Chivalrous Culture Footwear – First Look

Today we introduce a new footwear brand called Chivalrous Culture. Daniel “Diggy” Simmons stays true to his family roots by trying his hand in the music industry, becoming an entrepreneur, and just like his sisters Vanessa & Angela Simmons, Diggy is stepping into the footwear industry. Chivculture is a new venture for Diggy to express his love for fashion by offering stylish and affordable sneakers.

Chivalrous Culture’s first delivery will hit stores in several colorways. The shoes feature leather, suede, patent leather, and the signature Mr. Chiv logo on the tongue. TSG has exclusive images of what you can expect from the Chivculture Fall 2010 collection. This collection will be available in September. Retail is $80.

Check out more pics.

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  • Stay tuned for more on Chivalrous Culture sneakers.

  • sc13ntific

    nice detailing on the black and red colorway

  • Cameron

    not a bad looking shoe. dont think ill b cop em tho.

  • the sneaker community is not very receptive to new brands like this. Especially if theyre in national chains.

    Personally, I don’t expect this brand to go far unless the young kids in grade school rip these like Phat Farm sneakers was able to get to through to them in the early 2000’s.


    I can’t say that they are ugly. Just not my style but I know that the kids will buy these like crazy especially if they are at a good price point. I seen worse from more notable brands so I commend the effort.

  • @NIKEDEE – $80 is the retail price.


    You know they will be in the malls at Journey and places like that placed next to Pastry and Baby Phat kicks and we know how much they made off those brands so its safe to say these will do well. Especially with Diggy’s following.

  • BcUz-I-cAn

    I would never rock these. Can’t help but respect the kids hustle though.

  • Agree with Bcuz I can

  • rallycars

    probably won’t get these, but the leather above the PL on the black and red ones looks quality.

  • better than alot of brands i seen come up now. a bit different from what we seen lately,

  • =/

  • shoesteez

    It’s another one of those “inspired by” type shoes. Not really original, not that great of a look. Totally a journeys type shoe. This shoe should retail at $60, at $80 there’s better things to buy.

  • Nice…I dont think it will proform nice in the market but it looks good non the less…I would stack these next to the Rocawear kicks and those Blac Label kicks that kids in the hood go crazy for…

  • MarkB

    looks nice still though…
    feelin the brown and yellow one.

  • soulie17

    not to bad. I gotta give props to Diggy. It’s nice that he is making affordable sneakers

  • Good work on these diqq, that black/red cw might get a second look in-store when I see them.

  • I know Diggy is a young guy but since the shoe game is (in the words of Big Boi the great) “grown man’s business” i’ll go ahead with my comment no holds barred:

    It seems young Daniel is continuing his boy crush on Pharrell in the form of his chivalrous offering (i can’t be the only one who peeped his unnatural fascination with the man). If you mix Patron, an E Pill, a seedy motel room, a broken rubber, Greedy Genius, Supra, Louis Vuitton Don, and the ice cream logo it would no doubt result in this bastard offspring.

    With that being said…get money Dig!

  • MLVJr

    yo G-roc will it be coming out in canada?

  • @MLVJr – They should release in Canada.

  • falala

    im just saying what i think. these shoes a wack, but he does have taste. step it up.

  • @adoremsdior

    i can see these kicks … boostin in the industry…i gurantee if the rite celeb walks town wit em like jayz, kanye, or loso… its a deff buy in the streets … plus diggy hislef has swag soo im pretty sure its gona make money

  • kenny


  • jazzie

    i honestly love the shoes! and personally everybody down grading the shoe can just say something good or not say anything at all! i dnt see you with a shoe brand! soo? whats you opinion going to do esspecially if its negative on a 15 year olds shoe!

  • lisa

    Much love to diggy… although he has a way paved for him he is still a kid… So to the hater stop hating and be a positive influence to the younger generation. He probably doing more for himself than half or yall who are hating. If you gonna be negative about it just keep your comments to yourself.