Chris Brown Spotted Rockin’ Cement AJ4’s

Chris-Brown-Wears-Air-JordansJordan Brand answered the prayers of many fans by releasing the Air Jordan 3 ’88 Retro. Although getting the Nike Air badge is great, we can’t forget about the other original colorways that was released like the Air Jordan 4 White/Cement 2012 Retro. Yeah, the 2012 retro didn’t come with Nike Air, but other details like the OG-style packaging.

And it looks like this particular celebrity couldn’t stay away from the classic look. Chris Brown is no stranger when it comes to Air Jordan retro’s. He was recently spotted rockin’ a pair of Air Jordan 4 White/Cement. Let us know what was your favorite Air Jordan 2012 Retro in the comment section below.

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Chris-Brown-AJ-4 Chris-Brown-White-Cement-Air-Jordan-4 Chris-Brown-Wearing-AJ-4

Images: FFP

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  • Heat

    Chris looking fresh in those!

  • KP

    These were my favorite 2012 retros!

  • Mamba

    My personal favorite retros that released last year were the olympics

  • Executive

    Still not mad I returned mine. Worst let down of 2012.

  • DeathOverDesigner

    @Executive these weren’t a let down at all imo

  • Mars Blackmon

    I passed on these last year. I regret it lowkey

  • bdogg

    love the iv but prefer the black cement to these..the cement on the 2012 was way too dark for my taste personally!

  • Executive

    @DeathOverDesigner, and that’s my opinion jacka ss.

  • These were defin one of my favorite retro’s of 2012

  • gotjordans

    Eh, who cares? They’re not “NIKE AIR” on the back! J/k! 😀

  • bware113

    He’s always spotted in these. “/

    @Executive – why are you being a dick for no reason? That wasn’t a personal attack G.

  • SPINS6136

    Sloppy a$$ m’fer.

    Driving that car, all that money, looks like your average bummy mother from around the way.

  • Ben Dover

    I wanna fight him

  • aSh

    @Executive agree 100% bro… I kept mine only cause my girl waited with me (it was her V-Day present to me) They are my new beaters now lol… it’s what started my Jordan hiatus… haven’t looked back or cared about a Jordan since… I will be getting the GRAPE V’s tho I know they will be like shit too… and become my new beaters as well lol…..

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    @aSh all kicks are supposed to be beaters. If you don’t actively rock your kicks throw yourself off a cliff.

  • TheSneakerDude

    Mine still icy!

  • What a scum bag