TSG “Bordeaux” T-Shirt Catalog

Back by popular demand is TSG’s apparel catalog. Our Space Jam catalog was extremely popular in 2009, so after many requests, we present our Bordeaux catalog. As expected, some of your favorite sneaker related clothing brands created t-shirts to coincide with the release of the long awaited Bordeaux Air Jordan 7. We probably missed a few tees but you can view our Bordeaux catalog after the jump. Share your thoughts in comment section.

Mi Gente Clothing “Air Bugs 1992” tee. Available at select sneaker boutiques.

More info available here

Sole Survivor Ink Blot tee. Order info available here

The Freshness Doc 7 Bordeaux tee available here

8&9 Pookie tee available here

Jordan Brand Safe Bordeaux tee available here

Shewz Deauxboys tee available here

Bobby Fresh Bordeaux tee available here



Vandal-A Jam & Bordeaux Bunny tees available here

Bird Club Clothing Bordeaux tee available here

Risurch Bugs Bunny & Daffy Bordeaux tee available here

Hye Society Bordeaux tee available here

No info. If you have info, please leave a comment.

Disclaimer: We are not familiar with some of these brands, so cop at your own risk.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • You’re welcome.

  • This is pretty INSPIRING! MiGente, The Freshnes, & 8&9 have very nice shirts. If I wasn’t PASSING on the Bordeauxs, I’d buy all 3 of those. BUT, That 8&9 shirt is PRICELESS…i can’t stop laughing (in a good way). Honorable Mention goes to the Bobby Fresh tee…the drawing feels like the 90s…and I LOVE the fact that the design is on the BACK of the shirt.

  • I would get either the mi gente or Freshness ones.

  • Mr_Kadillac

    8&9 always have hot shirts. I got a few of them. Damn I wish I could go get these right about now. DAYUM!

  • Executive AKA The Crisis

    Cool stuff, Im expecting my Bobby Fresh shirt anyday now.

  • @AlSneaks

    deauxboy shirt is easily the cleanest. I know the bordeaux is a flashy shoe, but a matching flashy shirt to go with it is doin a bit much for me.

  • That 8&9 pookie tee got me Rollin over here lmao!

  • Vandal tee is nice and low key…feelin’ that one too on those less than flashy days.

  • Bware113

    Pookie is a definite grab. That Tee is hilarious.

  • Feeling the Deauxboy shirt. I agree with @AISneaks, need a shirt that’s not doing to much. I like the freshness tee also but in Black.


    Woe! nice tees. 8 & 9 is dope. Bird club is simple and dope photo. Migente is a nice print. Id cop em all.

  • Lem

    The POOKIE Tee is classic. I want the shirt more than I want the shoes.

  • iRockParras

    Man.. All this sh*t is so f*cking whack dudes.. Like anyone that wears this kinda sh*t and thinks they look fly is hilarious. All you need to do is wear either a nice black tee or a grey tee. It’s that simple, and you won’t look like a walking joke.

  • Iufreak18

    Bobby fresh tee

  • Ive got the Bobby Fresh tee and to be honest, it’s a little off in person. It’s not terrible but you can tell they prob did not have the shoe in hand when they chose their hues. I do love that its a pocket tee though.

  • btw……

    C-O-R-P-O-R-A-T-E New Era fitted FTW!

  • Huge shout out to TSG for featuring our Deauxboys shirt. We purposely kept the design clean and simple since the shoes speak for themselves. Use the code TWITTER to get 10% Off Everything right now.

  • Jerronimo

    kewl post. Nice that u guys are showing love to the smaller brands.

  • seVIIn

    deauxboy! and bugs bunny shirts, all of um..

  • SAni

    Check out fresherthanflesh.bigcartel.com

    Dope shirts for bordeauxs

  • Jimmer

    Vandal-A & Freshness are dope… The rest are trash.

  • xkrispyeli

    That fresh tee is nice …

  • The Doctor

    Vandal-A Bordeaux colored Bunny tee is CRACK!!

  • Nparker96

    Too much bugs bunny shit so not original. Honestly not feeling them.

  • DonRos

    great post G-Roc.

  • Ahhh dang I wish my collaborator had your info GRoc I just did a collab tee for em that is super creative. Check em out

  • ncsneakhead

    i really need a hat to smash with em but i only wear snapbacks, any help?

  • PilotDavila

    These are all wack as hell..

  • Travo

    Deauxboy is original. The bugs bunny ones are predictable. Plus I’m a grown man, I don’t wear cartoons…

  • Tony

    I hope your guys do this for the true blues and other top notch shoes

  • sushi

    Really love the Sole Collector and What’s up doc tee.

  • Munchdollars

    i want da first one how kan i order it help meee