Celebrity Footwork: Wale x Pill x 2 Chainz At ATL Heineken Red Star Access

Last night, Wale’s Heineken Red Star Access tour stopped in Atlanta, GA. The show was held at the Compound, which is the same venue that hosted Sneaker Friends 2010. Wale performed some of his older hits as well as a few of his new MMG tracks. During his show, he also spoke about his Eleven One Eleven Theory mixtape that dropped today.

As for his shoes, Wale pulled out the Solar Red Nike LeBron 8 V2 Low. If you’ve seen this sneaker in person you already know the deal. Wale’s MMG label mate, Pill, made an appearance and performed “Pacman” last night in the Air Jordan 11 Low. 2 Chainz aka Tity Boi (1/2 of Playaz Circle) also performed his smash hit “Spend It“, while rocking a pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers. Oh yeah, G-Roc from TheShoeGame.com was also in attendance. I heard he rocked a pair of yellow Air Jordan 5’s… I think they call them the Tokyo23 Jordan 5’s.

View the photos below.


2 Chainz


P.S. – YES, I have big head (that’s what she said!), but it’s even bigger due to ATL Dunk Junkie’s camera lens.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • DJ_ImperialD

    man G if u dont get ur happy go lucky butt lol…yea im hating once again

  • @DJ_ImperialD – Happy? What are you talking about? That’s my best mean mug.

  • nobody

    are those T23 V’s sample versions? never seen a version with a yellow front outsole.

  • YaY

    nice G-Roc! you’re rocking something more exclusive than my boy Wale..

  • G-Roc I officially dispise you hahaha… I will have a kiler pic on here but I have more Nike heat than Jordan Heat. What’s the email to get pics on here?

  • Serg252001

    U ain’t right g roc!

  • YaY

    that guy 2 Chainz , is he Titty Boi as well?

  • J Dizzle { Lou }

    haha @ G-Roc’s cheesy smile

  • Ewwwww look at my boy G-Roc.. Thats prob the only person i seen in the same facility as Wale with better heat on! Props my nig!

  • I thought 2 Chainz was Dave Chappelle dressed up as Lil Jon

    I see you G-Roc, stuntin’ on em in the Tokyos!

  • G-Roc! I see you homie! Ouch.

  • cold redd

    Booble Head G-Roc doll… Where can I cop one for a chew toy for my Cane-Corso????

  • I’m sorry but G-Roc bodied the damn lane with the tokyo’s. Geez I need a pair….

  • aSh

    LMMFAO!!!!! Daaaaaamn G that’s sum funny shit…
    U utterly got me cuz I’m scrolling down like what p.o.s millionaire rapper has these Vs that I would kill (not
    litterally) a muthaf@cker for…. And low n behold it’s U!!! Big props to u homie!!!

  • Charles

    I was thinking the same @nobody.
    Got a few pairs if interested 7.5-8.5

  • DJ_ImperialD

    mean mug? lol maaannnnnnnn no comment (MT voice)

  • atgbryan

    lol-“mean mug”

  • D

    Damn G Roc I can’t even hate on you.

  • D

    I want to but can’t DAMN…

  • Eric

    Hey G-roc, I swear mayne we are like the same size! Except for I FIGHT MMA so I’m all ripped but just goin’ off closing size we gotta be the SAME mayne. Not to mention the shoe size, show that little guy luv!

  • Eric

    8 or 8.5 that is!

  • Eric

    Much Love mayne!

  • You just hurt my feelings G-Roc…those are INSANE! If I’m not mistaken, aren’t those the sample version? Either way, I need a pair.

  • Thanks for the love everyone. YES, they are promo samples.

  • Herb T

    Man those are crazy, def killin Wale.

  • Wish I had some HEAT like you pros. 🙁

  • G-Roc officially stunted everyone out…..even Tity’s LV’s

  • Lem

    Not a fan of the Tokyos G-Roc. But that pic is priceless and you did stomp a mud hole in everyone else’s shoe game! Keep representing the lil’ big men!

    Size 8.5 STAND UP! LOL!

  • Cpthemaestro

    G roc you had to come by footlocker and say hi with them on. SMH. Thought we was cool. lol.

  • DC21

    FRESH G-ROC!!! lol

    Yes “2 chains” is “titty boi”…….dude needs to get a second opinion when he comes up with these nicknames lol – wth

  • Bware113

    G-Roc wins

    @DC21 – Yes he has worst names ever! TT boy to 2 Chainz? I thought 2 Chainz was just something he said all the time…Like ‘Burrr’ or a *Jadakiss laugh*

  • G-roc kills it… I need those Solar Reds though… might go scoop ’em up today!

  • i wanted those 5s so bad but its too late they are so tight!!

  • chris-rewynd

    priceless face G-roc lol


    NICE. Those are priceless. G-Roc showing boys how it’s done.