Black OVO Air Jordan 12 Is Finally Releasing


Well it’s about time.

Jordan Brand is releasing Drake’s Black OVO Air Jordan 12 next month. I’m not sure what took so long, but the release is finally happening.

Perfect timing considering February is always battle of the hottest releases when it comes to sneaker brands. It used to just be dominated by Nike/Jordan, but now you have to factor in adidas.

February is usually an extremely expensive month for sneakerheads, so I hope you’re ready.

The release date is set for February 18, and the retail price is $225.

Source: j23app

Black OVO Air Jordan 12

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  • Honestly, Jordan Brand should’ve slapped an OVO logo on the Black Cat 13s if they wanted them to sell out. I’m schleep tho.

  • DJR

    I mean if I can get them for retail I’ll do it but to be honest there is nothing special about these.

  • Flizip420

    Lol but them 13s look wack maybe if the suede was continued the bottom and not the shiny cheap looking black it would’ve been ok

  • Looks like some Jays that would hit the sale rack and stay there back in the days.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    The outsoles are a little special, lol..

  • javi

    Every release is special to you hype????

  • Executive aka Dark Wolf

    I honestly forgot about these, if I was to was to cop it would be off the strength of me liking 12’s and them having that nice bouncy comfort to them.

  • Cinematic Taylor

    Yeah but not really impressed for that price tag LOOKIN LIKE THE WACK FLU GAME SUEDE STUFF TO ME LOL

  • Nate oNe

    Same trash s**t as those flu game suede. Dudes clown on those but those same dudes loving these, Whack clowns. Dudes go more crazy for Drake. They worse than women, it’s becoming disgusting.

  • James L

    Oddly enough, the outsole is the one part of these I like. Something about that color. But I’m good on these

  • James L

    these shoes are only good for 2 types.. Drake stans and hypebeasts… oh, and of course the resellers who will make about $3-500 profit per pair off the other 2

  • I don’t enjoy modern 12’s at all (bricks)… the new stuff is just nothing like I remember when on foot (comfort, height, etc.) so hanging my ovo hat up with my free 10 pack (sold a white 12 for a nice hobby refundo). Good luck everyone.