Check My Footwork: Guess Who? Part 168

Check My Footwork is back, but a more fitting title is Check My Jordans. Ha! Seriously, celebs and people in general love Air Jordans. Thanks, Mike! Today’s celebrity was recently spotted in the Fire Red Air Jordan 5 Retro. Rumor has it that this colorway will return in 2013. However, it’s refreshing to see a celeb wearing a different pair of Jordans because Lord knows we see some of the same Jordans over and over again, but today’s celeb switched it up. So, who is this mystery person wearing Fire Red 5s?

Drop your guess in the comment section.

Check back at 4:30pm EST for the full photo.

Update: It’s ATL’s own and Mr. FREEBANDZ himself, Future.

Please don’t front like you’ve never heard of Future. He’s all over the place nowadays.

Check out some of his popular songs as well as a few of my favorites after the pic.

Enjoy, and TURN UP!!!!!

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • unclesam

    Kid Cudi? Maybe Theophilus London.

  • MJ back in 1990?

  • SPINS6136

    Cudi was my thought.

    My fire red V are still crispy from ’06-’07 so I’m straight.

    Taking care of your kicks saves you from wasting money on the same pair every 3-5 years!

  • G-Phi 2K6

    Vince McMahon???

  • Jarvo


  • Marcos Perez

    Marcos at In n out

  • aSh

    Chi da Prince or whatever his name is…. Only him or yeezy would wear black jeans that tight…
    @Spin… Dude I wish mine were still crispy… Went to a park in Frisco… Needless to say it rained and that was a wrap with those… Sad day…:(

  • K.billy


  • JBYRD23



    Marcus Allen……

  • Joe

    That looks,like diggy to me

  • Royal S

    Meek Mill since it’s his groups album release this week. Or that foo chief keef.

  • SPINS6136


    R.I.P my friend. I’m gonna throw on some Pac, pour out a lil’ liquor and say a prayer for your fallen Comrades.

  • waze

    im thinking its Diggy

  • snkrcritique

    Diggy? Bow Wow? The Dream? Chris Brown?

  • aSh

    @Spins lmao thanks mane!!!

  • snkrcritique

    FUTURE!!!! Never in a 100 years would I have guessed him

  • Executive

    Wack rapper and some J’s at the same damn time!

  • J O P


  • TURN UP!!!!


  • worde512

    That sprite lookin a lil muddy…futures bout to be leanin like a kick stand lol

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    never heard of the guy. I got those too, hangtag still on them from day 1. FRESH2DEATH! …u know

  • WOW this is the style nowadays. the recycled generation, take everything from the past and put a really bad twist to it.

  • not that i think this dude dresses well but uh…i know way too many so called sneaker heads that think they’re fresh 2 death runnin out the house wearing matching everything and bammafied sneaker related tees…

  • stop it

    yea i already saw that pic, “I’m dirty sprite forever”

  • jdogg13

    I’m not sure whether to grab the fire red Vs or not cuz I’m thinking of leaving the Jordan game or not cuz of the price rising and quality getting worse. Maybe Jordan brand will stop at this point cuz its getting outrageous. I might just start getting one retro a year.

  • jdogg13

    I’m not sure whether to grab those fives. Might leave the game of Jordan cuz of price rising and quality lowering. I might only get one pair a year or worse… NONE