Check My Footwork: Guess Who? (Part 228)


It’s been a good minute since the last Check My Footwork.

The good news is today’s celebrity isn’t wearing typical Jordans or Yeezys. Instead they are seen in a certified classic that needs no introduction. Deion Sanders is somewhere smiling.

But who could this be? Y’all know the drill by now.

Drop your guess in the comments.

Check by at 4pm EST for full reveal.

UPDATE: It’s 2 Chainz!

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Han Lee

    Fabulous..maybe…ive seen him rock those before…not sure if prime time is smiling…i saw an interview with him about how he helped design the shoe and feels like he is owed a lot of $

  • A NBA basketball player.

  • MelloYelloMD

    2 Chainz

  • det011

    Dr. Umar Johnson

  • kaydot901

    great minds think alike.

  • Jetsdoit__go

    John wall

  • OGedge

    Louis Vuitton x Supreme FTW!

  • Thad Greer

    Al Sharpton