Chris Brown Sneaker Closet

Chris Brown Sneaker Closet

Everyone knows Chris Brown is a big sneakerhead, especially if you’re familiar with our Check My Footwork series. Last year, Peace Magazine asked Chris about his shoe game, and C.Breezy said “I almost got 1,000 or 2,000 pairs of sneakers“. We posted the video back in January, and the comments section was full of people wondering about CB’s sneaker collection. Nothing compares to a good old fashion Show Me Your Sneaker Collection video, but until we catch up with Chris Brown, these images of his sneaker closet will have to do for now.

Chris Brown is a big fan of Nike SB, and from looking at the image above we see Dunks and Blazers in abundance. We also spotted other sneakers, and we know he’s a big Air Jordan head, but his J’s most be in the other sneaker closet. Ha!

Enjoy these sneak peak images of Chris Brown’s sneaker closet. Hit the jump to see another picture, and feel free to leave your feedback.

Chris Brown Sneaker Closet

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  • Darius

    u gotta be joking

  • 7teen

    thats crazy…but not suprised tho

  • I know peope are going to blow this section up with hateful and even humorious comments about him and Rhianna but, I will stick to his shoe game for this one. From what is present here I can see we have alot of sneakers in common and like G-roc said I guess his Jordans are in a seperate closet. That would help his support of his claim that he wond 1,000 to 2,000 pairs of sneakers. By the way G-roc can we possibly get a celebrity of any sort to maybe do the next Show my sneaker collection video?? That would be great, maybe Fat joe could shoe at least 1 of those 18 wheeler’s. LOL!

  • ^Maybe so Rico, maybe so. 😉

  • that he owns*** fat joe could show****


  • I sure hope so that would really get the Internet and all sneaker head’s going crazy.

  • he has a alot of blazers

  • Eric

    Not BAD for a wife beater… Ha Ha

  • i think part of his community service need to be giving me some of those kicks

  • marc g *sparkle city* SC

    Looks like he doesn’t beat his kicks like he does his women lol.sorry I had 2 do it.I aint got anything against cb tho.nice collection tho

  • marc g *sparkle city* SC

    I jus can’t really get into nike blazers.I dnt think they are ugly I jus can’t c myself wearin um

  • CenValCali

    Pros: air brushed mural, hat game, 2 prs of Mike Lau’s ’08 Olympic BMX Blazers & his twerk, Rihanna.
    Cons: filthy f*#ken slob, non-matchin hangers, steroid user aka drugie/junkie, & a str8 punk biatch for beatin a female

  • Eric

    CoSign with CenValCali!!!

  • apFOG

    dam wat hapend in a vid was posted on youtube said he had more jay’s than nike’s whats the deal…all you see are are blazers, sb’s, adidas???

  • LMC

    He’s scum to be honest, shouldn’t associate this website with him in anyway at all

  • macabrecrown666

    I hate when people don’t store their kicks inside boxes, they just leave them out in the open to gather dust.

  • DisNikkaah GeO

    Some of you guys talk about the conflict with him and rihanna that’s personal life this is about his collection so stick to commenting his collection

  • martian978

    G-roc can u tell me if this website is a real shop site for airjordans, nike sb ect are fony or forreal, im new to the sneaker game so i wondering if u could , thanks :]

  • Jay23

    you hit a woman. Frankly I dont give a fukk if you have 2 pairs or 2,000 you are still and always will be a bitch to me…

  • neva2menyJS

    ^^ really harsh LMC…..but yea for a celeberty “SNEAKERHEAD” he sure has one crappy set up going…if you ganna claim to “HAVE MORE Js DAN NIKE”…you should at least have a J or two laying around anypart of your house…”INCLUDING YOUR CLOSET”

  • Eric

    Co-sign AGAIN with Jay23!

  • Eric

    Chris Brown is, and forever will be a LiL BITCH for hitting a woman. Nuff Said.

  • def a fake site $100 ish for grape 5′ and cool grey 11’s yea i dont think so

  • Blackout313

    He has alot of heaters but he has more bs also. ID like to see the Jordan closet now.

  • QueenofKickz

    I seen these pics on last night.., what a small world!(LOL) But anywho, i do remember he said he had more J’s than any other sneaker, but u gotta realize something, he’s been wearing SB’s for at least three years, maybe longer than that. But I would like to see he’s J collection, I not suprised that he has this many sneakers but I wont be suprised that he has a whole nother closet just for the J’s!

  • Converse King

    That’s nice Chris Brown, shouldn’t you be out beating up some defenseless women, or singing about chewing gum? Idiot.

  • freshpimp

    Umm why isnt he battling Fat Joe?

  • martian978

    oh ok thanks do u know any1 selling the retro 1’s

  • at3

    i cant believe people get this nmad cuz a person has more than them,that they have to start on this dudes personally life. stick to the kicks please.

  • Va Technique

    Co-sign with at3, exactly, who care about dude personal life, last i checked, this was, not mediatakeout. and who care about him not havin matchin hangers? Where they do that at???

  • JK47

    i LOVE TSG, but tha comments section be filled wit ignorance. SMFH! matching hangers? lol you serious? should have a pair of J’s or two in any part of your house?? lol whaaat? a crappy set up? yall corny maaan…let this man LIVE.

  • cantstopthebest


  • me and couple of my brooklyn goons are gonna go shoppin in cb’s closet.

  • aSh

    Damn that’s a lot of kicks… if he kept the boxes he proly could’ve fit more in there… like to c his jordan collection… ^ hit me up when you go do that i fly into jfk asap!!!!!

  • aSh

    P.S. some people are O.C. over things like hangers… my roommate needs to have them all black or he feels outa wack!!! Is that sh!t crazy??? Yeah but then again most people are… Still funny tho!!!

  • Ambassador for Bred

    Some of y’all cats are corny and lame as hell in here with the comments about his personal life. Btw, nice collection Breezy.

  • rossmane

    man nice collection cb and thats it no comments on dude personal life u dnt know the situation so dnt speak on it just on the kicks and yea i dnt have matchin hangers either so f it but i would like to see the j’s tho mayb next time hold it down va stand up

  • SJS

    Meh…he got way more than that.

    Not even the tip of the iceberg.

  • weezy23

    without hating on him personally hes gotta lot of kicks! but im not that impressed he has millions of dollars! im more impressed with regular dudes like most of us on here who got a hundred or a couple hundred pairs of kicks that they had to hustle or wait in line for them and campout! thats more impressive to me!! like i said im not hating on him just not suprised or impressed!!

  • GZA

    Mang….. yaww niggas dont know shit fake ass shoe heads. This nigga look like every other nigga out in the street right know who are hypebeast. Nothing impresses me at all from his closet i aint hating am just saying the truth. I have been in the shoe game since 93.

  • Liquified Dopeness

    i don’t care what no one says. chris brown is still an idol to me. everyones only hearing rihannas side of the story. CB didn’t beat her like that for no damn reason, she obviously did something horrible -___- GET OFF THE BANDWAGON.

  • ChasATTACK

    srry but i dont ahve respect for this guy’s shoe game.. guy is a complete tool.. now dj am.. is one of those celebs that actually knew their stuff, rip broskii

  • Chaz

    Man he got a lot of tee shirts. I expected his closet to be full of wife beaters. xD
    Haha nawh but forreal his shoe game is crazy, but come on guys people with money like that he can have whatever they want. Still a stupid sick collection though

  • LOL I gotta have all black hangers too or I feel like my shit’s “off”….maybe I have a brain disease…..dude’s def got alot of nice shit, but give his salary to anyone who posts here, and G-Roc would be posting pics of someones UNDERGROUND MILITARY BUNKER full of kicks lol….

  • CenValCali

    ^^Y’all muthasuckas mean to tell me you can’t afford .99 cents all white hangers? SMDH….f*#k a sloppy closet, mayne.
    CB shoulda kept his buisness behind closed doors & said that Ri-Ri fell down the stairs, then that woulda been reasonable doubt, but the fact that he assaulted her in public makes it everybody’s buisness….His actions ain’t justifiable no way. CB needs a Caribbean azz whoopin by her Pops. I’d be damned if any square even dare lay a hand on my lil mommas….ITS ON, ON SIGHT….

  • weezy23

    TokyoMike i agree i said the same above give any regular dude who posts on here everyday the money he got and there shoegame would riduculous too

  • Sneaker head # 1

    It’s said when people claim to have alot of sneakers… but most of the time the sneakers are giving to them.. I’m not hating but come on!!! You cant be serious !!! And from what i see from these pics.. There aren’t too many kicks in here that i would cop !!

  • edizzle

    how do u almost have 1,000 to 2,000 pairs of sneakers?? lmao does that even make sense? u cant have 999, 1000 and 2000 pairs of sneakers at the same moment in time. only God can =]

  • Sal

    Damn some pretty weak shit … GRs up the ass and blazers arent wavy at all

  • trey pope

    DQM blazers broskie!

  • mattymatt

    i m def nit tryna hate on tha guy cuz his sneaker game iz crazy…..but wit his money he needz 2 def donate sum shoez 2 tha poor. my sneaker game i crazy and i alwayz make sure that i donate sumthiin 2 tha less fortunate. chris i hope yu doiin tha same

  • spotted all white midtops….well done….wheres the skytops?

  • Blue cheese

    His collection is dope…He should have shown the Jordans too! FYI: Yeah he beat Rihanna and made a BIG mistake, but who are we to judge that brother! He is still a kid and made a kid move! Let him be and try to do the right things and learn from this mistake! Now, NO one up here will say something to his face and if you are stupid enough to do that…you will get served by his security guard!!!

  • Mr Perfect

    Well Damn

  • kunzang

    DARN i’m drooling over your you chris !

  • nike_lover

    tying to get my shoes game to this point