ASAP Rocky On His Under Armour Deal and Why He Likes the Balenciaga Triple S

Rocky speaks.

GQ Magazine recently caught up with the fearless leader of ASAP Mob. Rocky was asked a series of questions, including details about his Under Armour deal and his appreciation for Balenciaga’s Triple S sneaker.

Based off Rocky’s response, he doesn’t sound very interested in creating product with UA. I don’t think that’s a total shocker considering UA’s brand compared to Rocky’s style.

Here’s what Flocko had to say about his UA deal:

People would assume, with me going into a business deal with a sports brand, that it would be all about designing or curating a line—making things more lit. But what I liked about Kevin Plank, the CEO of Under Armour, was that he had a vision. He gives, gives, gives. When you donate or you do charities, it’s not about showing people “Look, I’m doing this.” I was in a shelter myself. And I know that when people be donating and shit, you ain’t get no fly shit at Christmases and all that. You don’t see no money. Pardon my French, but you don’t see no money. So I really want to make a difference. So I got with Kevin and Under Armour so we could open up real rec centers with fly shit in them. Not hand-me-down toys and technology—new stuff.

And programs for kids to learn to become entrepreneurs, designers, athletes. They can screen-print their own tees and sell ’em from the store, get that commission on it. I think it’s smart. Those kids need laptops and phones today—that’s their platform. So I want to do something that’s really gonna make a difference, as opposed to fronting with the cameras like, “Ah, I’m doing this, doing that.” We gonna show and prove when we go and design uniforms. We’re gonna start in New York, the tristate area, ‘cause that’s where I’m from. And then go to different junior high schools and high schools throughout the country.

He is definitely more focused on giving back and providing resources to the youth. I think we can all respect that, but what about product, my dude?

But commerce being commerce, you’re going to have to sell some stuff to fund those programs. So are you gonna design a line with Under Armour? A$AP Rocky sneakers?

I’m talking about giving away to schools. That’s not selling, bro—you don’t make any money off of that. What are you talking about? I want to facilitate ways for kids to get better education without calling it education, ‘cause that shit sounds boring. I want to make a way for being smart to be cool. There’s nothing wrong with being a thinker. Where I’m from, being smart has a negative connotation—that means you sold out, that means you’re a geek. I’m just trying to say, “Fuck all that. This is the plan: You are the future, that other shit is the past, so let’s make a better way.” And if I feel like designing some shit with Under Armour, I will.

Well, that’s that. Like I said, he doesn’t sound that interested in creating product, so you might not have to camp out at your local UA store after all.

As for Balenciaga’s Triple S sneaker…

The Balenciaga sneakers that you wore in our shoot: They’re a little controversial, and I would like to know why you like them.

I seen those early, and I like them ’cause they remind me of a Raf Simons sneaker, and on top of that, those shits are fire—

Fire, though? I mean, to each his own. It’s funny because if you read the interview in its entirety, ASAP Ant calls them trash, and Rocky defends them of course and mentions that he calls them the Larry Davids.

Now that’s hilarious because I would totally understand if LD or even Leon called the Triple S fire. But hey, do you baby blue.

I guess only time will tell if Rocky decides to design UA product.

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  • C Brown

    I dont really understand this interview…If you sign with a sports company the idea is to cross pollinate and let you have an input on product…makes sense..If the goal is to do a charitable function then why not just partner with a Non Profit whose goal is specific to what he is talking about…..I think homie didnt read his contract before signing….or they pulled the Okee-Dok and switched up after he signed….

  • Very weird to me too, C. I thought this post would get more comments, but I guess people don’t care. The interview part of him talking about UA just came off like he’s not interested in product. You partnered with UA to give back to the youth. Great! But that’s it? Doesn’t sound right. But a buddy of mine hit me saying Rocky def has an UA shoe coming out, so not sure what Rocky talking bout. lol

  • C Brown

    I like homies style…very daring… he’s not afraid to take chances…but three questions come to mind…
    1. Are dudes really checking for a Rocky sneaker?
    2. Are dudes really checking for a UA sneakers?
    3. Are dudes really checking for a Rocky/UA sneaker???
    All that makes him signing with them very strange…

  • I think he can sell sneakers, not sure about UA sneakers.

    But if did a high fashion collab or even Vans or Nike, I think people would eat those up with the quickness.

    I think we all felt the same way when we heard about the partnership.

  • C Brown

    It’s an interesting conversation…does the star(designer) sell the shoe or the design?…I don’t think I ever fell into the collabo hole…I think the First Yeezy’s are one of the best products (in terms of quality comfortable and design) made…I’d been all in if Yeezy name wasn’t attached…as I asked before…am I checking for Rocky kicks…nah not really…I love ID skills are terrible…does the fact that i have 2000 plus kicks mean I’m good at kicks design…nah..just means I know what I like…Rocky maybe good at dressing himself but the design process is something completely different all together…(Victor Cruz found out the hard way)….might be worth a post…Pharrell has both a good eye for himself as well as design…i don’t know if I cop cause it’s him but I definitely check it out…

  • I totally understand, but I was speaking for people who like or check for Rocky – they will buy a shoe by him. UA, not sure. But Vans, Nike, adidas, sure. His name will sell the product, but it just depends on how his UA shoe looks because that’s a brand fashion people don’t associate with style or being fresh. However, if Rocky can change that view that would truly show us how much influence he really has. We shall see. I can’t wait to report that people are camping at UA lol

  • C Brown

    That would be crazy if he can do that…I think the only line up I can remember for UA is when the Steph MVP dropped I think two or three years ago…FTL on 34th had a camp out…but the crazy thing is I’ve NEVER seen a pair of UA on feet in the wild …except in a b ball game or on someone under 12..