Check My Footwork: Guess Who? Part 170

August 3, 2012 | 29

For many Air Jordan heads, tomorrow is a kinda like a big deal. Okay, tomorrow is a big deal. Jordan Brand set August 4 as the official release date for the “Fire Red,” now known as the “Varsity Red” Air Jordan 4 Retro. Today’s Check My Footwork celebrity has a pair, but there’s no telling how long he’s had his pair. We can only assume he’s been rockin’ them early for a few weeks. So, will you be partaking in this release tomorrow? Better yet, do you know who today’s Check My Footwork celebrity is?

Drop your guess in the comment section.

Check back at 5pm EST for the full photo.

UPDATE: Check back at 9pm EST for the full photo. Until then, keep the guesses coming!!

It’s Future rockin’ Fire Red 4s and posing for the camera AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

Comments (29)

  1. That looks like his house in the background, so I’m going to go with Jesse Pinkman.

  2. Andrew

    Chief Keef.

  3. canderson_881

    2 chainz!!

  4. jordancrazy

    Wale or J. Smith

  5. karlthekiller

    big sean, or diggy, or chris brown

  6. david

    its either nas or fabulous. that’s it!!

  7. johan

    this soulja boy

  8. Nas in them skinny azz jeanz,…i dont thin so hes 90′s klassik thugg

  9. WilFaReal

    I’m with Andrew, Sosa it is

  10. BorDoughBoy


  11. aSh

    @ G-Roc LMMFAO!!!!! Yeeeeaaaah I can see it… ima go with Mr.Pinkman too… Bty session 4 hoooooly sh!t….. Guzman at the end…. Daaaaaaamn Walts a G!!!!

  12. 23edge

    @ G-Roc, I think you’re right Bitch! lol

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  14. MelloYelloMD

    Oj Simpson? Oj the Juiceman? Waka? Future? Kilo Ali??

  15. G-Phi 2K6

    Muggsy Bogues!

  16. Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    LOL @G-roc. Breaking Bad is ILL! Season 4 is no joke.. Back to business! I’ll roll with Mr. Jesse Pinkman. Would be funny if it was Walt (Heizenberg) rocking some J’s

  17. Goin with Fabo, Drake, Future, or Meek Mill

  18. @23edge – Hahahahahaha. Exactly!

  19. @23edge – “So? roll me further bitch!”

    That’s hands down the funniest one. lol

  20. Cameron

    ASAP Rocky

  21. Bwillz

    Thats soulja boy

  22. @aSh – Heck yeah! The best crime drama TV show of all time.

  23. fortydogg

    drake …and his probably fake since he rocked fake js back in da day

  24. fortydogg

    still got minez wit spike on it an they clean AF

  25. QM

    Why does this guy have on skinny jeans…? Nice shoes though.

  26. mauro

    It is future Yall cant read XD it says it on top of thaa 2 pic

  27. FreshKicks2TheDeathOfMe

    Ya’ll all dumb af… Thats Future, The Future of Hip Hop!!! Soulja Boy forreal

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