Check My Footwork: Guess Who? Part 50

Air Jordan XX3

WOW, we finally made it to the 50th edition of Check My Footwork. TSG started CMF last July, and since then we’ve been checking the heck out different celebs footwork. Today’s celeb is rocking a pair of Air Jordan XX3’s. Speaking of XX3’s, the comfort they provide is unreal. Our CMF’s were starting to get harder and harder, so today we gave you a break. If you watched the 2008 BET Awards last night Part 50 should be easy as lacing your kicks. Can it get any easier than this? Take a wild guess and see if you got it right or came close after the jump.

Did you get it right? It’s Nelly, and he was rocking XX3’s during his performance at the 2008 BET Awards.

Nelly did “Stepped on My J’s” with JD & Ci Ci, and then he performed with Fergie. If you missed his performance peep the vid below before it gets removed from YouTube. Oh yeah, did anyone peep the way Ashanti introduced Nelly? She gave us too much info…lol (watch the vid)

CLICK HERE to see more pics from the celebs that performed last night…

A little eye candy for all the TSG guys below. I got LL on lock, so don’t even think about it. Nia was looking good also.

 Nelly in Air Jordan XX3

Lauren London vs Nia Long

Lauren London and Nia Long

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  • LL aka L Boogie is soooo freaking cute. I likey…A LOT!
    Dang I sound like a beast, but whatevER…
    Today makes 50 editions of CMF….whoa
    Here’s part 1 and the previous edition in case you missed it.

  • Chance

    This was a easy one

  • sngurl32

    i got this 1 right it was mad easy

  • sole4sole

    how did i get this wrong? good looking on the video g.

  • de la SOLE

    Easy…. I was glued to the tv looking at the XX3s he was rockin… I think this colorway is the best of all the 23s … hands down!!!!!!!

  • de la SOLE

    Yo G-Roc… Do you know if these will release?

  • mike

    every body on the west had them 23 on in the all star weekend game
    they fresh i wonder if they gonna sell them in stores

  • Paul

    i got this one

  • finally
    I got 2 out of 50 right
    those XX3’s are hard

  • oh, and both Lauren and Nia look very good
    but I’ma have to say that Nia got her beat
    i been having a crush on her ever since those Fresh Prince days

  • MelloYelloMD

    This was easy, but how about JD rockin the bred 11 on one foot and the blk/white 11 on the other. Wayne in the MF Dooms, the pre-show had the new guy group “Brothers” (or something like that) all in those GR Anthracite Blazers with the silver swoosh. I was def on watch last night. BTW Alicia Keys murdered it as always and G-Roc Standard sold out of the 12 in those AM1 Safaris. Im hurt lol.

  • Must be nice to get exclusives from Jordan. I guess that’s a perk when you own part of the same basketball team as MJ. They look way better than them 6 rings he had on for the video.

  • miguel

    LOL I got it right

    If you watch the rick Ross video
    he has the white and red 23s that came out in late may

  • abelinoSFV

    yeah I was on the awards checking out the kicks I thought Bun-B would rock something sikk but no dice… alici Key’s was the shit!!!!

  • Jay Bills

    lol i got this wrong. i thought this was bow wow. i missed the show last night but i will catch it on friday. gotta see keys perform and i heard cuba goodin made a fool of himself. thanks for the eye candy g-roc. much props!

  • xxcoreyxx

    yea i knew it was Nel cuz
    i bout hitt tha roof wen i
    seen’em and last year he had
    on my grails Jordan 1 XQ WOAH!!

  • DOMO usagi

    JB better release that xx3!!

  • Fluid

    G-roc, you had to find someway to get Lauren London in here huh…lol I see how you…

  • Fluid

    lol forgot to put that

  • DA One

    EASY…really i dont like nelly, he’s a hypebeast he dont even know s*** but jays n no fashion sense n JD mix matchin da 11’s was horrible….yea dats it way 2 easy G

  • Xkrispy_ELI

    nice 23s
    anybody know the release date?

  • 4DRUMZ

    SICK! Someone PLEASE send a close-up pick of these XX3’s! Still #2 after the Titaniums… but these go hard!

  • SoleDiva

    dude needs a shirt but those kicks -drool-

  • CoRY

    easy i say him wearing these when he was performing

  • cantstopthebest

    easy one. happy 50th check my footwork everybody

  • Get Money

    Nu-Nu can get it…
    but yea this one was hella easy…

  • Tristian T.

    ummm yea i got dat 1 finally nelly im not impressed but da 23’s r sick but yea im still not impressed cuz famous ppl get shoes like crazy jus becuz and some arent really into da culture

  • EnameL

    awww both ladies look nice

  • Air Daniel

    Correct me if I’m wrong
    But those XX3’s are different, they have black on the side(the stiching side) instead of white!!!
    or maybe it’s the lighting!!


  • squid

    i got this one right i knew it was nelly hes been rockin 23’s alot.he even wore 23’s in rick ross’ video here i am

  • Paul

    Nia Long > Lauren London


    I guessed Bow Wow too…I missed the awards so I didn’t know. Man, Nelly is a work of art. Ashanti is one lucky girl…
    And both Lauren London and Nia Long are pretty..the outfits are a hot mess tho..Nia look like she’s wearing drapes

  • adam

    Just to let you guys know those are the allstar western team xx3s worn by melo and cp3

  • adam
  • deadly

    Nahh those arent the ones worn at the all star game, the collar at the top is white not grey, look at the shoes you posted, step your game up!

    Anyways those a dope, but have they even been seen before?

  • fresh_nikes

    yeaa i got that one right since i watched the awards.
    ms. london working it

  • Big TY

    i finally got one right. Lovin it!!!! Kicks and eye candy. I have a tooth ache.

  • got it baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sean

    if i got a pic for check my footwork who do i send it to?

  • Ray

    aint no body messin with NIA LONG MAN!!!!!! NUNU is fine but shes NUNU and thats a NO NO