Check My Footwork: Guess Who? Part 175

Diddy was recently spotted rockin’ a pair of Air Jordan 7 Dark Charcoal aka “Raptors” last week, and it looks like another celebrity was spotted in another OG AJ 7 colorway. The AJ 7 “Bordeaux” colorway was brought back after almost two decades and was instantly a hot commodity to sneaker enthusiast including celebrities alike.

Who do you think it could be? Could it possibly be T.I or maybe Meek Mill? Maybe it’s an actor like Chi McBride? Keep those guesses coming!

Let us know who you think it is in the comment section below.

Check back at 6:30 EST for the full photo.

UPDATE: It’s Big Boi from Outcast rockin’ the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux’s!

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  • David Mac

    Oh come on its fat joe.

  • 23edge

    CM Punk… Best in the World

  • Diggy Simmoms.

  • Chris Brown

  • Sole Seriouz


  • Jay

    Schoolboy Q?

  • kp

    T-Dogg from walking dead…

  • Just Kicks


  • Shane D.

    Slim Joe. Yeah, I’m going with Slim Joe.

  • TSGside

    Bordeaux + True Religions? I’m going with Jimmy Jones

  • Herb T


  • Smthn Else

    Joe Budden

  • omar najeeb

    How the hell we s’pose to guess that. Oh f’got! That’s me in my brother’s living room!!!

  • milyon

    bow wow

  • Herb T

    I was at least in the right City lol

  • aSh

    Hey now… rockin my Bordeaux’s today too…. f-n copycats…

  • This corn ball clown who was already caught rockin’ fake clear AIR JORDAN 7’s give me a break how are these dudes 40 50 60 years old looking like some dam children you see playing in the park grow the f*ck up already