Black History Month Nike Vapormax

black history month nike vapormax bhm

It’s about that time.

February is all about Black History Month, so Nike is dropping a BHM Vapormax.

The BHM Vapormax features the usual BHM colors plus some neutral colors to help make this shoe more wearable. I’m not a fan of the shoe, but the colorway was executed very well.

Nike confirmed the BHM Vapormax release date is February 1. Retail price is $205.

Are you adding this pair to your collection?

BHM Nike Vapormax

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  • sharpie

    About time!!! ?????? Wait $205!!!???????????????

  • Snkr Clbrty

    I love these.

  • Ray.

    These looking real brisky!!

  • theloverswineverytime

    My brother scored on these.

  • javi

    So there’s 2 terroristas?