Babies & Toddlers Get Jordan Cement Spizikes

Baby Jordan OG Spizikes

What some people are calling the best Spiz’ikes so far will hit stores on November 23rd in mens, boys, toddler, and baby sizes. Jordan Brand has released them in boys sizes before and the 1st pair of womens Spiz’ikes just release yesterday (Nov 17th). However this is the 1st time the Spiz’ikes has ever dropped in toddler and infant sizes. Now the entire family has the option to get OG cement Spiz’ikes.

Sorry little ones, no air bubble unit

Jordan Cement Spizikes

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  • kidmagnifacent

    Oh sh!t!!!!! my son coming down in december we gonna be killin em!!!!! I dont know y but u get so much attention when u got matching jordans wit ur son

  • ^kidmag I feel you on that. I don’t have kids YET, but it’s always dope to see them matching their mother or father.

    My kids are def going to have a sick shoe game. Baby Hulks, Rayguns, Spiderman AM90, Raptor AJ7, AJ1, AJ2, True Blue 3’s, Griffeys, DT Max and more already on deck.

    Baby heat like no other…lol

  • Vic

    Love at first sight is what happen when I first saw
    these. Crazy & now i’ma own a pair…omg I’m lovin’ this…
    I can’t wait…i’ma be the happiest person on earth
    when I walk in the store ta get these bad boys.
    I’ma love my OG Cement/Elephant/Spiz’ike print
    Spiz’ikes…forever…yes sir!

    – I’m sorry if I got to emotional, but what can I say
    i’m obsessed…can you blame me.

  • ThatsxMyxWord

    Those are sooooo freakin cute!

  • Hey Vic it’s ok to express how you feel. Like I said before this pair of Spiz’ikes I might actually buy.

  • Nice! They actually look better the smaller they get which is the reverse of how things normally are.

  • nikehead

    hahaha these are cool…i already have my size 11’s pre-ordered so i can walk past all those ppl on black friday and just pick’em up without waiting in line…knowing the manager helps too haha..i really didn’t think i was gonna ever pick up a pair b/c they’re expensive as hell if u can’t get the retail price and i hated the DTRT spizikes..but this pair is just so clean i hadda buy’em

  • my nephew needs em…
    i copped him the retro fire red III’s for his bday yesterday…
    and got him those blue XI lows for xmas…
    might have to add these too…

  • Josef Thornton

    Man’ if I had a kid, they would have these…………..