Check My Footwork: Guess Who? Part 172

The original colorway of the Air Jordan 7 in “Dark Charcoal” released this year after a 10 year hiatus. It was actually was the top selling sneaker the month it dropped. So it’s not a surprise that we would see this AJ 7 colorway on a lot of people’s feet including the celebrities. Speaking of celebrities, this person was recently spotted rockin’ the classic Air Jordan 7 “Dark Charcoal” colorway. Who could it be? Could it be Nelly? T.I? Or maybe even Bow Wow. Keep those guesses coming!

Drop your guess in the comment section below.

Check back at 5:00pm EST for the full photo.

UPDATE: It’s Chris Bosh. He was spotted rockin’ the Air Jordan 7 Dark Charcoal at LeBron and D-Wade’s party at the Compound.

Images: ATLpics

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  • That has to be Mitt Romney!! Has to be!

    What do I win?

  • If not, my second guess is Jax from SOA with Tara. Maybe they are on some type of date. Haaaaa.

  • ^Don’t spoil my last guess because I’m still in season 3 of SOA. Let me live!

  • atgbryan

    haha^, i was thinking OJ and Nicole Simpson’s ghost

  • Reggiebulb

    Ice T

  • atgbryan

    need to catch up on SOA G-Roc, that and Breaking Bad are probably the best shows on tv right now

  • Gavin

    Its kanye and kim!!

  • Stupidfreshkicks

    Ice & Coco. It might be Urkel, those jeans gotta be pulled to at least his chest. Lol

  • DreadHeadFlocka

    Chris Bosshhhhhhhhhhh Chris Boshhhhh

  • snkrfiend713

    yes def catch up on soa it si the best show on tv right now hands down and my guess is i have no idea

  • Sneakers123

    Wiz khalifa

  • aSh

    LOL @ G yeeeaaah that’s a great show I’m still on Season 3 too… I’m just happy Super Natural has new episodes on NetFlix!!! On to my guess…. Judging by the no cuff jeans and stiff stance Ima say 50… cuz his jeans always look awkward like that…

  • Sole Serious

    Ronnie from jersey shore…..

  • SPINS613

    Can’t be Coco. Them legs not close to being tree trunk enough. <—- watch me be wrong now.

  • Romeko

    It’s Chris Bosh and his wife.

  • Shane D.


  • Slade

    Chris Bosh!

  • Jay

    A professional athlete. Who? I have no idea.

  • DapperDewey

    I say 50 or Ice T

  • DANG!!!! I was wrong??? But I’m always right. *wipes tears*

  • aSh

    DAAAAAMN LOOK AT THAT A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ a$$ a$$ a$$ a$$ A$$A$$A$$A$$!!!!

  • edizzle

    how ironic of him..a dinosaur wearing raptors LMAO

  • SPINS613

    Ok, I love me some a$$.

    But that thing is out of control.

    I needs a leash, a trainer and a cage before that thing bites someone’s face off……or WORSE!

  • Flatbush_Zone

    Whose that mami with him???

  • Joeslow

    Damn! Chris Bosh wifey is thick.

  • Naxo

    Booooooyyyyaaaaa!!!!! Nice A$$

  • @edizzle dinosaur wearin raptors had me dyin, lol.

    dudes wife gets the smash though.