Beyonce Wearing A Sneaker That You & Your Girl Both Want

beyonce wearing liquid gold nike air max 1

Is it still Bey Day?

Beyonce Carter shut the Internet down Thursday night, Friday, and even the weekend. If you have a girlfriend, side chick or wife, I’m pretty sure you heard about her self titled album she dropped out of nowhere. No promo. No single. She just released it on iTunes, and then posted a video announcement on IG. #NewRules fa sheez!

So far, she has sold over 828k copies exclusively on iTunes. Whoa! Anyhow, you guys and gals probably already knew about that. On the flip side, this is the first time we have ever featured Beyonce on TSG in sneakers. Ha! She was spotted wearing the Liquid Gold Air Max 1. Maybe you don’t want a pair, but you’re girl probably does.

You can watch her new “Drunk In Love” video featuring Jay Z below.

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  • Loving the shoes, Beyonce. And they had me rollin’ in that video.

    God bless Jay Z.

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    Omg!! Now I gotta jump in my truck and head out in a snow storm going 110mph to get these for my girl and I!!

  • lol^^ need them but not over these bred 1s doe.

  • QBlow

    My girl won’t shut up talking about her new album. The Air max are a good look on her

  • sole4sole

    fine woman, dope kicks, good music!

  • omar najeeb

    ^^^Word! Not mad at all.

  • And so? I wear chains that excite the feds.

  • Justin aka not the other Justin

    Song kinda sucked. I’m down with the video though.

    Bey trying to be Rihanna? Apparently having a baby isn’t making her more conservative.

  • omar najeeb

    That “illMatic” $#!+, son-son. Lol