Check My Footwork: Guess Who? Part 51

Air Jordan 1 BMP

Checking the footwork of celebs has become a weekly series on TSG, and it’s some what interesting to see what kicks our favorite celebs is rocking. Today we have a celeb that was spotted in the black/yellow “Old Love New Love” (BMP) Air Jordan 1’s. All the OG TSG readers remember Greg Street bragging about the pair he got early last year, but this isn’t Street. The second Air Jordan double pack to release after the DMP was none other than the BMP. A dope pack for $200, can’t go wrong with that. Do you know who this is? Take a wild guess and see if you got it right or came close after the jump…

Did you get it right? It’s the OG Jordan head Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Jada.

Will’s Jordan collection is probably off da chain. Seriously, JB should do something special for Will with a Fresh Prince theme. An exclusive Jordan 5 sounds good to me.

FREE Will Smith advertising – Hancock is now playing at theaters!!!

Peep Street showing off his BMP AJ1’s from January 2007 after the pic!

Will Smith and Jada 

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  • Got cha…lol

  • sngirl32

    Damn this 1 was hard will never even crossed my mind…..

  • sneaker copin animal u already knw!!!!…..

    will a poop rapper sorry

  • BlAZe

    I thought it Wuz Chris Brown

  • Wow I was way off… Dont even wanna tell you who i thought

  • idk why but i got that one. jadas got sum pretty feet lol.

  • eric

    lol….at bow-wow when he said ” we own the shoe game” idk kno bout bow-wow but i “FOR SURE” kno greg street is the mecca for the shoe game!!!!!!

  • miguel

    i thought it was chris brown and rihana

    i think this is will Smith favorite pack

  • DA One

    ^ me 2……yea i remember watchin da fresh prince he is allways rockin sum og joints jordan shuld def. do sumthin 4 him

  • i thought chris brown lol

  • VuittonDon

    that was the easiest one yet g-roc…ive seen big willie always sporting the ol’s or nl’s and i remember someone commented that this dude must have packs upon packs haha

  • Lol.
    Guessed Jay Z.

  • abelinoSFV

    You got me on that one I wasn’t even close will is koo in a way

  • Gar

    I guessed it was Will. After all, he did rock old loves in Hancock.

  • darkchld21

    Yeah I thought it was Chris Brown too especially when I saw the female legs next to him(thought it was Rhianna)… JADA is toooo bad!!!

  • Kooly

    I thought it was CB too, but I was hoping G-Roc wouldn’t hit us with another CB check my footwork so soon. LOL at Bow and Greg in the video. That video is throwback G-Roc. Back when TSG was a small timer LOL

  • CenValCali

    First guess wuz Chris Brown then Luda, but who would of guess its Will Smith? Damn G, neva seize to amaze me. ‘Bout those Fresh Prince Vs…thats HEAT!!

  • i actually saw this pic on another site earlier today, so i knew who it was off rip

  • Bamboo Kalamazoo

    iGuessed Jay-Z and Beyonce
    well iWas close 🙂

  • LOL! I DIDNT EVEN READ ANYTHING!!.. and i guessed WIll SMIth. Why? WEll, because if you other TSG readers will remember back then. Will Smith had on some ‘old love’ AJ1’s.. so i figured why not it will be Will again? with the ‘new loves’? SO BOOM SHOWA BAM BAM, im DIZOPE at CMF!

  • cantstopthebest

    i got this wrong but what’s new. g-roc i agree jb should give will his own jordan v. smh at bow wow taking about he owns the shoe game. yeah right..

  • de la SOLE

    I knew it was him as soon as I saw the BMP new loves… I only got it right cause he had the old loves on in handcock

  • Love4DaSole


    I new it was Will, he walks like that

  • scoop

    Too easy yo I can tell by his walk the same as in cmf 1

  • Nixon

    I got this one with, his big goffey ass feet

  • Xkrispy_ELI

    wrong again.

  • Enamel

    def guessed jayz and beyonce…not surprised though…. will started this young’n!!!!

  • g-man

    i got this right, idk it came to my mind when it had the bmp pack and yall had will wearing the other ones before

  • sneakhead

    haha got this one right, i said will or chris brown

  • TorontoComeUp

    DAMNIT, I SAID CHRIS BROWN, i thought the girl was umbrella girl

  • everyonesenemy (RIF LA)

    will smith both them @ RIF!

  • Bird Junior23

    ^ hahaha umbrella girl. Yeah I got to say, thought it was CB to.

  • Trapp02

    i thought it was Snoop

  • I thought it was nelly because they stay showin him on a carpet in some jays

  • SoleDiva

    i thought jay-z. waaay off.

  • SJS

    Damn saw hancock and hour ago, and guessed right.

  • RustyFlyy

    He rocks the black toes in Hancock

  • yea i was either gone say nelly, jay-z or chris brown cuz i saw the females feet next to the 1’s but this was a pretty good one too

    on the low will smith is a huuge jordan head….peep the old episodes of fresh prince…odee 5s and he even had some 7s in other episodes if im not mistaken

    but w.e


  • ALO

    OH BOW WOW……..skechers aint part of the shoe game

  • bayareadre

    He still the fresh prince

  • I got this one right! First time…


    dat was to easy he wore dat at the kids choice awards last year


    I still haven’t even worn my NL’s… these are so damn dope.

  • sbhollisterdude

    he loves j’s he had htem on in hancock

  • tcf miracle makersz

    i dont knw why yall acting like will smith wasnt the FRESH PRINCE….I WOULD BE SHOCKED IF I DIDNT SEE HIM ROCKIN JORDANS

  • Will never even entered my mind.

  • RIZZ


  • Chance

    I Guessed it was Will because he had the old loved but Lucky guess

  • Z

    yeah new it was him in hancock his rock dirty old loves