Canvas Sneaker Art By Kevin Garcia

kevin garcia sneaker artSneaker photography is something that has blown up in the past few years, especially with the rise of Instagram. What often gets overshadowed because of this is sneaker art. The latest, done by Kevin Garcia, presents a unique style when it comes to sneaker art.

Of course, the basis of the art remains similar to other examples of sneaker art, the shoe itself. However, Garcia has done more than just put paint to canvas as he has made use of spray paint to put together his designs. Kicks On Court‘s nightwing2303 put together a quick video displaying the detail that Garcia has put to his designs.

For those interested in his work, hit up Kevin Garcia via email kevgar10 (at) or on Instagram @kevgar10.

Got art? Contact Jordan.Rainey (at) with the subject “sneaker art” to possibly be featured along with your work in a future post.

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