Atlanta Sneaker Shopping Guide

atlanta sneaker shopping guide

Visiting Atlanta soon? Here’s the sneaker stores you should know about.

Headed to Atlanta soon, and you want to know which sneaker spots to hit? We got you covered. Since TSG is located in Atlanta, people e-mail us all the time asking about the sneaker shops in ATL. In response to your curiosity, we present the Atlanta Sneaker Shopping Guide. Feel free to share this guide with a friend or check back to see if new stores have been added. Also, make sure you tell the shops sent you. You’re welcome.

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  • FYI: We focused on specialty stores. But of course we have Foot Locker, Champs, Footaction, Finish Line, Nike outlets, Athlete’s Foot, DTLR, etc.

  • blackground5

    Another dope feature. I did not even know we had a Cumberlan HoH. GRoc, I heard a rumor that Nike Lenox was going to move into a brand new two story location at the front of the mall, where the construction is going on. Any truth to that?

  • MikeyDrums86

    Thanks for the info G-Roc.. never been to ATL but planning on visiting the east coast and planned to hit ATL so this was much needed.. oh and i heard Walters is the spot so im glad to see em on there!!!

  • @MikeyDrums86 – You’re welcome.

  • Ray.

    Yo!! Appreciate this man! I been here for a min and i never knew there was so many sneaker spots here. i only knew about 4 or 5. Im in the game now!

  • J5atl

    The rumor about the new two story building is definitely true!!! I’m working on construction at night

  • John B.

    G-Roc I definitely hope to be visiting sooner than later….Street needs to drop a date for SF 2013…or is it gonna happen this year?

  • The Sole Provider

    If i’m interested in having a sneaker event posted on you guys site,how would I go about it?

  • Dizm

    Dope feature!! Didn’t even know about some of these spots..

  • Juice

    Appreciate the insight on the sneaker spots but whatever to Sol Munki and Prestigious I used to be up in those spots a few years back


    Great list!