Check My Footwork: Guess Who? Part 174

November 14, 2012 | 29

The Air Jordan “Kilroy Pack” made quite a buzz with hot colorways like the recently released “Calvin Bailey” and the upcoming “Slim Jenkins” versions. The last installment of the Kilroy Pack is the all-red “Motorboat Jones” set to drop next month. With the recent popularity of the pack, it’s not surprised that this certain celebrity already got a pair. Who do you think it might be? Could it be Tyga? Could it be Wiz Khalifa? Keep those guesses coming!

Drop your guess in the comment section below.

Check back at 6:00pm EST for the full photo.

UPDATE: It’s….Lil Wayne aka Weezy F. Baby rockin’ the Air Jordan 9 “Motorboat Jones

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Comments (29)

  1. alex gonzalez

    lil wanye

  2. JBYRD23

    Meek Mill?

  3. Jax Teller is that you?

  4. bruceswag

    thats lil wayne

  5. Shane D.

    I’m going with Waka Flocka Flame.

  6. LetsgetthisMoneyB

    This is easy, cleary thats Wayne, those Trukfit shorts are an easy giveaway.

  7. solediva86

    his feet look so small in that pic so nate robinson is my guess.

  8. LG

    Whoever it is need to take them shorts off. worst aj9 release ever

  9. P.A.'s Finest

    Rita Ora!!!

  10. 23edge

    Michelle Obama

  11. sweetmeatdee

    Lil Wayne or Trinidad James ….

  12. YaY

    Weezy F Baby, please say to baby

  13. aSh

    WEEZY….. only he would wear those shorts lol….

  14. MikeyDrums86

    Weezy or soulja girl

  15. Dame

    Lil Wayne or Trinidad James. But I def think its Wayne.

  16. Joe

    Im guessing wayne cus the leg tats
    @P.A.’s Finest oh my god rita ora rocked these hard shes a baddie

  17. sneakercritique

    Big boi

  18. manilaboy

    the trunkfit logo on the shorts was a giveaway

  19. omar najeeb

    The only rapper worth–damn frm cs/h mny

  20. Fresh

    yo boy thunders are beat down lol

  21. de $avce

    knew it was wayne from those fuck ugly shorts. thats his swag all day…

  22. k.billy

    lol the thunder 4s look sooooooo ashy. pass

  23. i_luv_kickz

    I respect the guy who wears there thunder 4s that much. I wear all my shoes. None of them are DS except for one pair I got for Christmas that i haven’t worn yet because its only been one day.

  24. mr14

    im going with an incredibly gay person. OH. wayne.

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