Bo Jackson Nike Air Trainer High SC Retro “Total Orange” – Fall 2009 Release

Nike Air Trainer High SC "Total Orange"

Nike Air Trainer High SC "Total Orange"

The most popular and sought after Bo Jackson Air Trainer SC High OG colorway is coming back for the third time this Fall. We now have our first look at a pair of samples thanks to cubanbee. As of right now the retro looks pretty solid and close to the original make up. It’s hard to see all the details because of the lighting, but overall everything is looking good so far. Can anyone tell us how many people are going to buy these because of the hype? Real OG Nike and Trainer heads know what time it is! via NT

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  • I don’t find myself using this word anymore, but I to say it…HEAT!!!

  • xxcoreyxx

    ^^Yea I know BOs are yo thing
    Probably will be my 1st pair
    Time will tell

  • ^You already know homie.

  • 23isBACK


  • Ether


  • Pa’s Finest

    Maaan I remember these back in like 1st grade. Did Eddie Murray use to rock these too? Idk why he came to mind, but when I was younger i thought he did.

  • igotthem

    these r fire my nike rep had a smaple pair on today,

  • nikeindabutt

    Can it really be??? Everyone on my block had a pair of these…Bos were the officially shoe of my hood back in the latter part of the 90’s!

  • Joey Gymnastics

    Like I said when you first posted this news G-Roc, this is the shoe that got me into shoes 4thgrade 1990, was a good year. I still have 2 pairs of the 98 Retro’s but they both have seen better days.

    Yo G-roc, have any of your Bo’s cracked yet, one of my 98 Retro’s in this CW cracked on me about a week ago, I have been wearing them everyday since the news broke that they were being rereleased, so that might have something to do with it,

  • Brooklyn

    i like the way he got that tat on his finger no homo…..

  • Sincere the GOD

    Reminds me of High School still the most comfortable nike ever made

  • aSh

    DEFLY DOPE!!!!!

  • D

    I’m gonna cop these I bet Mr. G-Roc is getting 2 of them thangs.

  • Oh yes sir. This time around I’m copping at least 3 pair

  • Man this is turning out to be a GREAT year to collect kicks….


  • cj

    I rocked bos before j’s

  • Joey Gymnastics

    Has anybody seen these close up, the netting on the sides of the shoe looks different than my 98 retros, on the 98 retros, it looks to be like mesh with the little squar holes, where as in this pic it looks like a solid orange piece.

    G-roc have you seen these in person yet?

  • That’s what the fu*k I’m talking about. G-Roc, you made my day….again. Thank you!!!

  • Joe Grizzly

    YES! Nike finally comin thru for the OG trainer heads

  • just 2 fresh

    grabbed a pair of the grey with neon green and pink for $20 at ross…booyahh

  • MT

    I think G-roc ends up with no less than 5 pairs of this 1.

  • Joey I haven’t seen them in person yet and from this pic it’s hard for me to see the changes. I’m hoping we can get a better look at them soon. If they right MT there’s no telling how many pairs I’ll get.

  • Follow TheShoeGame on twitter to get updates that I sometimes don’t post on TSG.

  • Sneakernerd–NELLY

    These will be a must cop. Bo Knows Shoes.



  • The look a little darker than the OGs but maybe that’s the lighting. They will end up on a sale rack and be copped.!

  • Joey Gymnastics

    nah the colors are right on, I have been looking at this pic for a while and the only difference I can see, is the netting material, if they are identical to the OG’s and Retro’s then I will not stop buying these every time I see a pair in my size regardless of price

  • wally

    Look at the grey mudguard Joey. obviously too dark. with the right shade of light grey, and the bright orange color, it created the ultimate contrast in colors. It added that “POP” that is seen on the 98 retros and the originals… these although close, you gotta expect more out of $18 billion dollar nike.

    that still wont stop me from picking up as many as I can though. let the competition begin. no less than 5 for me.

  • chevyboy

    These would look great next to my black/grey ’97 retros.

  • thajordankid23

    it’s gonna be a good year

  • kazilla

    I wanted these back when they originally came out. If I have enough funds I might cop.


    IMO hands down the best Nike release ever…and I’m talkin’ the shoe in general not just the colorway. So damn comfy I put’em on and then fall asleep on the floor in the closet…

  • tanya

    I still have my pair from high school!!! I can’t wait for these to come out.

  • Jerronimo


  • His Airness

    yes, I will cop…