Black Fruity Pebble Foams are On The Way!

Black Fruity Pebble Foams

Nike is giving kids around the world a chance to complete the set. Black Fruity Pebble Foams release date is February 27th.

Mixing sneakers and cereal seems like an obvious layup for Nike, but no one could have predicted the hysteria they caused with the original Fruity Pebble Foamposites. They were an instant sell out.

You can buy Fruity Pebbles Foams here!

Black Fruity Pebble Foams Release Date

Nike now prepares a second serving of sweets with an all matte black upper sitting atop the vibrant multicolor sole. The Penny logo on the tongue features the Fruity Pebbles theme as well.

Courtesy of Shoe Palace we have an official detailed look below.

Nike Lil Posite Black Fruity Pebble
Release Date: February 27th, 2016.
Black Fruity Pebble Foams Black Fruity Pebble Foams nike foamposites black fruity pebbles nike foamposites black fruity pebbles nike foamposites black fruity pebbles

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  • alexander O’neal

    Trash Can City. Some lil-foot adult-ass nigga is gonna try n pull these off.

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    Haha…I was gonna say the price point on these is high for the average kiddie kicks. We’ll mostly see these on lil-foot guys and lesbun studs lmao

  • Thad Greer

    You know it LOL