A Black Pigeon Nike SB Dunk Low Might Be Releasing

We shall see.

The fact that Eric Koston is teasing this Black Pigeon Nike SB Dunk Low most likely means a release is near.

Rumors were floating around that Jeff Staple and Nike SB are releasing a hightop version of the supremely popular Pigeon SB Dunk Low. However, it might be this Black version.

Regardless of what version is coming, just know a new Pigeon Dunk is on the way because Jeff Staple didn’t deny it when asked about it on Twitter.

Stay tuned for more details.

Does this news excite you?

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  • theloverswineverytime

    Excited? Not at all since eeeeeverybody’s gonna wanna get them but not even be a fan of the shoes; which will just be a pain in the ass.

  • javi

    But you still going to buy them hype?

  • curt diggler

    i think they will flop and staple will realize that no one cares in 2017 for this shoe….plus look at them, basic as hell. At least the first pair tried to emulate actual pigeon scheme

  • DJR

    I wonder how these will sell or how limited they will be. I’ll cop if it’s easy to do so.

  • OGedge

    RIP pigeons…. these are garbage

  • Very pointless! Creativity is so far gone.

    I remember asking Jeff about a high version and he kinda hinted that something was in the works. At least we were there when Nike SB was killing it.

  • C Brown

    Creativity….Jeff died a slow death a looooong time ago….I saw a Pigeon Cole Hann rotting on shelves the other day….There has been a Puma Pigeon….didnt he do a Sketchers Pigeon too??? And these are basically the Levi’s with a bird on the side…..Purple Pigeon still reign supreme to me….

  • I was talking about Nike SB in general, but I feel you. Pigeon is his brand but it did get played out from seeing it so much over the years. I didn’t know about Cole Haan and Sketchers

  • OGedge

    Yeah I think he did a payless version as well

  • OGedge

    I was hoping for a high… but it wasn’t meant to be

  • C Brown

    Yea @23edge:disqus is right it wasn’t Sketchers it was Payless Pigeon…which if that isnt whoring out I dont know what is….The Cole Haan Lunargrands are nice…they aint $300 nice but they are nice….Currently rotting on shelves….You remember…I was an SB Beast…and I still have ALL my Pink boxes…but the minute they tried to do to much and volume got to be too much…and they started selling them in Malls….that was it….I remember a time when 6.0 and SB was going head to head….damn man getting old….cause alot of that feels like it was yesterday…and Im sure it was more then 7-8 years ago….