Big Sean Rocks Cool Grey Air Jordan 4

Your favorite rappers were in attendance this past weekend at the Hot 97 Summer Jam, including Big Sean. Most of the celebs were seen wearing the “usual” or “expected” kicks, but Big Sean rocked Cool Grey Air Jordan 4’s. That’s definitely a change from what we’re used to seeing in Celebrity Footwork, boi!!

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  • homie need to invest in some protein shakes, hit the weights, and eat some steaks. Haven’t seen these in a while tho.

  • big sean has gotten less fly as the years have passed :/

  • I love this colorway, which is the reason I doubled up back in 2004.

  • walwezzy23

    ^LOL so does, Wiz, and J-cole, but NICEEEE 4s i hella mis my pair, i think CG 4s are kinda underrated!

  • bware113

    Very underated. One of my favs

  • Supa B

    geez…i’ma slim dude, but this dude makes me look brolic…i might be the only one feeling like this, but i’m not feeling the CG on the 4s…not every Js looks dope with CG…i’m just sayin *kanyeshrug*

  • YaY

    these shoes are dope when they are fresh but when they are worn or beat they look horrible

  • Lanice

    These are my second favorite CGs after the 9s

  • Royal S

    Big Sean doing it with the kicks. One of my favorite come-up to mainstream rappers of 2011.

  • never really like the cg4s

    cg9s on the other hand… ^_^

  • inluvwitkicks

    Fresh. But dude can’t dress. Sry.

    Dang I miss my pair & I want the cg9 Bad. Lol

  • TekZilla

    No male should ever say that another male has gotten “less fly”. LULZ all day. CG ANYTHING PLEASE.

  • RyTheShoeGuy

    Since when does saying another dude aint fresh wrong?

  • JayFoam231

    Got a pair for sale size 13 hit up the email or twitter SooWavy11.


    Mine are busted. SMH I need another pair.

  • i dont know if its the camera but his feet dont seem to lineup with how thin his legs are. its like a stick figure wearing ronald mcdonald shoes