Black Air Yeezy Line @ Walter’s ATL Video

It’s true, people have already started camping for the Black Air Yeezy’s. #1 in line at Walter’s ATL said he locked down his spot on Sunday night. The other campers arrived at Walter’s yesterday, April 27th. May 2nd is showtime, but until then, the guys will be patiently waiting. Check out the video!

In other Atlanta Yeezy news, Standard and Wish will release the Black Air Yeezy’s this Saturday, and people are also camping at Wish. Good luck to everyone that hopes to score a pair this Saturday.

This is Gerard “G-Roc” Smith reporting live for TSG, back to you Bob!

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Luna

    Good stuff G-Roc

  • PrettyBoy

    i’m sorry , nxggas will not catch me campin’ out for a week waitin’ on a pair of kicks .. i will get them shxts for the outrageous resale price .. fxck the bullshxt .

  • Thankx G!
    Much love to the devoted and
    It makes cents to campout for a
    day or two but it doesnt make dollars
    to do it for a week+ feel me?
    “Its amaazin’ I’m da reason
    everbody fiired up dis evvenin’”

  • to damn early. meh fuck a camp out ima just get up early saturday and get em for 400-500 from either flight club, alife or dqm

  • weirdoF!t$

    man them lucky f*cks go 2 GA state thats y they there so early!

  • whitehead

    who says love is being the first in line?… fuck! that! son!… love is havin the inside connect. yall niggas in line foolin. ant that right MT?

  • sneakerfreak987

    I wantem sooooooooooooo bad!! think i could get a pair if i line up friday afternoon???

  • EXACTLYYYY corey got it right, a day or TWO, a whole week????, thank GOD torontos not like this, yo groc check this GAAARBAGE out

    footlocker downtown got 10 pairs of yeezys, now instead of a general lineup, they gave out 40 wrist bands last saturday, and on the day of the release they do a draw and 10 people have a change to buy it, i think they did that just because its canada.

    and groc, what colorway u feelin the most

  • tWin 1

    nobody has jobs lol?!?

  • jay-sb

    thats just nuts… they should have just made the GR so every one could get them…i hear the ppl try to line up at niketown nyc.. but they didnt let them.. hope it aint that crazy out here in nyc..

  • 23edge

    looks like a fun crowd… I know if I was still in university I wouldn’t have minded waiting in line for a week. In the end its all about making friends and enjoying the shoe game… it is still a game in the end and nothing serious. I’m also glad to see the majority of these cats wanting to roc Dem joints.

  • ATL is done all over. No more doors or spots… Like always, Im good. Good luck to everybody. Be safe….

  • Oh yeah, walt line is… 🙁

  • (Sucker for Infrareds)aka Mr.My Shoe Game Breaks Peoples Neck

    Camp outs are for suckers, real talk! I couldn’t even camp out for a day, let alone a whole week. I’m pretty sure that most of us have a job or go to school, or both in my case. I’m just going to drop $400 on these like I did on those Zen Grey joints.

  • i WISH i could drop 4 bills, retail price here is 290 after tax, id kill to not wait in line, i camped out one night and i was gonna go crazy

  • CAD 5000

    thats decication for real. I wish I was young enough to go in like that, but I am glad that I am blessed enough not to have to.

  • I don’t understand how they do it. I couldn’t put myself in that position, regardless of how much I love a sneaker.

  • jetblue

    man i cant do that camping stuff i go to college so imma jus have to drop that 4 or 5 beans for them hopfully i luck up tho

  • Theo

    4 stores are getting them in the a and i lock spot number 1 at wish

  • i did the camp out thing once. the coldest night of my life. and they still charged us $500. and the nigga after me came to the store just 5 mins before the store open after a nice night in his warm bed. the only place i would camp is footlocker and foot action cuz they getting it for 215. other than that, just save up ya bread and get up early saturday and shop around. infact, you could still cop the zen greys joints online for $550 and everyone’s favorite store flight club got em for $600-$700. so no need to camp if you got the paper ya dig.

  • I’m not really feeling this colorway so I’m not even TRYING to get a pair…, if/when the black/red’s drop, I’m buying a tent and doing whatever it takes to get em.

  • tokyomike, i honestly hope they dont drop, im done with yeezy hype, lets move on to general release yeezys already

  • Boss22

    Appreciate the dedication but the money id lose from not going to work for 6 days i could just use to pay the extra people gonna be flipping them on ebay for and i get to sleep in my bed. Easy decision, especially seeing as toronto weather calling for rain thursday, friday and saturday.

  • thatbehim

    Don’t do camping out over here. Paid the flightclub rape price for the zens just paid the internet rape price for these. It is what it is. For those who tried to physically go to a store and cop the zens and couldn’t amongst the madness this shit is gonna be worse. I think the majority of people who like this sneaker like the black and pink ones the best.

  • Ray

    lol good luck. garbage shoe. i might check out what the line is like here in vegas and hit ya up Groc. long time no talk my dude

  • I used to live in Atlanta for years and I never been to Walter’s. I bet the line now is ridiculous. And the retail is $250, right?

  • ATL_Dunk-Junkie

    Hype kills……work ethic.

  • guess nobodys gotta job or school.

  • Naj

    yo RAY, wutz up? im from vegas too. and my dude copped d 1st colorway of yeezy so easy. he jst woke up early mornin then go to SHIEKH (maryland). so we here in vegas dont need to camp out.. i jst dont kno wutz gon be up for d next 2nd colorway. get at me dude.


    #12… you know what it is…haha cant believe im doing this shit again

  • th4l

    been planning for a month to go down eaaaaaaaaaarly fri morning at this one spot. woulda been fine for the zens. but now its not lookin good. so depressed.

  • whowhatwhenhwerewhy

    retail is 215, i hear walters and standard is the only spot keeping it right?

  • Theo

    man it hasnt been that cold outside but man fuck these damn bums over in lil 5 like you cant never go to sleep

  • varski203

    Im glad to see walters getting these….they’ve came a long way from the early 90’s because they didn’t have stuff like this back then.

  • y that negro online got a brooklyn hat in ATL lol?

  • varski203

    ^^yo deadstock drivahhh there are alot of nyc cats that live in atl. I myself have been in the A since 92.

  • MT

    Any reseller that is out for a week is not a professional reseller. lol

  • troy copalot

    Never!!! even if its for the hustle, you gonna miss more money sittin in a line all week than you could of made that week on ya grind.

  • simon says

    you say four stores in ATL getting them?? Wish ,Standard Peachtree, walters, and whats the fourth??

  • NONE


  • I got the last pair and if things go like the should I will have these as well. But like Most people I need all three and will do everything in my Power to get them! I gotta say shouts out to all the real sneak heads who are waiting in line everywhere!!

  • BK Boy

    I’m sorry but I’d rather get me a pair of real GOOD lookin fakes then camp out…And I mean A WEEK??? them nxggas is buggin… I bet some of those people on line probably lost their jobs to get these..

  • Theo

    Supreme is also gettin the yeezys

  • KicksBoyWonder

    All four places in the A-Town already have lines. Word is each spot is only getting 7-10 pairs.

  • L’z

    what happen 2 the good ol’ days ! gettin in line 1 day b4 the release (and if really hyped up its 2days the most) i understand if people line up early in the morning its gona look like a marathon run gettin to the store but ONE WEEK! i 1st heard that w/ the Kryptonates n thought hopefully neva again but w0w i guess now every limited kix is gona have pplz linning up 1 week b4
    (i love the shoegame n culture but this is juss crazii)

  • ayeeeeee

    I’m onna mission peachtree jay wut it do supremes ain’t retail tho

  • Ray

    yo NAJ good looks on the info. Im not really tryna cop the yeezy’s not my style. I been to that sheik in maryland. they got a couple out here in vegas but they sell trash lol. hit me up on Myspace dude, always looking to meet new people in vegas.

  • Thelonious_One

    damn dude, a week (almost) in line??? that’s dedication at it’s finest. i’m an old school sneakerhead like most but i’ll NEVER wait a week for a sneaker. i think it’d be best to pay the 500 online for these. good luck to those that are lined up and reading these comments. be safe too.

  • i wish i didnt have a job so i could camp out for overhyped kicks haha, on second thought f that


    Whatup Pat!
    Got these joints coming to the crib on Friday. LMAO

  • Skots55

    Resellers are KILLIN the shoe game it’s time for real sneakerheads to come together and fight the madness. Watchin this video really makes me want to shoot my own just exposin those who ruin the sneaker culture for all the true heads that includes all stores that are outrageously pricing these I hope all they lose customers for the petty things they do Shout out to Ant who stay number one in them line and vince they da only true sneakerheads I seen in that line.

  • uptownWEST

    Yo, mad people think we out here with no jobs, we posted up just gettin’ it in, we ALL have jobs out here and go to school FULL-TIME, and for the last comment, KYS, we are not all resellers and a person like me is a big sneakerhead and I can’t stand resellers. The game is wack now bc the internet hypes people and Hypebeast type dudes camp out to cop just to fit in! Its all love out here, but on the real NOBODY ELSE OUT HERE AT WALTERS, the spot has been locked up since MONDAY!!!! Don’t waste your time, its about 8 dudes just came out Last night that think they are gonna catch somebody slippin, too bad its gonna be them!! And forget what Skots55 talking bout, I’m a sneakerhead and FASHIONHEAD, you already know, the game is not just NIKES my boy, step your game up on some grown man ish with some LANVINS, DIORS, YSLs, and COMMON PROJECTS, then holla at me about true sneakerheads!!


    Already got mines since a week…while those guys wer in line….have to look hard on every website…I flew to Italia, Milan…slam jam…since april 4th they had it, same time as grey/lt charcoal….

  • Skots55

    hold up uptownwest SIR if you don’t plan in resellin why you so hot SIR. see its people like you that give me the comic relief i need to get through the recession. and since i am on my grown man ish let me state this LANVINS, DIORS, YSLs, and COMMON PROJECTS are not true sneakers. they don’t carry these at walter’s or any other sneaker stores i know of SIR. i never heard of campouts at saks fifth? Uptown SIR( I had to drop the West thats so not you) you contradict yourself you agree with me that we both dont like resellers and agree the game has become garbage and then you get mad if are not one of those who resellin then you shouldn’t responded it seems to me you on that shawty lo, just mad i didn’t shout yo name SIR the game is nikes and i got sneak cred boy. Go in to walters ask what them boys from Chatt 10aKey do when we come through. first name basis can you say the same SIR? i drive two hours for sneakers on the regular know your facts before you question my shoe game SIR i’ll take ya to flight skool

  • RackemWillie

    lol its funny how ppl actually think we camp out… its more of crew love! the first 20 – 24 ppl r guranteed to get a pair as long as you sign the list from numero uno. now the next phase to the camp out process is, you can go to work, school etc… because ppl have obligations and cant afford to leave work for a campout,but u just have to show ur face throughout the week for a couple of hours when the store opens and closes. so the really only day we camp out is all day friday till saturday morning and laugh at ppl who think they will be able to get a pair 🙂

  • B-ry

    Where’s the footage from Wish?!