Check My Footwork: Guess Who? Part 184

Air-Jordan-12-Playoff-2012The latest Check My Footwork brings us back to the classic Air Jordan 12 model in the “Playoff” colorway. Although this black and white AJ12 released last April, its still the “go-to” sneakers for fans and celebrities alike. This celebrity was recently spotted going from airport to airport while rockin’ a pair of the Air Jordan 12 “Playoff”.

Who do you think it could be? Chris Brown? Could it be Ace Hood? Or maybe it could be Teyana Taylor? Keep those guesses coming!

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Drop your guess comment section below.

Check back at 5:00 EST for the reveal!

UPDATE: It’s Rihanna rockin’ the Air Jordan 12 “Playoff”

Air-Jordan-12-Playoff-2012-Retro Rihanna-Wearing-Air-Jordan-Sneakers

Images: theybf

  • JoshDavisx

    Chris Brown

  • Joe Biden?

  • dotsupreme

    doo doo brown

  • Edson

    Master p

  • Ricky


  • aSh

    Yeah Ima guess CB too….

  • KP


  • DeathOverDesigner

    My guess is Big Sean

  • AceofJ’s

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say Kourtney K

  • Prestige

    I’m not sure who it is but I know for a fact it isn’t CB, Ace Hood, or Teyana Taylor lol

  • Heat


  • KayGotKicks


  • Mars Blackmon

    Frank Ocean

  • Chief1

    Its Rihanna, saw this joint earlier somewhere wasting time at the job…..think she in London for some store opening. lol, i just realized how much my life sucks bc i actually know this trash!!

  • Executive

    She look like a dope fiend with clean clothes on.

  • Towel


  • solebrotha52

    That forehead tho

  • omar najeeb

    Thank god it was female regardless! Some of them from waist down be lookin fruitier than a mofo before u realize who it is

  • shine bright like a forhead.

  • omar najeeb

    And ….umm…are we sure that that’s rhianna. This chic looks weird to me. I’ont kno. ..anyhoo!