Big Boi’s $50,000 Diamond Nike AF1 Sneakers

Big Boi's $50,000 Diamond Nike Air Force 1

Tonight, November 27, 2007, Laced Up and P&C Diamonds presented the “Solitaire Kicks” event which was the official unveiling for Big Boi’s (Outkast) $50,000 Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. Ernel Dawkins of Laced Up Atlanta teamed up with P&C Diamonds to add 13K of champagne diamonds to the “So Cal” Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Max. The diamond encrusted shoes are now valued at a cool $50,000, 50K, 50 Grand, 50 Stacks, or whatever you want to call it.

As one can imagine this “blinging” add-on makes this the most expensive pair of AF1’s known to man…or woman. This breaking news automatically goes down in the sneaker culture’s The Guinness Book of Sneaker Records. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Laced Up and P&C Diamonds hit you with this. Big Boi was the first person of Ernel’s long list of celebrity clientele to purchase a pair of iced out kicks. We don’t know about the rest of the celeb’s in the future, but proceeds from this event is going towards Big Boi’s Big Kidz Foundation.

We’ve all heard of the Diamond (Tiffany) Dunk, and we introduce to you the Diamond AF1. TSG was on hand tonight at Prriya & Chintans to report on this exclusive occasion, and we have great coverage including up close pictures of the shoes after the jump.

If you’ve got $50,000 to blow hit Laced Up at (404) 230-5905 and place your order today. You don’t have to use the Air Force 1, for $50,000 you’re definitely in charge of what sneaker gets iced out. Jesus sandals, Dunks, Air Max, Jordans, it’s up to you…

Peep the pics!

Ernel and Big Boi

Ernel Dawkins and Big Boi

Big Boi’s $50,000 Diamond Air Force 1

Big Boi's $50,000 Diamond Nike Air Force 1

Big Boi's $50,000 Diamond Nike Air Force 1

Big Boi's $50,000 Diamond Nike Air Force 1

Big Boi's $50,000 Diamond Nike Air Force 1

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  • Do you know what BALLINNNNNNN is? Dang, $50K!!!!!

    They don’t look bad at all, but even Big Boi said he’s prob not going to wear them. He also said tell them other cats out there (he def didn’t say cats) they ain’t got these…lol

    I remember when E 1st told me about this project, and I thought he was just poppin. He asked me which AF1 should he use, he said he needed something with a white swoosh. Now ya’ll think about that for a min, it’s 100’s and 100’s of AF1’s out there and I was clueless. Next thing I know he sends me a e-mail of the So Cal Supreme AF1.

    Which AF1 would you have picked? The event was cool and Big Boi seemed happy. He was also rocking a Crooks & Castles varsity jacket. I remember seeing him on Hypebeast and High Snob in a Crooks & Castles preview.

    Well if you’v heard about these high price kicks, here they are…not quite in the flesh, but close enough.

  • Wowzerssss u told me but the pics are amazing! The jacket is fire he is rockin 2! Ha. Good job G-roc.

  • ray!

    I’ma walk behind big boi and wait till the diamonds fall off 🙂 these are cheap versions of ice cubes one of my favorite pairs of air force ones. The black iversons for 10gs on the laces was a worse idea back in the day at eastbay remember groc? Good luck big boi you could have donated that 50 to the country your ancestors are from. Do you though! What’s next Jordan Brand X Jacob the Jewler collabo?????!?

  • psh…
    i aint get no invite to this event?
    haha… i was at school anyways, but still…
    personally i think they wouldve been better if they wouldve been customs…
    or on a more exlusive af1…

  • darkchild21

    Man these things is crazy! 50 stacks?? wow – man i just need a pair and will get my flip on for real!!!

  • cantstopthebest

    50k? i tell you the truth celebs these days spend money like its nothing. i would have bought me a enite collection of heat for 50k and still have money left to buy me a whip. the shoes look good with the diamonds but i would never wear them. the most expensive af1 to date. hey anyone know how much that iverson went for? i think it was a crazy price like this.

  • DJ

    Man, for 50k, I could make toilet rolls using hundred dollar bills and wipe my butt with it….LOL j/k.

  • Equis

    …wow i wouldnt spend 50k on those mayb pimp the anaconda skin out that are alread to expensive for people to buy.

  • nesha

    yeaa. these are cute.

  • nikehead

    ya im not quite sure why they used this af1 to put all these diamonds on…i mean it looks nice but not 50k nice lol atleast its to a charity…that woulda been cool tho if they used tiffany dunks or maybe even the untiffany’s..i know they’re black but it goes with the theme better…i think it woulda been real sick if they made a custom white pair of crocodile af1’s (instead of the black or brown ones) and put the diamonds on there, whatchu think?…woulda raised the price 2 more G’s haha

  • u already put these pics up, u not playin. and i see the readers r thirsty 4 theshoegame news they already commenting. congrats on the site and way 2 stay in them streets.

  • zahirjooma

    ummm…? those have about $650 in diamonds… with my own experience, brown/champagne diamonds cost $50/carat.

    if anyone wants them for $1000 with the diamonds set, please e-mail me!!!

    lol @ them hyping up the prices!

    btw, pretty ugly imo. no hate on laced up btw… 😉

  • mynameaintg

    if what zahir said was true, they should’ve done the whole swoosh.

    plus, why use those AF1’s?

    those are a horrible attempt at stuntin’.

  • sneakerfreaker06

    Man this was just a big waste of money. 50,000 K put on these cheap ass So Cal Forces that everyone gots. There’s not much done to them anyway just a way to waste 50,000 G.’s

  • KanGoods

    Those got to be the most expensive sneakers ever!! He can keep the shoes…just give me the DIAMONDS…LOL(seriously)

  • lmao at zahir callin em out…
    i believe him tho…
    but u gotta hype it up to get the attention…

  • sneakerhead7792

    those shoes are hot DAMN 50 grand only rich as people can afford them and i aint 1 of them lol

  • The HYPE has been crazy on these since the day word got out. It was all over the radio and they will be featured in tons of magazines. This is a good look for Big Boi as well as Outkast, Laced Up, and P&C Diamonds, cuz the attention these kicks are getting is unreal.

    On the flip side I knew Zahir would school us on the “Focus” tip. I’m just the reporter for TSG…lol What they told me is what I included in the write up along with some G-Rocness, but DANG Zahir only $650 in diamonds????

    If so that’s crazy bro. On the flip side this was def news worthy for TSG’s random, but yet dope content 🙂

    nikehead – I actually told E the Tiffany’s would’ve been dope with regular diamonds, but he said they needed a shoe with a white swoosh.

    At the end of the day I knew ppl with find this very very interesting.

    Bling Bang, and I’m out…

  • put them on ebay and sale them to me bro bro u dig wat im saying home skilet biskit!!!!!!!!

  • The event was cool last night, wish i woulda bounced out when u did! On the flip side, Kick Stand and Kicks And The City got access to get some dope sound bites! For the record, stay outta the way of the lens…LOL/JK! I c u got ya shots and so did we!

  • A.I


  • malcolm

    daaaaam 50 G’s ??? man, thats a big waste of money. i wouldve spent my money more wisley and finished my jordan collection lol. but he must be ballin !!stupid move. but who am i to judge ??

  • i like em not really digin the glitter lookin part on the swish logo

  • I filmed Big Boi receiving the shoe, will be on the web by Sunday at or youtube

  • elmerito

    forget the shoes.. its all about the crooks & castles jacket.. cant wait till they open their store on melrose in december!! cant stop the crooks!!!

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  • Those Fiyah, Mane.
    Don’t Make No Sense, Though.

  • jordan

    why was laced Up involved, they dont even have a real Nike account, hopefully the AF! didnt come from them cuz it probably fake, Nike had no involvement with this shoe. money should have went to grady or soemthing more beneficial, sneaker culture is wack.

  • paul

    if you got the bread, go ahead. if you came from nothing, and became something; go for it. I would have designed it much differently, but everyone has different taste and style. looks feminine to me, but whatever gets you off. However, if you had a black crocodile show with white swede interior and off-set the nike check to white as well, and then encrusted the laces internally, with tubes instead of fabric with diamonds inside and white gold for the plugs and white gold stitching around the check on either side and around the base of the shoe, it would have been way more flashy and sophisticated. Just don’t use to high of a karat with the gold because it become more brittle, gold is soft.