Check My Footwork: Guess Who? Part 136

TSG footwork investigators were doing a little research when they spotted a celebrity rocking the Air Jordan 9. This celeb was spotted in the OG colorway of the Air Jordan 9. Some of you have been slacking on CMF as of lately, while others are still trying to get their first CMF trophy. Maybe you’ll be able to redeem yourself with Part 136. Take a wild guess and see if you got it right or came close after the jump.

Did you get it right? It’s Ciara.

CC rocked Jordan 9’s to the Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta.

Sidebar: Can anyone guess her shoe size?

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Who got it right?

  • I had no idea…those look kinda big. 8-8.5 Mens

  • Sneaker_Head

    I picked Mrs Keri Hilson

  • I guessed either Teyana Taylor or Ciara

  • Joeslow

    @The King JD, Ciara is actually very tall for a female. I met her in person and was shocked at her height.

  • @The King JD – I think you are right.

  • Jarvo

    iDid *Self Hi Five* 4-136 lol

    And that size smh ummm ah 8

  • D

    I actually got this right. As for her size them jawns look big I’d say a 9.

  • Herb T

    I thght it was Teyana

  • g gil

    i actually got one right for a change..

  • Shawty Black

    Hey, I got this right!!! Yeah! My first one. Whoo-hoo!

  • Lanice

    I knew it had to be Ciara with those big feet. I know she wears a size 11 in women’s, so those have to be 9 or 9.5 in men’s.

  • JB


  • bigbaby_dmv

    She wears a size 14…she is a guy

  • snkrfiend713

    i think this was my second one to get right i get so many qrong i stop trying to keep up lol

  • Eric

    I like this simple look, better than all those XXXL g’ed out style. CLASS.

  • YESSSS! lol Yea I know she’s pretty tall, I remember seein her photo’d w/LIL bow wow back in the day… you could see the height…or lack thereof for LIL bow wow

  • pilot_davila

    i said either va$hti or ciara

  • She left Adidas? I thought she represented that brand perfectly. Brand loyalty doesn’t count for anything nowadays.

  • Mr_Kadillac

    I first thought Teyana Taylor but the legs kinda made me think Ciara. Plus Ciara has Shaq feet lol

  • BigfootNJ

    I finally got one right.

  • J Dizzle {Lou}

    She got bigger feet than me

  • trev

    size 13

  • sneakz-n-billz

    she got big ass feet and those clunky 9’s don’t make em look any smaller

  • sneakz-n-billz

    she could still get it tho

  • Joints are SKIS!!!

  • dammit I coulda sworn it was Mr. Cee.
    oh well I got another one wrong

  • Gotem too

    By the tight jeans I guessed Kid Cudi, I was wrong.

  • Jerronimo

    I thought it was Amber Rose… I heard her and Wiz are engaged? Word?

  • Knokk Shope Musician

    I thought it was diggy simmons with the nut huggers.


    WOW! 136 people spotted? Damn I thought I only saw like 40..

  • L.A. 2 THE BAY

    DAMN, I SAID “Charlie Sheen”

  • Size big as hell

  • soledier

    first one i ever got right haha

  • rallycars

    I was thinking a girl in the tight jeans, but then I saw the feet and thought it had to be a dude with skinny jeans. Man was I wrong. Maybe it’s just the angle but theylook like size 10-11+

  • chris-rewynd

    i knew it was a girl.. lol

  • New Skool

    I thought it was Amber Rose but the thighs weren’t big enough

  • First time I really got one LMAO SUPER FRESH…

  • mznikesb23

    got it right! you only see Amber Rose, Ciara, or Teyana Taylor in kicks mainly..

  • cashhhh

    Finally got it right! could tell by those sexy legs, def ciara

  • Royal S

    I bet Amare Stoudemire brought her those since that’s her man She better get a baby out of him since she just got dropped from her label & has nothing else to do.

  • Yes! I got it right for the first time. Knew it was her. I seen her in those before, I think. How tall is she anyways?

  • canderson_881

    finally got it right. like 4/136. yeee



  • Jay-Rick

    I got it right for the first time ever!!!!:D