Chris Brown Spotted in Olive Air Jordan 9

We are used to seeing celebrities wearing recently released Air Jordans, or wearing Jordans early. But every now and then we come across a celeb rocking kicks that you hardly see anyone wearing. This time around, it’s Chris Brown. Breezy was spotted rocking the Olive Air Jordan 9 on the set of the New Boyz video shoot for “Better With the Lights Off”.

Photo: Rap-Up

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Fudge!!!! And I’m not talking about the shorts. I need a pair of Olive 9’s.

  • J-Dawggggg

    he doesn’t know what he has on his feet.

  • Executive aka K.O.T.T.

    Please come back, olives we need you!

  • aSh

    Second, third, and diddo that!!! Need/want those bad!!! Olive IX are the only ones I’ve eer liked… Thought they were dropping when all the other IXs came out… And what the hell is he wearing!?? Boy done lost it-_-

  • aSh

    Ooooh yeah n were I’m from a “breezy” is a female… Just saying

  • YaY

    wack outfit, nice shoes

  • Ring me up for a pair of Olives please! Digging the Ninjas logo as well!

  • dat.nigha

    If this was just a nobody in the pic everybody would be saying he’s a clown for that outfit. But since its Chris Brown, I guess i’ll do the honors…he looks like a clown in that outfit, plus the blonde hair….nothing more needs to be said.

  • Royal S

    Chris Clown, I mean Chris Brown style & music is all over the place, inconsistant, & not put well together. Looking like he dressed himself in the dark of Fonzworth Bentley’s closet.

  • J O P

    Passed on the OG’s when I was younger… They were on sale too! WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.

  • J O P

    Ummmm.. Outfit is as sad as his ghetto hair-did.

  • rickyd

    amber rose got shoe game fo sho!

  • sneakz-n-billz

    i thought it was rodman for a second

  • KaliymSevenGrant

    his fit is horrible

  • Everybody hatin, but he paid, dont give a f what you think, rollin a lambo, bills paid, kick game crazy, i mean i aint on his nuts but if i was rolling a lambo i would have on a du rag and a snuggie with a diaper with eminem iv’s on. I’m just saying.

  • CB got style…I wouldnt rock them shorts…but ol’ boy stands out.

  • Geo.

    I want olives 🙁 and what he’s wearing is ugly ass fudge!!

  • iSETtrenDz


    now that’s what i’m sayin @NoliCorpMIA.. fckin’ “people”.

    1st i wanna say them 9’s is a killer i need a pair myself.. 2, i wanna say that outfit is FCKIN’ DOPE!!!!!! the fck is on ya’ll biscuit!! 3) C’Mon this “style” is called bein’ young, fly, fresh, SWAGGED THE FCK OUT not carin’ wat others think. i kn0 some of us is “old” but i kn0 for damn sure ya’ll probably got memory of ur own young adult years bein’ stylish & fashionable wearin’ sh!t you look at now like “damn, that was me, really…” & 4) that’s how i dress!!! (snapback fitted, funky ass tee’s & tops, & jordans.. no doubt them shorts is SICK!!!)

  • trev

    idk what it is, i respect his hustle music, all that n this is some fresh shit…but i wana snap this boys neck for sum reason i dont know him and i kno its a bad thing to say i think its his facial expressions…they need to start watchin when they take pics cuz this shit is rediculous.

  • RalphBoyWonder

    What the fudge?!?! Lol shoes dope! Outfit NOPE! but follow @RalphBoyWonder

  • Sneaker Head

    i been begging for the Olive’s to come back for the longest… i need those in my life more than anything

  • iLoveMeSumJs

    Not matching. Smh

  • @AlSneaks

    looks like dude is trying to pull off the Fresh Prince of Bel Air look and it is NOT working imo. I remember olives sitting on shelves and hitting sale racks long after release. kinda crazy how they are sought after now.I would consider grabbing a pair if they dropped, but highly doubt I actually would.

  • all i can do is giggle to myself im at work and cant LOL at this man