Check My Footwork: Guess Who? Part 153

The celebrity we are focused on in today’s Check My Footwork is the celeb in the middle. As in the one wearing the Metallic Red Nike Foamposites. Wait! Today’s celebrity is not wearing Jordans? Say it ain’t so. However, it’s very true. Today’s CMF celeb was recently spotted wearing the Red Foams that hit stores next month on February 4th. Are you coppin’? So and so already has a pair. So, who is this wearing the Red Foams?

Drop your guess in the comment section. Good luck!

Check back at 6:00pm EST for the full photo.

Update: It’s Meek Mill.

About The Author

Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • teezy


  • Pat

    Meek Mill

  • It’s gotta be Justin Timberlake.

  • Frankie Muniz… gotta be!


    50 cent ?

  • Mr Get It In!!!!

    I’m goin wit Fabolous on this one

  • On second thought, this might be Phil Knight.

  • CossomKeys


  • Johnniem2nd

    meek mill

  • BorDoughBoy

    Chris Brown or Tyga

  • I think everyone saw this pic already. Im pretty sure its meek mill. G-roc you gotta dig extra deep(pause) when u look for pics for guess who. Try out some old school pics or pics from back in the day. That would be hot

  • Boi Wonder

    Meek mill or wale

  • @bxsneakerhead – Got ya! I’ll mix things up.

  • mike miyagi

    meek milli

  • @G-roc- Thanks alot man. I love this segment too. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  • TBird

    Wiz Khalifa!!! I swear that’s him

  • @bxsneakerhead – Man, thank you. You have been riding with TSG for years. I’m down to switch things up, though.

  • @G-roc- I appreciate the love for real. TSG is the best sneaker site out there hands down. Keep doin it big.


    Bow wow

  • @bxsneakerhead – Thank you. That mean a lot. Respect!

  • JBYRD23


  • Edge

    I bet it’s G-Roc with his boyz, rayray and dogkilla

  • Evan

    its meek mill or jim jones

  • @Edge – Shhhhhhhh. And you messed up his name, it’s catkilla.

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    Chris Brown.

  • Mr_joe_johnson02


  • TNT

    Joe budden or Breezy

  • Kidb4rmlb

    Bow wow

  • Mally

    Gangsters from Philly…

  • Forever Fly Mike


  • Spotlight6800

    I’ve had mine for about two months

  • I had mine for two months….. Blah blah blah who gives a fk, dis say “celebrity footwork” not lets brag like a lil bitch bout wht u got….. Stfu