Break “Bred” With These Air Jordan 13’s

Jordan Brand is gearing up to release a few long awaited retros next year including the Air Jordan 13 Black/Red colorway. The original colorway for the Air Jordan 13 in the famous Bred will once again make its way back into retail stores. This 2013 retro seems to stay true to the original with the use of soft tumble leather and suede materials. It’s even said that the 3M from the side panels will also make it back to the 2013 version.

No word of a release date as of yet, so stay tuned for the latest updates. Until then, enjoy the detailed images below. Let us know in the comment section below if this is a definite cop or pass.

Images: SA

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  • Big Mike 2.0

    Lord knows I been needing these in my life. Can’t wait, hope a outfit comes with it.

  • SPINS6136

    My ones from ’09 are still mint.

  • G-Phi 2K6


  • Fresh


  • Birdman

    I wanna know who started this bred crap. It seems that any black shoe this bred %hit is attached to it. No of these shoes was never called breds when they came out until now what gives

  • Stupidfreshkicks

    ^^^Bred is short for black & red, catch up

  • aSh

    3M = me getting these… from the pics the quality looks worth it…. Only XIII I’ve wanted besides the Flints… but no 3M = no bueno in my book

  • Birdman

    Nah you gotta catch up i don’t… without being on the blogs if you went around saying are you getting the bred 11’s no one would know what your taking about now if you say the playoffs then it registers. ALL this bred talk kills the nostalgia of these iconic shoes Now if it came from jordan brand that’s one thing their way of promoting but if it came from john doe like you the you need to take your talents to south beach.

  • Shoe String

    Love this sneaker but without the 3M I will not be copping. I don’t understand why Jordan Brand continues to leave out the details on the shoes we all love. My theory is Jordan Brand knows this can’t last forever so they withhold the Nike Air branding and other materials such as the 3M on the 13’s. Since the 13’s never had Nike Air branding on them they take away something else we like about the shoe. This sets them up for future sales of the 13’s with the 3M, better materials, original paint colors (not that Varsity Red BS) , and the return of the Nike Air Branding. This includes the Nike logo on the insoles. For this reason I cop very few Retro Jordan’s these days and will hold out until this day comes.

    This includes the Grape 5’s. No Nike Air No Cop.

  • jmkucine

    ^ Good move. No need to slave away to JB. It all depends, for me I was never into Jordan’s as a kid so it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Im still confused about the 3M regards the 13’s ?

  • GSL10019

    @jmkucine. the 3m is the side panels, where u see the small white speckles.
    also to whomever said their 13’s from 09` are mint, check your shoes cause they never came out in 09………………..
    Also this is a great re-re-release cause it the 13’s already had the jordan symbol on it so we will see how it turns out

  • Modarola

    Soo i had these when I was little. . These the only Jordans I would stand in line for

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    Dope. I had the OG’s and sold them back in 2000…ugh

  • Stupidfreshkicks

    @Birdman- I was jus jokin wit cha brah, B EZ lol. I don’t know what “bred” means, I’m OG. All I know is that I had these when they originally came out back in 98′ they were know as black panthers. That was the same year y’all put out that 1st Big Tymers & that 1st Hot Boyz ( I lud dat 1st Hot Boyz). Anyways I didn’t even know u wore J’s like that, I thought u had a deal wit Lugz?

  • McLovin

    The day these come out, I’m going to drive by Niketown and throw water balloons at the idiots standing in line! Just because I know for a fact that over half of them are hype beasts teenagers that never even seen the GOAT shoot a basket!

  • Joe


  • President Ward

    I like these better then bred 11’s.

  • danniB

    lol @GSL10019 lol i was thinkin the same thing these 13’s havent released since like 04-05 sometime when i was in middle school thats the last time they retrod lmao i was like um did u get ur’s from the corner or something? smh

  • Doldog

    Lol some stupid dude said these released in 09 hahaha dumbfuck

  • I want to know if the 13 breds in black & red will be coming out again or where can i find them…there sold out everywhere!!!!!!Help!!!!!!!!!!!I really want a pair in boys size 5.5