Breaking News: Nike Copper Foamposite One Release Delayed Indefinitely

Breaking News: Nike Copper Foamposite One Release Delayed Indefinitely


Nike Dirty Copper Foamposite One

This just in, the Nike Copper Foamposite One release has been delayed indefinitely. This simply means that the February 13th launch date is being moved to a release date that is currently unknown. Hopefully, the new release date will be sooner than later. We will keep you posted if anything changes. Stay tuned to TheShoeGame for updated info about this highly anticipated release.

  • XkrispyELI

    does that mean the eggplants will be delayed too?

  • TokyoMike

    ^^I heard about the Eggplants being delayed before I heard about the Coppers being delayed, so I think it’s safe to assume any/every future Foamposite release is now offically on hold.
    I really REALLY needed the Pearls this year…..this sucks eggs.

  • Hye Style Kid

    wow miss a day on tsg to come back and find info like this its gonna be a depressing weekend and week for that matter snow storm and all…. then i had hopes on the eggplants for now to find out everyone saying they on hold too bout to go find a pair of shoes to come for the fun of it

  • J.Rilla

    damm snapssss i hope the same thing doesn’t happen with the eggplants.

  • J.Rilla

    just found out there being delayed too. failll!!! dam u jordan.

  • DC Kix!

    these joints r def. goin sell out in the DMV area..thats foamposite country there…but im jii blown tho, b/c i was stackin my cake for theez joints…this jii like blew mah day…smh!!!

  • Main3vent410

    *SIGH*…. U do not understand how long I have been waiting for these shoes!!!!! My girl is just as dissapointed as I am. Well Typical Nike. Imean Im frm B-More (Eastside BTW) na dI can honestly say that the DMV is Foam-City but Iknow that they didnt del;ay the release becasue of a snowstorm that will be GONE the week of the release. But whatever, Just copped the blue & silver am95’a and imma cop the freshwaters today form Footlocker. Come ONE COPPER & EGGPLANTS!!!!! I NEED U BABY T-T

  • D33mV33

    Well all this speculation the word I herd was that Nike had major production issues with the quality of the shoe they where deffective so the had to push the date not penny not the weather all though this is a dc shoe u fukcing haters but fukc it I got my motor sports to hold me down and the am95 at the end of the month so fukc it I guess I’ll buy my girl a birthday gift

  • D.C.sneaker_freaker

    waits for a bunch of D.C. cats to cop these and walk around with a basic black T-shirt..and some skinny skinny super skinny jeans, with a northface over their backs.

    while I try to hunt online for some “fire” shirts to compliment these kicks..and leave my basic T’s in the bottom of the laundry basket..and the northface in the back on the closet.

  • Britt

    it IS because of the snostorm. here in da DMV we all here stuck in da house and cant go noware to cop no kicks. da snowstorm is also da reason why finishline released da motorsport 6’s as an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE only release

  • jaypayday

    Everyone in DMV PLEASE relax..
    the coppers will come out….I repeat will come out on the 13th..they did push it back but now its back on i made a few contacts and its set..i will have mines on the 12th….

    lmao @ D.C.sneaker_freakerple i dont do north faces or wear simple shit i already got my new shirt now all i need is da shoes

  • da kid wit shoes

    since we had all this snow dis week ppl r gonna b buying theese out because everyone shoveled snow and made (gwap!)