Can Nike SB Bring Back The Hype With These Dunks?

Tiffany-Nike-SB-DunksDiamond Supply Co. x Nike SB part 2.

At the height of it all, Nike SB models of the past helped paved the way for the so-called “theme” colorways. One of the colorways that helped strengthen the SB craze was the Diamond Supply Co. x Nike SB Dunk Low. But throughout the years, the Nike SB line seemed to be watered down with endless collaborations and colorways.

And with anything that reached the pinnacle of its popularity – like the Foamposite, the hype for Nike SBs steadily declined. But with the Diamond Supply Co. releasing a “Tiffany” Dunk High, can Nike SB bring back the hype? We’ll see when the “Tiffany” Nike SB Dunk High releases on February 8, 2014 at and other select retailers. The retail price is $108.

Diamond Supply Co x Nike SB Dunk High
February 8, 2014

Tiffany-nike-sb-dunk-high diamond-supply-co-x-nike-sb-dunk-high-release-date diamond-supply-co-x-nike-sb-dunk-high-For-Sale Tiffany-Nike-SB-Dunk-High-Release-Date

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  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    Of coarse.

  • MikeyDrums86

    Need these b itches in my life

  • Mater

    its a steal at that price

  • jay_

    I like the fact that the SB hype died out and I can walk in to my local skate shop and cop any pair I want. What I don’t like is when I walked in this past weekend and asked the owner (which is a friend) if he was getting the Tiff’s. He replied “50/50”. Then I asked if he does receive a shipment will he sell them retail. He laughed and said “no less than $150.” SMH

  • Sek

    Smh. Of course resellers will cop with ease using they fucking bots. All the money Nike has and can’t figure out a way to block that shit. In NYC all these cunts will line up 3 days in advance at fucking skate shops. Why the hell can’t I just walk into a store and buy kicks smh.

  • Tyriq

    i wish savannah had a local skate shop. i could cop all these sbs with no problems.

  • 23edge

    what are those?

  • omar najeeb

    The beasts & real fans alike will be a’plenty for these joints. Dumb-crazy.

  • AJ head

    I want Tiffanys but not other SBs…..

  • dmy

    the apparel for them is whack. why isn’t Diamond Supply collaborating on the apparel as well? reminds me of Air Jordan crap and that includes a lot of Air Jordans. if one buys apparel that directly matches or over-states the shoes, the water-down the allure of the sneakers. besides, they look like they can’t dress.

  • PepeRoni

    skated the toe caps off of the lows so I will get one for me and one for my 2003 self.

  • omar najeeb

    Lol @ PepeRoni….”one fore me. One for my 2003 self.
    Not mad at ya.

    @ dmy….yes, sir/ma’am. That’s the same thing I say to folks that try to sell me the matching tee/sweatshirt or whatever with a pair of kicks.

  • c brown

    Not really sure the highs are NEEDED if you already have the lows….They should have inverted the colors or something…Again…do I really NEED a sneaker which is EXACTLY the same in both HIGH and LOW??

  • me

    tiffanys are wack. pure hype. teh factthat they made a high verson of theexact same things speaks volumes about hype. i had tiffs a few years ago… and sold them 2 months later with without wearingthem because i hinestly liked my purple pigeons a lot more