Check My Footwork: Guess Who? Part 171

A few months after the Nike Air Yeezy 2 release and we are still spotting more celebs in the Yeezy 2. There’s been a number of celebs (both women and men) that have been spotted wearing the Yeezy 2s. Is there a celebrity that hasn’t been spotted in the Yeezy 2 yet? Maybe Lil Wayne and Drake, but just about every celeb in hip hop has been spotted in Yeezy 2’s. Today’s celebrity was spotted yesterday, August 6, here in Atlanta, GA, in the Black/Solar Red Air Yeezy 2. Do you know who this is? Hint: It’s not Kanye. Ha!

Drop your guess in the comment section.

Check back at 4:30pm EST for the full photo.

UPDATE: It’s Pusha T. He was spotted yesterday in ATL on the set of the video for Alley Boy’s “Your Favorite Rapper” feat. Pusha T. The video was directed by Fresh Start Productions.

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  • I’m going with Tinker Hatfield on this one.

  • MJ

    Pusha T!

  • snkrfiend713

    T.I, LUDA??

  • serg252001

    Michael Jordan

  • TNT

    Kanye West

  • TNT

    LOL fail, I just read it. J. Cole maybe?!?

  • G-Phi 2K6

    Stebbie J *Josline Voice* LoL!!!

  • @G-Phi 2K6 – Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Best guess of all time!

  • mjizzle

    I dont even care its not me smh

  • unclesam

    ^Drake rocking the Yeezys. And Weezy rocked them too, at least once.

    With that said, I’m guessing Smedium Sean.

  • ncsneakerhead23

    Jay Z? Fat joe? Looks like big feet

  • Andres


  • sneakercritique

    If its not Yeezy then it must be Jeezy the snowman

  • Darius

    Justin beiber

  • sneakercritique

    Never wouldve guessed pusha was in the a yesterday.

  • McLovin

    I guessed Kim Kardashian dammit!!



  • aSh

    ^^^ LMAO… Lil girl individuals….