Bo Jackson Nike Blazer Hi “Kansas City Royals” Tecmo Bo

Bo Jackson Nike Blazer Hi Kansas City Royals

As we’ve said in previous Bo Jackson news, Nike will pay homage to Bo Jackson this Fall by re-releasing his signature shoe in original colors and footwear inspired by his career.

For those of you that don’t know, Bo Jackson played both pro football (Oakland Raiders) and baseball (Kansas City Royals). Just like Deion “Primetime” Sanders, Bo “Break a bat over knee” Jackson also had a contract with Nike in the early 90’s. “Bo Knows” is the most notable advertising campaign out of the series, and is still one of Nike’s best ads to date.

Alongside from Bo’s signature shoe, Trainer SC High, Nike will drop a Blazer Hi which is inspired by the Kansas City Royals. We can’t leave out the fact that Nike also took inspiration from the video game, Tecmo Bowl. Check out the pixelated print along the upper. If that doesn’t ring a bell, peep the pixelated baseball Bo on the tongue after the jump. Combine all those features and you got yourself a Bo Jackson “KC Royals” Tecmo Bo Blazer Hi.

Expect to see these Blazer Hi’s in stores this Fall.

Bo Jackson Nike Blazer Hi Kansas City Royals

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  • Yep, another community plug.
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    Bo Knows TSG!

  • Ha good ish G-Roc

  • ^Thank you my brethren

  • starz

    ha these look pretty fresh, but i might just get the usc blazers

  • md305

    these go hard

  • B_2_sick

    these would be way hotter if they were SB’s

  • mr slow

    How would being SB’s make these hotter? SMH at b2sick’s comment.

    Anyways these are horrible.

  • CODY


  • B_2_sick

    naw if they were SB’s i could skate them thats why….

  • I didnt know you needed SB’s to skate (but then again I dont skake so……..) whatever! These are good as coped by me though! BUY WHAT YOU LIKE!

  • B_2_sick

    cause i love to skate nikedats all

  • mr slow

    But still how would that make the overall shoe hotter?

  • mr slow

    Cant answer the question B2sick?

  • B_2_sick

    whateva fuck it

  • I gotta be excited about these! 816 is my home, KC is the town!

  • CallmeDiesel

    No way can I co-sign these G-Roc. Other than the RBI Baseball looking figure on the tongue, these are extra generic.

  • Jerronimo

    I copped these but NIKE took the baseball player off of the toungue? WTF! Still a neck breaker. How many blue suede shoes have u