The CEO Air Jordan 16 Is Looking Good


The CEO of the Hornets is the inspiration behind this Air Jordan 16.

That’s right, Jordan Brand created an Air Jordan 16 with Michael Jordan and the Hornets in mind. I’ll be honest, it looks like a Jordan 16 PE, but these bad boys are releasing later this month.

Word on the street is that this Jordan is limited to 2300 pairs and numbered. Uh oh!

The release date is October 20.

Are you feeling the CEO Jordan 16?

Photo: russ bengtson

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  • Executive

    Some think that they are a ceo just off wearing Jordan’s.

  • theloverswineverytime


  • Ray.

    I always liked the 16s better without the cage, so I’m interested in seeing those pics..

  • javi

    But you still going to buy a pair hype

  • curt diggler

    Bout time Nike used their heads. They noticed only 2300 pair of the other retro 16s were purchased so they’re doing footlocker and them a favor by not clogging up the stockroom.

  • Nate oNe

    Lmfao! Hilarious

  • Erosion

    I dig em.

  • theloverswineverytime

    You aint never lied.

  • javi

    Wildin wildin wildin I concur I concur I concur

  • DJR

    These are fire.