Atmos x Nike x Air Jordan Pack is Going To Be A Blockbuster


Thank the leaks.

The Air Jordan 3 has gotten the Atmos treatment.

The shoe itself is maybe a little awkward.

Purists don’t like folks mixing and matching their favorite Jordan models, which is pretty much what Atmos did here.

The sole is icy and the elephant print is a bit different. But they do have a nice looking Nike Air on the back, and most importantly, they carry a magic word: Atmos.

Atmos sells, and these will likely be limited. Plus, they’re releasing as a pack, along with the revered retro of the Air Max 1 Atmos, which won a ‘Bring ‘Em Back’ vote a year ago.

According to a tidbit from SneakerNews, the Air Max 1s will release as a separate, whilen Air Jordan 3 only release is unclear.

As a pack, they’ll release March 26 — Air Max Day, fittingly, with a retail of around $400.

Source: @shoptwo3

atmos-airjordan3(2) atmos-airjordan3(3) atmos-airjordan3(4)

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  • DJR

    I wonder what air max those are with the Jumpman logo on the bottom?

  • kirk

    I rather see a white pair I don’t like black 3s

  • Shocked the 3’s were real.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Oooh, a white pair would be COCAINE!!

  • Ray.

    Ooowweeee! Thats a ugly ass pair of jordans!
    Atmos or otherwise, those are hot garbage!!

  • Executive aka Gorgeous

    Those 3’s are tox.

  • Executive aka Gorgeous

    Thank goodness they’re releasing the am1 separately too.

  • javi

    Relax hype.. Wildin wildin wildin?

  • agreed

  • yeah not a fan of that 3

  • C Brown

    @groc so are these officially confirmed yet??? I’m seeing ONE dudes stock (sample) pics floating around…No ONE else (how come Khalid ain’t on SC with them????)

  • rico strong

    A pack? Damn i wanted the air maxs alone

  • fook yo

    Not feeling the 3s at all. Weak.

  • It’s the Atmos. Not sure why or how Nike thought a jumpman should be on an Air Max 1 as it makes them look like a pair of fakes.

  • Thad Greer

    Nike being Nike. But hey…..HAPPY AIR MAX DAY! LOLZ

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Everybody digs the max 1 (me too…). But the three is pretty dope too, to me. Only thing is the safari print that seems to come up the front of the shoe a little more than what’s usually the elephant print on the 3. But i’d rock ’em.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Word. Cheese-tastic…