Asics Gel Lyte III + V Spring 2015 Preview

Asics Gel Lyte Preivew 2015-6

Some serious gems here.

TSG got a chance to view and photograph the 2015 Spring line up for the Gel Lyte III & V – you can check them out here.

What do you think of the preview? Which one are you most excited for?

Asics Gel Lyte Preivew 2015-5

Asics Gel Lyte Preivew 2015-4

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  • Thatsmessedup

    General lease then i get a couple V’s

  • gurf

    That olive and red/gray pair on pg 1 = must cop

  • sirfresh

    Too dope

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    Rasta pair is good as on my feet if there’s no RF name (read:hype) attached

  • Ryan

    What website can you buy these on?

  • ^ not available yet Ryan… That PEACH pair on the 2nd page FIREEEEE

  • Ryan

    Ray P, when they are available, where can i find them?

  • omar najeeb

    @ nikeinda(well, u know). Yes’m. My thoughts exactly.

  • Poisoned___WELL

    Good God…..their all so gorgeous