Black Pigeon Nike SB Dunk Low Will Release This Week

Two release dates.

The Black Pigeon Nike SB Dunk Low leaked last week, and now it’s time for a release.

New York gets the first release tomorrow, November 7 at the Reed Space pop-up. The release takes place tomorrow at 11am, so heads up to my NYC readers.

The wider release is Saturday, November 11.

Good luck to all!

Photo: Kevin Ma

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  • OGedge

    A little dust and those things are messed up

  • I’m just not feeling the overall concept, plus this drop feels so dated. I think they would’ve looked better with some dark hits of grey.

    I can’t wait to see what people try to sell them for. lol

  • OGedge

    The Pigeon patch alone would have sold this sneaker. Why make it all black suede? So very lazy and tawdry. I think full grain leather would have them them better IMO. I don’t even check resell prices… nobody buys sneakers over retail anymore

  • Indeed lazy. It’s like Nike SB isn’t even trying… or trying waaay too hard.

  • C Brown

    Even the pop up shop feels dated…Jeff is still drinking the original release kool-aid…I’m gonna assume he thinks he’s gonna show up tomorrow and there will be 2000 kids in the street….Extra Butter even let them call it Reed Space for the day…stop it..NYC is still resell capital of the world so I know the goon squad will be down there…but after that…and mark my words…these will sit on shelves…if BOTH the DeLa’s and pretty much every re-mix has been outlet bound…I expect no difference with these…

  • El Fenomeno

    this shoe is dead