atmos Nike Air Max Animal Pack Returns 2018

Big news.

It was confirmed over the weekend that the atmos Nike Air Max Animal Pack will return in 2018.

What’s being called the “Animal Pack 2” features an Air Max 1 and Air Max 95. The demand was high for the original release, so I expect this drop to be even crazier since life is an open book, thanks to social media.

The release date is said to be Air Max Day 2018.

Is this a must cop?

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  • DJR


  • Everyone feels the same way. I wonder how limited this release is going to be?

  • DJR

    I hope they do 2 releases like they did with the anniversary 1s. Not gonna lie, I like the original pairs better with not as much black but I’m not gonna complain that much. Especially if I am actually able to cop.

  • Dil 2 Da Doe

    Atmos > KITH

  • Can’t say I’m 100% ecstatic over the addition of black in the toe box but if possible I’ll try for these.

  • Not going to happen. They’re a collab. The AM1’s are GR’s.

  • P.S. – the best you/we can hope for is a staggered release or a synced release so that bots can’t possibly grab them all for resale.