Breaking News: Nike Copper Foamposite One Release Delayed Indefinitely

Nike Dirty Copper Foamposite One

This just in, the Nike Copper Foamposite One release has been delayed indefinitely. This simply means that the February 13th launch date is being moved to a release date that is currently unknown. Hopefully, the new release date will be sooner than later. We will keep you posted if anything changes. Stay tuned to TheShoeGame for updated info about this highly anticipated release.

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  • who didnt see that coming?

  • DMVsneakerdude

    I’m pretty sure the reason is the big snow storm hitting the DC area this weekend. Sad Face for me 🙁

  • Me

    Been had mine so i don’t care…suck it!

  • Soares

    FEETHEAT told me this – “Nike is waiting on Penny to sign a new contract, and he won’t cause he wants more $$$$$….and apparently the Coppers and Eggplants are on hold till Penny signs”

    sounds about right to me.

  • dsmah

    sooooo shocked (not really)

  • Yup sad news indeed for all!!!! But I think Nike is Just trying to push the AllStar joints heavy.

  • Eh, it’ll be nice if I get the shoe. But I won’t be too broken up about it, if I don’t.

  • Wadalex

    yea big snowstorm hit the dmv this week so no surprise there

  • LG

    Nike makes alot of money of Penny’s…I would want more mone too.
    I was at Sport Zone in Georgetown yesterday they told me the 13th
    now this ahhhh WTF.
    I hope the Eggplant come out in March?

  • WilFaReal

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! C’mon Nike!! I was really looking forward to this release, DAMN!!

  • Zeus

    Damn I had pre order for 2 pairs oh well guess I get to say money

  • Freshone

    DAMNNNNNN!!!!! (In Martin Voice)

  • cantstopthebest

    what does a snow storm in dmv have to do with the rd getting pushed back?

  • cintownmac

    Classic Foot Locker move…too much coming out that day. They will wait until they don’t have a release to comp with last years numbers and drop it then. It’s all about that bottom line and keeping the stock holders happy.

  • LG

    I need these Foam’s…I was geeked up about Feb 13th.

    I feel like a fat kid who can’t have any cake DAMN!!!

  • John B

    man this sucks! why they always do this on big releases? oh well, got more time to save for them and can get the motorsports now. these will be copped along with the eggplants. of course now, they will probably release them right after we all spend our money on a different release and cant afford to get em anymore. assholes!

  • ATLien_Smoke

    I think its marketing strategy on Nike’s part, they know whats up!! Now more hype will build.. Im not worried, cuz at the end of the day, that’s money in the bank! Yall actin like the shoe got canceled.. Really it gives you more time to save up and double up.. Its good in everything, you just gotta find it 🙂

  • Tied Laces

    it sucks but its good for me i aint have the money till 3 days after the 13 and we all know these will sell out.. lucky me

  • DCjuju

    Damn I’m stil coppin em whenever they decide to drop. Eggplants too oh yeah

  • TC Da Heat Holder aka Black Dynamite

    Good move Nike, too much Ish dropping this month anyway! It does not matter when they release the Copper’s they will sellout period!

  • all good.. im still good to go.. just a little later

    and atl heads.. peep the on my name and the forum Atlanta stand up

    Atlanta Got big things planned.. and you might even seen tsg and ags shut the city down a time or too.. get your party faces on and be ready to swap that heat

  • oh and to the point.. very smart move.. come one the suitcase 1s are next week.. and dont forget the sb maddness

  • @ Jon Soares….told ya so….LOL…hope the whole Penny contract thing blows over soon…SMH….

  • JH

    So who’s hittin up John23 for his Coppers now? Hahahahahaha I would never pay 400 for them. Plus he’s “sold out”. If you bought them from him, wow….wow.

  • ell2412

    honestly this is kinda a blessing in disguise for me because over the last month i’ve gotten the 6’s the space jams (over retail) and now i was about to drop 200 next saturday so now I can take a break and pay for other things but I will get em when they drop no doubt.

  • aSh

    Think Im the only happy bout this news…. gives me more time to stack my bread!!!!!!!!!! Whats the ticket anyways $200???

  • deadstock_p_503

    I wanna cry right now lol

  • Blue cheese

    No big deal

  • a penny for…

    PeNNy wants some sHINy NeW coPPer… B4 we get OUr dirty coPPer….

  • John 23

    Well well I hope you kids save my number .

  • yadigme

    Wow never new the DMV was so important, they canceled a whole release because it snowed there AMAZING!

  • yadigme

    If it rains in Vegas when they release might get pushed back again.

  • Soares

    WTF does DMV snow have to do with this getting pushes back? Sorry, but GTFO with that lol.

  • this is disaster…

  • booooooo

  • i agree with soares wut does the dmv have to do with anything please somebody tell me.

  • dsides

    Good now my girl dont have to be mad at me for taking her to mcdonalds for valentines day

  • it dont matter because we still getting them
    770 805-9686

  • JordanAmbassador4Life

    Atleast they’re still being released, so it’s all good. These and the Orion Grifs are the main pick ups for this year.

  • NT

    This release has nothing to do with the snow in the DMV,Penny himself or Footlocker. It is simply because the Jordan 2010 releases on that same day and Nike knows that the liqo % will be terrible releasing against a Foamposite One.

  • John B

    ^^i agree but its not like they gonna sell many 2010’s anyways. guess that’s why they did it. the coppers woulda blown them completely out. 2010s wont sell anyway so i hope they feel stupid after this.

  • D

    This is a good news. I’m thinking how in the hell can I get these and treat my girl on Valentine’s Day. Plus I just copped the Motorsports and some other stuff so I like this news thanks G Roc.

  • SNKRTRNK long as they drop.

  • @ FeetHeat, dawg you could be right cuz is procrastinatin wit my Air Penny II Atlantic Blues, talkin ’bout they’re waitin for Nike to send them the shipment.

  • Nigel Wan Kenobi

    What does the snow in DMV have to do with this release you say?? Don’t you know that the foamposite was invented there? Nike only makes the foamposite for them and thank Buddha there are always some leftover for the rest of us who want to be like them.


  • LG

    I don’t think the store’s heard of this news yet.
    cause I jus got off the phone with DTLR,Sports Zone,Shoe City
    they say the haven’t heard nothing about them being delayed.

  • eazyf

    ^^^^ not that the foams were created here in the DMV but people from around here been rockin them since they first released and the sales in the DMV for foamposites are always through the roof.The DMV is foamposite land. With all that said i still dont think its because of the snow strom why they pushed the date back.

  • lilbusta2318

    No…people…the snow storm in DMV has NOTHING to do with the delay of the Foamposites. Even the grown man baby on the Burger King commercials can tell you that. It is irrelevant no matter who owns the “rights” to the throne of the foam home. Nike doesn’t give a damn, and I can promise you that. Do I know why they are being delayed – NO. Do I know for a fact that it has absolutely nothing to do with a snow storm in DMV – YES.

  • willie mcfly22

    the money thing make since cuz Penny is a big staple of Nike fo sho…i want more money too! anti up Nike, we know you got it…jus hav to copp off ebay i guess but the prices prolly jus went up 50 percent uugghhhh

  • LG

    ^^^I agree it has nothing to do with the snow,if they did release during a snow storm my ass will still be driving to get a pair. LOL


    Yeah I would like these especially if I becomes ever harder to get the Motorsports. Its cool I guess. I can put that money towards some other stuff till then.

  • Mr.T(i pity da fool dat hate j’s)

    I knew this was goin to happen I been hearing about dat penny news 4 about a week now but I was hoping they wouldve came to an agreement by now btw dat was my bday oh well happy bday to me:(…thanks nike lol

  • I cant front, ima lil disappointed. Was really lookin forward to gettin them next saturday. But its wat eva. As long as they aint canceling them then we straight. N im glad this gives everybody who wasnt gon have the money enuff time to stack somemore….n people do yall really think that a snowstorm in the DMV is delaying a sneaker release in the whole UNITED STATES OF AMERICA???? Lets think hard on this one yall.

  • damn, this is def some lame news, im thinking its becuz they were going to release the same day as the 2010 and the anniversary 1’s, hopefully theyre not delayed too long cuz i cant effin wait to rok a pair

  • F U! Nike My Girl was gonna buy these for me for V-Day Thanks alot.. I refuse to Buy Motorsport 6’s This is the only release for the next 3 months I wanted! Release them Damn Coppers!!!


    Thats disappointing to hear. And Coverse King, do you have no shame acting like a twelve year old? Comment on the posts bro.

  • Jeremy


  • solefix

    My question what happens to sellers on Ebay and RMK,sneakerfather,Marqueesole etc??? This is some bull-isshhh 4real I’ll still my bred just in case but right now they pullin a Dave Chapelle

  • pitito100

    i guess my girlfriend will be getting flowers and a dinner after all

  • john45/23

    =[ say it ain’t so! I pray the Eggplants don’t get pushed back.

  • DMONEY414_L@¢€_F@¢€


  • Sneakernerd–NELLY

    This sucks. But as long as they drop, I’ll be fine. This now allows me to cop some overseas New Balance heat.

    Also, I have DS SIZE 11 Net/Net Yeezys and Doernbechers for sale on eBay. Search username “nellynumberthree.”

  • MisterMcfly23

    that sound you hear, that’s the sound of a million hypebeasts losing their COTDAMN minds…

  • knizzle30

    You know what it is, The Air Jordan 2010 drops February 13, They know and we know that if you drop the coppers and the AJ 2010 on the same day, The AJ 2010 will stay on the shelf longer than the AJ 09’s. Everyone wants the coppers.

  • solefix

    John 23 go fist yourself in a back alley I could still get these cheaper than you sold em 4 release date or no release date…to me I’m stil not dropping a 250 to a trey off being impatient epspecially wen a release is still going 2 happen…I WILL NOT BE HOODWINKED ON THIS RELEASE!!

  • BiG_AcE

    is this only being released in the dmv?


  • For anyone that still doesn’t believe this info is true.
    Follow us on twitter

  • Jon

    All y’all are idiots, they releasin jus not now. Gucci!

  • Look @ TokyoMike gloatin like a muthasucka. Now you see the type of B.S. we gotta put up wit in the States?!

  • Jon

    This is total bs typical tho freakin Nike

  • solefix

    Not cool TokyoMike lol

  • weezy23

    That’s cool with me but niktown vegas had these on display some some stores already have em in stock so idk

  • I’m kinda happy about this. Do you think i can sell these for 250 on ebay and iss?

  • i deed it

    can anyone tell me what stores carry these

  • fuckmylife

  • BigfootNJ

    What if they decide release these in a pack with the eggplants? That would be insanely expensive. lol.

  • ironwill305

    What?!I just pre-ordered my last week? I hope that doesn’t mean that im not getting my pair on time?!I better contact my seller.

  • Soulofsoles

    Well idk guys I just called my local foot action in nyc and they still said there getting these!!
    I’m just gonna have to call the day before and find out cause I’m NOT tryna slack on these.

  • Me

    Took off of work 2morrow just to rock em all day in soho…and I’m going out rite now with them on…don’t worry kids. Your time will come…oh yea I paid retail for them…..suck it!

  • Soulofsoles

    @ Me: can you give me the hook up bruh??

  • John 23


  • ironwill305

    @me you suck!lol im so jealous!

  • Soulofsoles

    Woo! Just got my pair on ebay 240 shipped!!!

  • IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SNOWSTORM man. if it did, they would probably just push back the East Coast release date. Also the damn shoes dont come out for 9 more days. I doubt a snowstorm that will be melting by Monday morning has anything to do with a Nationwide release.

  • Nick Keller

    Kanye West voice, “LAaaaa Laaaaaa Laaaaaa Now I can get my money right”
    This will give me some more time to produce some funds because I am BRROOOOKEEEEE right now… Well shoe fund broke LOL

  • am95connoisseur


  • ironwill305

    Soulofsoles was it by sneakerst.?

  • TheySayWhoDat

    Damn been waiting so long but peeps was tellin me in the bx all day yesterday they dont even know whats good with the penny release anyway so i was expectin.

  • I wasn’t gloating lol……just VERY HAPPY to have em now that there’s some stupid issues with these….but I need pair numbers 2 and maybe 3, so this news sucks for me too.
    AM95, I want some free stuff!!!!

  • ^^ GLAD I GOT MINE 4 MONTHS EARLY LMFAO !!!!!!!!!! – says TokyoMike
    eh, not gloatin you say? that’s a bunch of jive turkey!
    just the other day had em for $300….now they up there next to John 23 wit $400 a pair, WTF? no more full size run either….everybody got on panic mode.

  • Soulofsoles

    Ironwill305- Yeah, why?

  • borat

    whats gonna be the retail price for these????????????????

  • atlfalcons4life

    dc home of the foams.snow storm commin
    if they aint commin home they aint droppin nowhere

  • djbk4lyf

    Hey G-roc if ur reading this can u give me a trusted site that sells the french blue Air jordan 12

  • Hey TM… I’ll hit you up on the community about how I pulled that one off….. LOL

  • @djbk4lyf – Check Flight Club. That’s the only site that I can think of that probably has them.

  • OH YEAH….. JOHN23… Thanks for rearing your DUCT TAPE & BUTT RAPE head again on these post….. YOU ARE LIKE A DAMN COCKROACH…… you faked us out like we killed you and you were playing POSSUM……
    SO I HAVE A PAIR OF ‘COP’per FOAMS…. the RODNEY KING EDITION… they actually come with the BLOOD from his dome on the insole. They also have the POLICE CLUBS that they used to bust his A&$ WITH as SHOE STUFFERS….
    All for the low price of $15,654.05….. CALL NOW and I will throw in the HAND CUFFS that were used to arrest OJ… the SECOND time around….

  • solefix

    Damn wifey just told me the person her uncle pre-ordered from stated that his pair won’t b shipped out until Feb 20th and that they’re comin out in March…idk how true these words are but that’s what I heard

  • ironwill305

    Soulofsouls, naw I ordered from there too hope they stick to that shipping date

  • XkrispyELI

    does that mean the eggplants will be delayed too?

  • ^^I heard about the Eggplants being delayed before I heard about the Coppers being delayed, so I think it’s safe to assume any/every future Foamposite release is now offically on hold.
    I really REALLY needed the Pearls this year…..this sucks eggs.

  • Hye Style Kid

    wow miss a day on tsg to come back and find info like this its gonna be a depressing weekend and week for that matter snow storm and all…. then i had hopes on the eggplants for now to find out everyone saying they on hold too bout to go find a pair of shoes to come for the fun of it

  • J.Rilla

    damm snapssss i hope the same thing doesn’t happen with the eggplants.

  • J.Rilla

    just found out there being delayed too. failll!!! dam u jordan.

  • DC Kix!

    these joints r def. goin sell out in the DMV area..thats foamposite country there…but im jii blown tho, b/c i was stackin my cake for theez joints…this jii like blew mah day…smh!!!

  • Main3vent410

    *SIGH*…. U do not understand how long I have been waiting for these shoes!!!!! My girl is just as dissapointed as I am. Well Typical Nike. Imean Im frm B-More (Eastside BTW) na dI can honestly say that the DMV is Foam-City but Iknow that they didnt del;ay the release becasue of a snowstorm that will be GONE the week of the release. But whatever, Just copped the blue & silver am95’a and imma cop the freshwaters today form Footlocker. Come ONE COPPER & EGGPLANTS!!!!! I NEED U BABY T-T

  • D33mV33

    Well all this speculation the word I herd was that Nike had major production issues with the quality of the shoe they where deffective so the had to push the date not penny not the weather all though this is a dc shoe u fukcing haters but fukc it I got my motor sports to hold me down and the am95 at the end of the month so fukc it I guess I’ll buy my girl a birthday gift

  • D.C.sneaker_freaker

    waits for a bunch of D.C. cats to cop these and walk around with a basic black T-shirt..and some skinny skinny super skinny jeans, with a northface over their backs.

    while I try to hunt online for some “fire” shirts to compliment these kicks..and leave my basic T’s in the bottom of the laundry basket..and the northface in the back on the closet.

  • Britt

    it IS because of the snostorm. here in da DMV we all here stuck in da house and cant go noware to cop no kicks. da snowstorm is also da reason why finishline released da motorsport 6’s as an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE only release

  • jaypayday

    Everyone in DMV PLEASE relax..
    the coppers will come out….I repeat will come out on the 13th..they did push it back but now its back on i made a few contacts and its set..i will have mines on the 12th….

    lmao @ D.C.sneaker_freakerple i dont do north faces or wear simple shit i already got my new shirt now all i need is da shoes

  • da kid wit shoes

    since we had all this snow dis week ppl r gonna b buying theese out because everyone shoveled snow and made (gwap!)