Breaking News: Air Jordan 7 “Olympic” – Release Info

TheShoeGame can finally confirm the official release date and info for the Olympic Air Jordan 7 (Love of the Game). To commemorate the 1992 USA Olympic Dream Team Hall of Fame induction on August 13th, Jordan Brand will re-release the Air Jordan 7 that Michael Jordan wore during the 92 Olympics on Friday, August 13th.

The shoes will release as a quickstrike in limited quantities at select US Jordan Brand accounts. Check with your local Jordan retailers for additional info. The Jordan 7’s suggested retail price is $150. Also, dropping the same day is a Jordan 7 retro tee ($34) and fitted cap ($32). The Olympic Air Jordan 7, t-shirt, and fitted cap is set to launch Friday, August 13th.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Who’s coppin?

  • jmiaine

    im gonna cop, yo g-roc you thank footlocker gonna have them?

  • erick10

    I must have these.

  • actually a good shoe to buy, it actually represents something. I can dig it.

  • aaron

    Not a fan but will cop for resale.

  • Thank you sir…I know a few spots in illadelph that will have em…..and I will have them….

  • ImpalaLT1

    C’mon G-Roc! I’m already workin on my 2nd pair!!!!!!! I salute tha haters! Without u i wouldnt have the drive i have to stay on top of my game!!!!!!

  • IM ON THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not now..but RIGHT NOW!!!

  • Damn got school that day!
    Ima try pulling strings..

  • MocB.

    The 13th? Some cites are saying the 14th…..I guess ill camp out twice if it comes down to it….Foamposite Af1’s come out the same weekend….Daayyyyuuuummnnnnn

  • These are ugly.

  • 23’sinHousTon(Pilot TALK FOo)

    im coppin hopefully they have em at my mall.. problaby go 2 HOH just incase

  • Dblack


  • aSh

    ….. nope….. there is only one VII I’ve ever wanted so until that day pass on all others… Still happy for all those that wanted these just not my cup of tea!!!

  • D

    I’ll try to cop.

  • JK

    I need em, will be a birthday present for myself, hoping they gotem

  • thebeast23

    copped…any pix of the fit surface?

  • Royal Swagness

    I know I won’t be gettin these. I’m out in San Francisco & they will most likely be a HOH release. There’s not a HOH 60 miles of me so forget that. hope footlocker gettin them.

  • Shoop

    I’m going right to House of Hoops to get these. Need ’em in the worst way.

  • bright

    oh yes without a doubt

  • Nightwing2303

    Royal Swagness- Im out here in San Jose and my Foot Locker manager was pretty sure he was getting them in so keep calling around.

  • not me easy pass i perfer 04 anyway & not one of my favorite 7’s i rather have the diamond turfs or the infreads even tho i have the ones form 05 i just wanna put those on ice & they messed these up by puttin dat dumb heart on the back smh

  • I want these,however if i go to my connect and he dont got them,and a few others dont, then f it,im not driving through all five boroughs to get it is what it is.

  • frank

    Does everyone have to talk ghetto? Come on kids, read what you’re really typing and think…is that how a regular person talks or am I just trying to fool everyone? Sheesh…
    For the kids who say “easy pass”…lol who are you kidding? You know you’re gonna be the first in line to get these.

  • csia93

    can somebody approve my membership????

  • I might cop if I can get at retail.

  • Ron

    @FeetHeat could u let me know the spots that they gonna drop in philly please?

  • Sneakeraddict23

    @Nightwing – bro r u talking about the house of hoops in serramonte?

  • Those are a must have,and if your saying your not getting them or their ugly your a hater

  • ibhye

    $150?? WTF happen to 7s being $135? =/

  • TheVoice

    Easy pass, I don’t want some stupid hearts on my shoes.

  • What about online sites G-Roc? No NDC atlease??

  • @A.I. – Not sure about online, but I’m assuming NikeStore will have them in stock.

  • I agree… logo kills it… but the leather they use will probably be even worse
    I’m NOT getting these! I’m a husband, dad, and owner of a mini-van with a broke down Air-Conditioner = a SN’EAD on a budget… not a hater! Don’t over generalize. LoL… I don’t get a LOT of kicks because of those reasons… but other than the min-van AC, those reasons are better than kicks!
    Classic classic classic Jordan CW and they are re-releasing it for all the right reasons! (not a response… my thought)
    FeetHeat ~ I command you to procure these for the God-son as well!!! Double Rock with his God-father… Oh Yeah!!!

  • gotjordans?


  • damn im going to be in atlanta this day, what stores in atlanta are going to have these? if you know please, please email me at or visit my twitter (@thefashlifesnkl)

  • Jamie from Philly

    My Jordan grail. Copped 100%.

  • “Those are a must have,and if your saying your not getting them or their ugly your a hater”
    REALLY?….can’t people like what THEY like regardless of what you or I may think?…c’mon man, people liking and hating a popular shoe is what make this thing interesting…it has nothing to do with being a hater.
    If you like em, good luck; hope you get em with no issues…..I’ve NEVER worn 7’s, but these may be my first pair….I just want to know how comfortable 7’s are…..

  • Might get 2 pairs since I missed the last release. But definitely gonna get a pair……hopefully.

  • Nightwing2303

    Sneakeraddict- nope, the closest fl to my area. I asked him yesterday and he said they were on his release sheets. They won’t be getting many pairs if they get them… I alwasy call back a week before release to make sure they got the shipment or if its on its way otherwise Ill be going right to the internet.

  • DonRos

    these are pretty smooth. I’ve only purchased 3 or 4 pairs of Jordans this year, but I’ll be adding these for sure.

  • I was originally going to get these, but I ended up buying some DS Air Jordan 11 Space Jams for $250 Shipped. I think it was worth it!

  • I won’t be obtainin em, but did laced up the whole family wit Oly VII’s back in ’04. 🙂

  • jfresh21

    ehh..i got my 04 pairs ( 2 ) that logo or w.e that is..looking type trashi..sorry guys.. but good luck to you all =D!

  • cherry007d

    Royalswagness there is a HOH in Serramonte mall in South S.F. Stephen Curry did an apperance there last summer. It has to be within 60 miles of you if your in Frisco.

  • lo$w@rd g

    i told my mom already so i`m good.with 30% off my 2 sat.i got the hook up!!!

  • milk

    got the og CRISPY…no need for these…but everyone who slept on em last time can now cop

  • AJ head

    OG heads will soon cry out because their OG pairs will soon break into pieces.
    I am not a type of guy who keep OG in the box forever.
    I only buy shoes to WEAR.
    Of course I will get this pair on the release day!

  • gotjordans?

    @ ibhye,

    I checked my box of Olympic 7s, think they were from 2004… they cost $125.00. You’re right, what happened to those low low prices??? 🙁

  • Geo.

    So I’m guessing they not releasing in GS sizes?

  • TM – Not gonna lie… I rocked (2) pairs of VII’s back in the day because of how they fit. It was Nike’s first run at minimalistic advancement (aka the huarache movement) and the VII is how it surfaced in the Jordan line. Clearly there’s no support but if you’re looking for a quick and nimble Legend of Zelda type comfort and court feel… the VII is nice! I came so close to the DMP pack when it dropped to like $210 on FinishLine… but they sold out really quick at that point.

  • Muntz3000

    FRANK your A dushBag!
    Or better yet A herb!
    A donkey! A Sucker Duck! And on Be half of All the “Kids” thank the great mighty Lord Jesus we live in a world were you could type nonsense in the safety of your on home with No repercussions. Cuz man the comment was ignorant!
    I’m SORRY Groc but somebody had to say it! Every body else besides that Sucker duck FRANK enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  • @ Ron – well, apparently they are releasing at some FootLockers in Philly, but Ubiq and Villa will have em, fo sho……

    @ 4Drumz – Believe me, if I could get these in baby sizes, or even kids sizes, that my Godson would grow into, I’d do it…..But I doubt they’re making these in those sizes….If anybody hears anything about lil’ sizes, lemme know….

    @ TM – 4Drumz said, and I’ll say it again….VIIs are COMFY….Fit like a glove, and they look soooooo good on feet too…..

  • Juz4kickzNgigglz

    they just dont look good they feeeel good na they look crack n feeeelcrack oh sorry they are very comfortable and pleasing to the eye….so i take really good care of my VII retros ….yu know stepping on poo getting stepped on playing a quick pick up game and i can still wear them…i thougt these sneakers were built to last?well mine have and i feel like purchasing the ftlotg but might just not cuz im supposed to b on vacation till december 23rd……

  • GetFreshKid

    Yo GROC please inform us on where they will available in the A….

  • KaileyNewAddict

    sucks how they only release at select US jordan places like it says…if only they release in canada

  • jessy dean

    GS sizes? or does limite quantities mean only men sz?

  • these are nice. nothin special to me tho. not a must cop. so…A.C.T PASS!

  • Ju

    @TM- The materials on the DMP 7’s wasn’t top notch and these are still comfy as a mutha”shut yo mouth, i’m only talkin bout jays”… So I recommend it but it’s up to you man… @G-Roc keep us posted fam, I’m going back to school round that time and I know of a HOH in DC but last minute newz helpz MAJOR… deciding between and a needed textbook is hard, imma take out a loan lmao


  • Ron

    @ FeetHeat thanks…i knew ubiq would have them but thats like the # 1 spot most people would go to. i needed a back up place in case ubiq sells out..if villa has them, im there

  • does any nobody know if they are gonnna make them in gs sizes.?!

  • Seems like the verdict is in as far as them being comfortable, which is a BIG deal to me….cannot stand WASTING money on a shoe that looks great and ends up hurting (Med.Ball Air Trainer III’s I’m talking to YOU.)

  • Dominique

    will there be gs sizes?????

  • sneakeraddict23

    @Nightwing-thanks bro. Sorry for the late response. Gud luck on this one.

  • dj.jbras

    Coppin. I hope I can get them, cause I’m passing on the White/Black IX’s for them.

  • Bofizzly

    G-Roc, u feelin these?

  • y0ungpist0l

    Ummm the heart logo iz one of the main reasons I’m snatchin’em …take good care of them and they’ll be a rare find a few yrz down. Becuz I doubt they’ll release another that’s exactly the ssame. Yo anybody heard about realease comin out with two pairs of J’s for the price of one or somethin crazy like tht idk but I been hearin….

  • bkboy1545

    in maryland. any stores in glen burnie, columbia, woodlawn, marley, etc?????

  • nehwon

    how u goin be a jordans fan and not cop these??? a definite must have