Black Album Day: Remembering Jay Z’s Reebok S.Carter

jay z reebok s dot carter shoes


10 years ago on this day, Jay Z released one of his best albums to date, The Black Album. What exactly does that mean? For one it marks the 10th Anniversary of The Black Album, and I’ve been constantly reminded of that all day. Across the world wide web people are celebrating Jigga’s 2003 baby.

All this ’03 talk around his album got me to thinking about his business with the sneaker industry around the same time. Whether you owned a pair or not, everyone remembers Jay Z’s Reebok S.Carter sneaker. Some, if not most, asked your parents to get you a pair or you spent your hard earned money to buy a pair. Regardless if you copped or not, you remember the S dots.

If you somehow forgot…

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  • Hermdog Millionaire

    “Got the sole of the ol’ Gucci, if you upset, sue me/if not, sit back and watch me do me!” Ugh! Miss the old S Dots.. good read.

  • G-Phi 2K6

    I still want a pair…

  • @G-Phi 2K6 – Word? You never know, they might bring em back.

    I still trip out every time I see that Jay & 50 Reebok commercial. Ha!

    Jay straight ripped the Gucci sneaker and didn’t care one bit. He was like do something about if you don’t like it. lol

  • G-Phi 2K6

    @G-Roc Yeah, man. Jay went in on that one. It was my senior year in high school…my classmate got the sneakers but I had the album LoL

  • @G-Phi 2K6 – Ahhhh ok. I wouldn’t be shocked if Reebok re-released them. It’s all about what the people want.

    And I rocks with several cuts off the album.

  • omar najeeb

    Never copped. Had lotta other artillery to worry bout gettn those( like the first retros of the cord, and playoff 11s, fr blue 12, cg 11, among others…). But the S-dots were clean tho. Was never mad at ’em. I just couldn’t/wouldn’t cop a joint endorsed by a rapper. For me, those were for the young boys.

  • omar najeeb

    Oh yeah! The album…
    Good $#!+ there. Top 3 jayz album alltime I think, Behind “Reasonable Doubt” (of course)& the “Hardknock Life” joint (again, of course…).

  • Ramone Hogan

    “And I aint get shot up a whole bunch of times, or make up sh*t in a whole bunch of lines, but the real sh*t you get when you bust down my lines, add that to the fact I went Plat a bunch of times, times that by my influence on pop culture, I supposed to be number one on everybody list, we’ll see what happens when I no longer exist. F*ck this…what more can I say?” …What More Can I Say is my favorite song on the Black Album and the Black Album is the first album I ever bought with my own money. #Classic

  • bigel365

    @g-roc if they bring back the g-units(without the g-unit on the side)old school ellesse style!!!!

  • Nikeindabutt

    Still have the black and brown. The first white pair released is on my wish list to this day.
    Gucci ’84 ripoff or not I would welcome a re-release!

  • Executive aka Mr. McDowell hairline

    I knew I was missing something on my ipod. 03 was some glory days mane.

  • I have yet to see any pictures of blue ivy.

  • R E E

    The “Gucci” rap line was a shot at Raekwon who was the first to publicly call out the similarities.

  • @R E E – Ohhhhhh ok. Thanks for dropping that info.

  • omar najeeb

    Yeah good look on the “gucci” line. Never knew that.

  • Truth B Known

    If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, then GUCCI should be highly Insulted. Jay Z knows just how “ICONIC” the GUCCI 84’s were in hip hop history and disrespectfully created a poor rendition. GUCCI should sue. REEBOK for devaluing the original. For you who don’t know, check out the Special Ed video “I got it made” and the Brooklyn cats are rockin them. Good thing I have the Gucci kicks so I’m not doing these counterfeit versions.

  • Indy

    I actually have a pair of these kicks still fresh in their box. if anyone’s interested.