actually distributors. Don’t believe all the stock is still sitting in the stores cause that’s defiantly not the case with these. When the clock strikes 12 more then half the quantity at numerous spots will already be gone before the doors even swing open. It’s sad but true. That’s why i love release parties. You know people are holding what they got and not selling it early just so they got em for that little get together they have planned.
    Best of luck to everybody out there!!! Be safe and don’t do anything stupid!!

  • deznuts

    well i saw kids in queens center mall lined up as pf 3pm smh i had a pair when they dropped in 00 wont be getting them due to not having the funds and the fact i have a child now that comes first. good luck to those getting them and please rock them cause ya like em not on some hypebeast mode show some respect to these puppies. Theres folks out there that are gonna be left in the cold cause some hypebeast are gonna cop multiple pairs to resell smh not cool leave some water for the fishes

  • Alex

    This is one shoe I won’t have to camp out for…..and to put icing on the cake I get my discount on them….YES SIR!

  • gotjordans?

    So TokyoMike,

    Did these come out already in your neck of the woods?
    I am sure you already have them…!

  • atlfalcons4life

    i herd some stores are only getting like 1 or 2 pairs per size

  • mike

    Anyone interested East Bay has theres available in 30 minutes

  • gotjordans?

    ^^^ so they’re limited then…, right? That’s what I mean. I hearing that too, and that they’re a General Release, plenty for eveyone. So, whick is right? 35 minutes left on Eastbay!


    footlocker, champs, and footaction is getting 4 pairs per size…. kids sizes only 1 per size… finish line is the only store that is getting 1 pair per size… every other store like i said (footlocker, champs, footaction) is getting 4 pairs per size. im copping a pair online in 22 minutes, and ill also show up at the store an hour early to see if i can get a pair as well.. im gonna go with the online cop to guarentee myself a pair cuz ya never know how many ppl will be out there in the morning already.


    also… im hearing now that these are running a 1/2 sz smaller??? does anyone know if this is true or not?? i got the cool greys, breds, and spacejams from 2001 and i got all 3 in a sz 11… i dont own any of the shitty cdp ones so i dont know if they run smaller or somethin? im assuming that an 11 will fit the same as my 2001’s .. but being that there diff materials used maybe thats why theyre a 1/2 sz smaller .. does anyone know ?

  • mike

    16 minutes left

  • mike

    the only things i cant where them the firstday after christmas break at school cause every1 else will have theres on. Already got this nice blue and black Pola with some NBA socks and some cargos. I be breakin necks.

  • mike


  • Dave

    Should I buy a half size bigger? I currently wear 10.5 in dunks…

  • MelloYelloMD

    Camped out here in the west end atl , who else is out chea!?

  • briana

    websites OFFICIALLY CRASHED!!! no lie

  • Yesss! Juss ordered mine from

  • Cesb

    all websites are not working!!!!!!!1

  • Dee

    just got my order confirmed no waiting in line for me ill just rock my retro white red 12 for christmas rock the jamz next summer maybe newyears

  • LOL I jumped on Eastbay just to see what would happen and my computer almost EXPLODED….completely shut down. Glad I knew of another site to get em for $175 shipped……

  • Sneaker Fiend

    To tokyoMike, Whats up man, I went to footlocker just to see hwat would happen and I was able to order two pair. But I didn’t complete the order because I already have them WOHOOOOOOO

  • Boss

    while all the other sneaker sites were crashin i just went to and ordered them just fine.

  • Cesb is working

  • haux

    I don’t understand the hype for the quality. For the retail price + tax just buy used ’01s and sea glow them because you people are going to wear them right?

  • Space Jam is workink

  • LG

    every website sold out WTF the phones where busy 15 min before release. I will have to camp out

  • NZA36

    well, supposedly, my order at went through. i hope they dont pull any shenanigans on me…

  • LG

    they are known for canceling orders. the pulled that shit on my DMP

  • Sneaker Fiend yeah, my homeboy just ordered a second pair off of Footlocker…..
    I keep hearing the quality’s not good at all, but who cares…..wear it til it falls off and move on the the next pair…

  • Dro

    Yeah my brother and my cousin are waiting on line at footaction in nyc for the midnight release i already got mine yeah they run small so you have to get them a half size bigger.just chilling watching the laker game congrats to all who got em good luck to online shoppers and campers Yo G-roc Happy holidays! *Shawn Bradley Monstar to Mike “COOL SHOES!”

  • It’s a done deal mayne….it’s official like a referee’s whistle. good lookin out! 2 prs for ya boy….1 to rock & y’all know the rest. I’m still full of adrenaline rush right now….yee!!

  • MelloYelloMD

    Yea Athletes foot gave me the okie doke. Camped and they had a list, told me I was good on a 12 and then staff and friends cane thru bought joints up. When I got inside they were like damn just sold outta the 11.5s-12s come holla in the AM so now I gotta camp again later today and then go work…FML

  • Jordan.252



    fuckin footlocker crashed on me!! i had my size in the cart, i clicked CHECKOUT and BAM CRASHED ON ME WTF!!! i tried champs..CRASHED!!! i tried finishline…CRASHED!!! WTF ALL THE SITES CRASHED AND DONT LOAD!!!!!!!….. 12;42 i finally get on and get a pair… also took 40 mins to get through on the phone… both are not guarenteed 🙁 …. this is some buuuulshiiiiit!!!!

  • ok…so here’s the deal. I own an ICY pair of OGs. i wasn’t gonna do this…I don’t NEED to do this…but, DAMMIT THE HYPE! LOL. Too old to be camping out and the I’m not leavin’ my girls booty cold at 4, 5am just to cop the REE-release of kicks I already got. LOL…so if I couldn’t cop online TONIGHT…i was GOOD. Soooo…Tried NIKE first…completed my order for a 13…it’s all good…then, BAM…right at check out they give me my money RIGHT BACK and say SORRY…ALL THE 13s ARE GONE. Went back to the home page and entire size runs from 8-14 were GONE. Anyway…Then, went to Eastbay and Footlocker (even though they’re the same thing…smh) and their SITE is pretty much crashing. Sooooo…went to CHAMPS online…had minor website hiccups…BUT, in the end copped pretty dayum easy. Let’s face it people, The Space Jam is a GR. 1000s in circulation. And, here’s another tidbit…after Nike gave me my money back…it had a note about RESTOCKING. Don’t trip…you can and WILL get a pair and you don’t have to give any money to these PARASITE RESELLERS. Signin’ off… The Martian 😉

  • $183.65 Easy online cop… Still need a 10 for my cuzn, though.


    Ayyyye! Had mine since the summer…retail..yup! All who know me know the drill..wasn’t too excited bout them..nor do I ever brag..I mighta posted one pic with them joints since I then..imma keep rockin my OGs ya smiggly..all I can say is that they’re effin legit spacejams..they may not be of original quality but they’re definitely not fakes! Hope all who seek shall find

  • DaHero1017

    got mines on, was pretty easy. Hope everyone gets theirs

  • BlaqINK

    I was sooo hyped about these all year and I was sure I wud haveoney nut I don’t get paid to the first hopfully people in Richmond sleep on these and they sit on the shelves lmao like the royal griffeys I saw in footlocker the other day lol

  • LG

    footlocker crashed on me and i had my size checking out.

  • copped online, i dont wait in line for a GR. there are going to be plenty around- this is the biggest release in years, and if you think they are going to run outta product in this economy is crazy, why do you think so many people had them months in advance, cuz theres fuckin tons of them

  • BlaqINK

    Yo I was thinking tell me if u all agree but isn’t it highly probable that these re release just like they did a couple other major releases this year?

  • joe

    I hella want them. But my fuckin mean ass parentz are beiin gay and won’t take me to get them! FUUUCKK!!!

  • sal

    i Got MY pair. 3 Hours waiting and I Got em’.
    I’m happy now!

  • rc hearts js n nikes

    Had mine since last week. Pre order guys. Got my sixes ordered today. Sud have m by the 10th. Cherry 12s r $$$ money. Space jams iceing on the cake.

  • @BlaqINK, sure cuz but that’s all a gamble and it’ll be random.

  • CAD 5000

    Just left Akin in Chicago, Was Second in line, They threw a nice little event did tickets and at 12:01 started selling them. They only had one register but out side of that it was all good. Thanks to the people at Akin. When you sell at retail, I will always Fool with you!

  • pisiguap

    already got them in 125th champs =]

  • @gotjordans? – Did you see all the hate? LOL at all of those comments now.

  • I’m in Huntsville, Al. and I jus got home w/ mine. FinishLine opened doors at 12am CT and I was 12th of nearly 200 in line that startd at 8. by the time I was at the gate everything 10.5+ was GONE. Glad to have mine.


  • XkrispyELI

    not getting a pair but i heard they sold out every online store.

  • Got my 2 pair online at 11.25 Irish time.
    Wasrefreshing the ish out the page from 11 onwards and at 11.25 they hit the site, dunno if they will drop in any spots in Ireland but would like to get a 3rd pair, no resell, just one to rock and 2 to stock to rock in the future.
    Good Luck to evertone still hunting…

  • mike

    bought to go to brandon mall in tampa florida c if theres a line. 10.5 usually sells quickly. goin to try and get 2 pair one to where and 1 to save and break them out when they dont expect it.

  • wil

    just got home from coppin a pair @ champs in times was a 1.5 hour wait but fuck it, it was worth it

  • WOW! Space Jams is a trending topic on twitter. That’s a lot of Space Jam tweets. lol

  • Lildragoon6

    Broo. Cops were bitchasses. Let 10 people in and the rest had to go home. THEY THREATENED US!!! With sticks. Looool. Imma try again at 6 am

  • ^WOW that sucks. Where are you located?

  • My folks in Mudville 209 is serious ’bout their kicks mayne….just got back from AM/PM for a pack of Bud & passed by the malls….OooWeee, it’s well over 100+ ppl divided by 2 malls we have here….everybody & their Grandmas out there & we all know the strategy behind that game plan. Hope every1 score a pair out in this bone chillin winter wonderland weather….

  • ^Man it’s 5:19am ATL time and I’m about to head to Waffle House. I need to ride pass the mall so I can peep the line. How many pairs did you cop CenValCali?

  • London_Sunny

    Got my pair at 10am London time. No line at all only 3 pairs left when i got there including 11’s!!! Dude at the store said people waited at Niketown since 5am and they didn’t know that around the corner at Size? they were selling them

  • Hyphy J Lover

    Im in San Diego where the Footactions and Footlockers received 45 pairs ( which is only 3 to 4 pairs max of one size) Shieks received 12 pairs and Finishline got 24. Fashion and Mission Valley malls were wild; the mall security would play cat and mouse with the campers. Then across the street from the mall, there were 100+ people at 1:30AM. Then there were debates from the store managers wether or not they were going to have raffles. I’ve personally got every pair of jordans I have since the DMP’s from Eastbay. They are the biggest and most equal opportunist outlet for shoes. I thought because I was on hold for 46 minutes that I wasn’t going to be able to get them.They still had sizes available and to my surprise, there was no order limit. I took advantage of that………… no reselling here. Good luck to everyone who is trying to get them, I hope all goes well. All the people who get blessed with a pair, what’s your Story???????????

  • I placed my order online but with all these website crashing I didn’t trust my order. ihave the confirmation number but to be safe I took my lazy butt to the city and got me some space jams with no problem and no line =)

  • @ Hyphy J Lover, that’s just like us in NorCal! It all boils down to the security guard whether he/she wants to be a prick or not. lol But then again 1 of our malls got a police station in it, so everybody be on their best behavior in that mofo.
    @ G-Roc, I supposedly copped 2 prs of Jams from, but no confirm. e-mail yet….they ain’t answerin my phone call & I’ve on hold for well over 3 hrs. lol I’m itchin to grab the car keys right now & make way to join in on the crowd!! I do need kid sizes anyhow….

  • btw I hate ny city tax .

  • realscartel

    the camp out was fun as hellll.
    so glad i got my pair a couple hours ago 🙂
    they’re sexy as hell.
    rocking them tomorrow @ the mall!!!

  • 4DRUMZ

    My FinishLine in Lakewood, NY got only (10) pair total (not even a full size run). I’m one of only a small group of devoted so they got me on lock… wouldn’t let me get them early but let me try them on a week ago so now all I have to do is pick em’ up!!! Feels good since I missed out on the CDP 11/12

  • o.s.t

    on the blackberry chillin by myself. it’s 3:45 out here and I’m the only one in line. I already know i’m getting them. size 10.5 bag them up and I’m good to go.

  • ATTN ATL: NikeStore Lenox Square still has all sizes except 9.5.

  • J.Chang

    It was rough but I got my 3 pairs and I’m at work now paying for it…. Feels like I already worked a full day and I just started….. It’s going to be long day but….. WELL WORTH it…..

  • jjjjj

    copped mine a little early. they run a little small though. Im wearin em now in class lol.

  • 4DRUMZ

    JJJJJ is right… they do run a little small so take note if you’re getting them on the web. I’m consistently a 11.5 but went with a 12. That patent isn’t going to give or break in much either. On the same note, the retro XII white/red (soooo hot) runs big!?!?

  • Chevyboy

    You know shit done got outta hand when you see a GRANDMOTHER with a WALKER at 6:00 am trying to buy some damn shoes for somebody!!!

  • Smitty

    i camped out since 4 in the mornin and i finally got my pair so im good money haha. the crazy part is that everybody is resellin them


    I sure as hell didn’t expect folks at Southlake to be out there at 3:30 am considering that every store was carrying full size runs. Walked in about 5:30 or so and there was full lines at every store. Took it down to FootAction and scooped up the 11.5. Hope everyone got the pair they’ve been waiting for(if they’re going to wear them!)!– See everyone at the Space Jam party tonight!

  • Spradley

    ^^^stoncrest was easy. couple small lines
    big ups to stonecrest and candler rd athletes foot

  • Sneaker Fiend

    To BRY ATL- Thats whats up

  • Hye Style Kid

    Had to work these government hrs are crazy but i tell u one thing got a pair on hold till i get off so im good countdown till 4 is started


    wow people there were over 300 ppl at my shop and the store opend at 8am and people were there last night at 10pm….and it was a dam raffle!!!!!
    i copped 1 on the web at midnight (havent gotten confirm email yet tho)
    i copped 1 on the phone which is guarenteed, already got confirm email!!
    and copped 2 pairs at the mall!!!!
    anyone interested in a size 11.5 that missed out hit me up at……. 275$ (not tryin to rape w/ price) i just didnt know if i should get 11 or 11.5 and they wouldnt let u try on in store
    hope everybody got theirs… happy space jam day lol

  • d-loc

    no one goes to my mall cuz its small and “ghetto” so ima stop by to see if they got em

  • DunksonDeck

    Missed them. Resellers where everywhere. Working with connects from out of state. Miami…Boston. Hook me up please.

  • am95connoisseur

    ok folks…. the CONNOISSEUR is here (not that it matters to you)…… was driving to work this morning @ 7AM and the YOUNG WHIPPER SNAPPERS were lined up outside my LOCAL FTL….. smh…. IT IS 13 degrees….. WAIT, I DON’T THINK YOU HEARD ME…..13 DEGREES out here in NJ mayne…… sheeesh…. I walked pass them cats to get an orange juice from the KRAUSERs next door wearing some beater TORO BRAVO 3m Vs with my SPACEJAM SZ 14 inside the FTL waiting for me …. and chuckling to myself……. I heard a voice scream my name and one of my boys was on line “YOU GOT YOURS?” he asked. I replied “YA DAMN SKIPPY, THEY INSIDE THAT STORE WAITING FOR ME!!!!!”….. YOU SHOULD’VE SEEN THE HATERS FACES ON THAT LINE….. OOOOOHHHHH WEEEEEEEEEE

  • ^LOL am95. That’s how you do it!

  • Sneakss

    Theyy droped at mall f ga finishline and footlocker!!!!

  • ATL, I repeat the NikeStore at Lenox Square Mall still has all sizes except 9.5.
    Call them at 404 846 5549 if you have any questions

  • ATLien_Smoke

    ^^ oh yea, G-roc.. Lennox also NOOOO phone orders until Saturday

  • lilbusta2318

    ^^G-roc^^ Run down to Lenox and pick me up that 9! I’ll swap you for me 8.5…They aren’t taking phone orders until Saturday!!

  • Kofie

    Got my pair, great cop, at the mall at 6am, only 1 person ahead of me at Finishline. Buster’s only had 4 sizes. Good folks at Footlocker and Sports Profile hooked your boy up! got my Space Jams, now time to order my shirt. Thanks G-Roc.

  • dominifl@ko

    just got me a pair!!! champs didnt have size 11 so had i had 2 get 10.5

  • dominifl@ko

    were can i order space jam shirt!!!!?????

  • NZA36 confirmed the order, no shenanigans =)

  • DunksonDeck

    Word. So they will have more on Saturday at lennox? Should I head there now. Help please!

    I need a size 10 and 12.

  • lilbusta2318

    dunksondeck…if you go pick me up a 9 haha!!!!

  • Copped a 12 from DTLR and 10.5 and 12 from Athletes foot at Cumberland for my boys, now how do I get these home to MD!?! You said it G-Roc, NIKETOWN IS YOUR BEST BET, I just heard the same report.

  • DunksonDeck

    Haha. I’m deciding what to do. 30 minute drive. I just want to make sure they got them. Phone lies hella busy.

  • solefix

    LOL wow Just like March all over again but my how the tables have turned….downtown in NY the fulton mall strip comtains 2 modells, 3 FTL’s, finish line, footaction, and the mom n pops…lines lines lines…i work overnight and a kid came in lookin cold as a pole in decemburrr!! and i said u camoin out 4 ur spacejams he said with a quivering lip yea man there nun but lines, i just laffed n said im glad i got mines last month and i sent him off with a good luck…i got off at seven and ppl were still outside DAMN!! they were out there MY whole shift LOL…G-roc u boom-blam jammin yet? Iwonder whos gonna supply the pics 4 the NY release maybe dallaspenn we’ll see buti couldcnt take snapshots

  • solefix

    200+ again? i beleive so but lets see!!

  • Blue cheese

    I got there and the line was aorund the corner for footlocker, footaction, and champs! I got to footaction and EVERYONE was beasting like animals… I walked up to the door knocked, walked in, peaced my man up, got mine and lil cheese, peaced my man up again, and walked right back out! They were screaming alot of words that’s not good for me to repeat, but oh well! It’s not what you know, but who you know! Have a great day folks…lol!

  • Regi “GL”

    Went to the local mall…5am. Stood in line for 2hrs did not get a pair. Can anyone point me to a pair of 13s for retail?



  • Converse King

    I went to my local mall at 8:30 because I didn’t think it would be an issue. First store I went to, Footaction, they had just sold the last 12, and they offered me a size 13 when I needed an 11.5. Second store I went to, Footlocker, they offered me a size 13. Third store, Finishline, told me they sold out in 7 minutes, 4th store, Champs, they had size 13 and kids sizes. So no Jams for me. BUT I did get a 16 gb ipod from the Apple store. Wooo!

  • Regi “GL”

    @Converse King where did you go? You have a number to these stores?

  • Blue cheese

    lmao@ Converse King… Holla at me

  • sngurl23

    Damn was out camping infront of footlocker my whole body frozen and I didn’t have time 2 go home went rite 2 skool after smh……but im happy got wat I wanted and something 4 my niece

  • Converse King

    South Shore Plaza in Braintree, Massachusetts

    Champs: (781) 356-1410

    Footaction: (781)849-0066

    Edit: Footlocker sold out

  • Blue cheese

    damn Converse King…you live by Peabody?

  • Converse King

    Nah Blue cheese, I live on the south shore. I just ordered my Space Jams from But I didn’t get a confirmation email? TokyoMike, you’ve dealt with them before, can you shed some light on that for me, man? Unfortunately, for the first (and last) time in history, I paid over retail.

  • airjordanfan4567

    i got mine and I WAS LAST IN LINE i got lucky today

  • Blue cheese

    This morning….All the big sz. were nothing selling at all. I just called and I few 12’s and 13’s are left in Jersey

  • Converse King alot of time Osneaker won’t send you a confirmation email right away, but rest assured, you’ll get an email when they ship out….you’ll get your stuff for sure.

  • Converse King

    Thanks TokyoMike, I was getting concerned there.

  • CallmeDiesel

    ok so i was WAAYYY off about just how serious this cop was going to be. i strolled in the mall at 1000 thinking it’s all good, and what happened? every store in the mall SOLD OUT!! i didn’t even holla at my connects to save me a pair just to try and prove myself right that these were not that limited. SMH
    luckily, i know a couple more spots off the beaten path that got me right. 2 pairs: 11 & 11.5. definitely run a lil small, but overall they look as good as any retro is gonna get these days.

  • Mayne, from this day forward….F*#K!! Them punk biatches sold me some wolf tickets. Trifflin bunk azz website talkin ’bout “sorry sir, but your order didn’t go through & got cancelled do to high traffic on the internet.” I guess any1 wit the order # that starts wit a “G” could join the “Goof Troop” like me cuz its more than likely that they didn’t get their shit, SMFH….

  • MisterMcfly23

    at first i thought i was sh*t outta luck, but i got lucky and caught finishline when the website came back up last night around 1:30, it went back down about 10 minutes later, but i was able to place my order and got my order #/confirmation email before it did, score 1 for MisterMcfly…P.S. due to extremely high traffic, the entire footlocker chain of stores (eastbay, footlocker, footaction, and champs) put all their orders in line according to the time the order was place, so depending on where you fall in line, you may be in for some bad news…

  • Lyle


  • Lyle

    my store has 4 pairs left. 8, 8.5, and 2 9’s.
    city sports in atlantic station, 404-541-1100 (phone orders taken also)
    i personally have an 11 i’m willing to sell. call and ask for lyle!

  • ^^ MisterMcfly23, fa-sho that….I checked out 15 minutes after midnight thinkin I wuz home free, but still got ASSED OUT…smh.
    He77, I even came on TSG to celebrate my UN-success….smh again.

  • J.Chang

    My boy looking for a 13, if anybody got a number to store or website he can get them from let me know please…. I’m sure he would appreciate it…. LoL

  • Fuck. I just got an email from Foot Locker and those pieces of shit. Said my order didn’t go through due to high internet traffic FUCK THAT.

  • LG

    Do they run small?


    LG no they dont! dont listen to these people saying that they run 1/2 sz to small… there non sneaker heads that aint a copped a pair of kicks in 3 yrs and there foot grew or something…. cuz i buy 6 pairs of shoes a month and always get size 11 and own multiple jordan 11’s from 01 to last year cdp breds…. AND TRUST ME THEY RUN NORMAL LIKE ALL THE OTHERES TO BE HONEST IF ANYTHING THERE A 1/2 SZ TO BIGGGGG! DEF DEF NOT TO SMALL!!! need a 11.5??? HOLLA AT ME

  • Dunksondeck

    I got mine at Lennox. 45 minute drive. Well worth it no wait or anything.

    Good day. Time to get a crew and some tees.

  • LG

    ^^ I have a 9.5 im trying to trade I need a sz12

  • Thanks Nike Store @ Lenox Mall Size 13 No Line No Bull Ish!!

  • just got my email from footaction about my shipping, and i got some pair from the city already… i can’t wait to get my order and i will be space jamming =)))… sorry for everyone who missed out but i am pretty sure jb brand will take advantage of this and restock sometime soon…

  • @ fistonclothing, hey fam, I’m curious: What time exactly did checkout/submit your order? Did you get that order # that start witta “G?” cuz wit my experience I thought that I wuz good to go, but no cigar….

  • CenValCali, whats up homie… i checkout at 12:30am but i got my email confirmation at 1:30, and i didn’t get no G with my order number, it was just a number. I was trying to buy Size 11 actually but they told me that it was sold out so i add it 11.5 in my cart and it went through… I am sorry for hearing that news tho, hopefully you can get your hands on some soon…

  • @fistonclothing – I got my tee sir. Thanks!

  • Thank G!!, i am really glad.. I will send you more pics of some upcoming shirts in a bit, let me know which ones you like, and they will be shipped to you asap =)… thanks again G

  • @ fistonclothing, Good lookin out fam. It all makes sense now, any1 who got the “G-Code” were bench warmers waitin to get their shine. Of course it wasn’t me in my case. I ended up payin an extra chunk of change for the Jams but hey now I could smell em til the new rubber & leather scent evaporates….

  • theworldsgreatest

    Yessss I got my pair at at 12.01 am :p, finally got confirmation about shipping, I was scared as hell for my order to be rejected. Can’t wait to smell em’.

  • Syrus614

    Well Eastbay hit me with the “G-code” and couldnt fulfill my order. Luckily I stayed up and about 5am when Finishlines web site stopped crashing, I got a chance to order a pair. Suprisingly they shipped out and are being delivered today, haha even though I didnt use overnite shipping. Hopefully somewhere restocks this weekend and I can grab 1 more pair. To everyone who didnt get to cop sum, keep hope alive!

  • damn true story homie… i am glad you got your hand on it and you already know, the smell of a new shoe especially spacejam is priceless… haha

  • J.Chang

    They do run a little small…. I got 3 pairs and could def use a 1/2 size bigger…..

  • *^^ @CenValcali

  • rcj-DVM!!

    man let me tell you, i woke up at 4 am to wake my dad up so he could take me to wheaton mall. i was runnin out the door and slipped down the steps and effed my whole body up necause the steps were icy, (dc got hit with a blizzard 3 days prior). i arrive at the mall at 5:15am. So i go to the door and see if its open so i can go line up and its CLOSED. Then like 5 trucks pull up and all these dudes got out lookin for a way into the mall. so all of us are lookin in the door and we see people runnin through the mall. so suprisingly i get a phone call at 5:36am from my friend that was in the mall and told me to run up the parking lot on the top floor and he would let me in because these fools cut the lock out of the glass food court door! smh what idiots! so i get to runnin like im bolt and what do you know, everybody and their g-ma runnin behind me yelling “aye this guy known how to get in” so im like aw snap i got to juke da mess out of em so i run back down the parkinglot and hide around the corner, they didnt see me. so i crept back up to the food court and ran to the footlocker, and boy was i in for a suprise, i was greeted to a 40 person line and everyone had heat on i mean from kryptonate’s, to yeezy’s and everything in between so i felt a little under dressed because i knew i had to put on some heat nut i had on pj’s that were purple and white, so i just threw on my grape 5’s. so im in line with like 20 people behind me, but i had to use the bathroom so i gave the dude behind me $100 to hold my spot, i got back and they started lettin people in so by 7:42am EDT (looking at my receipt lol) i was walking out the store space jam’s in hand. So as im leaving the mall i passed by this old woman who was about 60yrs old and she said she had got the space jams in sz 11 for her grandson because he wanted them , as i walked out the door some guy runs up on her, takes the shoes and runs fast as ish, so im like nah and told her to hold my shoes. i took off my grapes because i didn’t want to crease them and began my pursuit of getting her space jams back. he was fast as hell but after 5mins of chasing him i got her shoes back and got mine from her. SO to all of you have a merry Christmas and happy new year. ( DON’T send you g-ma to get you a hot shoe, go get it YOURSELF!!).

  • JuiceMayne

    fuk all of you who got dem dere space jammies.. with that said, i will buy a size 12 for 325.00 holla at me!!!!!!

  • Real Spit

    ^^^Wow you need to write a novel becuz that story is fake as hell.