Classic Photo: 2000 Dream Team

2000-Olympic-Basketball-Dream-TeamThe 2000 squad…

Most people don’t remember much about the 2000 Dream Team. But what most people do remember is when Vince Carter dunk OVER seven-footer, Fredreric Weis.

Check out the squad from back in the day and let us know if you can name them all!

Image: BC


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  • MikeyDrums86

    damnnnnnnnnnn that was vicious still remember jumpin out the seat wen i seen that!!! and know em all except for dude in white next to VC dude next to KG (#13) and dude in blue #11..

  • omar najeeb

    Lol. Look at ‘Zo mean-muggin in the pic, like he tim crossover’s hypeman. Haha! Yeah! And er’body remembers the vince dunk. That $#!+ was vicious. He started his take-off from way out, still cleared the defender, and punched that thing clear thru the rim. No fingertip $#!+, or throwing the ball at the rack & it goes in, or the ball rattling round the rim. A clean flush dunk! A-kcufing-mazing!!

  • Justin

    If you consider the Olympic team to be the “best of the best”, looking back at it now, I think this team kinda sucked.

  • omar najeeb

    ^^^well, if u care…lol. guy in wht nxt to vc is allan houston. Good shooter, pistons n knicks. Guy nxt to kg is antonio mcdyess. Rebounder/defender type, career in da league cudnt match hype he got at alabama. Decent tho. No.11 is vin baker. U mite remember, he played for bucks n sonics. Was on the ’96 sonics squad that just wasn’t gonna beat mj n em that year in finals ( I think he was on that squaf. If I’m wrong sumbdy holla!)

  • Justin

    #13, McDyess
    #11, V Baker

  • That Vince Carter dunk tho… so disrespectful! Lawd!!!

  • MikeyDrums86

    @omar najeeb.. thanks bro damn forgot all bout them.. i must be gettin old lol!!!

  • Duke

    Where’s Kobe at.

  • BRich974

    Hardaway… You Tube his Nike comercial…”ugly knuckleball release”…And Vin Baker was a beast too…lotta team Jordan guys

  • @WorldFamous_kev

    So Much Heat In This Pic #CLASSIC. No Not The Dream Team But They Were Good. If Yall Examine Closely This Must Have Been Before Vince Carter Moved Over To Nike Because He Has The And 1’s On and KG Was Still With Nike .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Good Ol’ Days

  • SPINS6136

    Vin Baker wasn’t on that Sonics finals team. He was still with the Bucks.

    Only reason McDyess didn’t become a bigger star (he did have some amazing years and highlights with both the Nugs and Suns) was all those knee injuries.

    We could’ve sent a much better squad. This was like the Olympic B Squad, but remember this started Team USA downfall. When the top players started skipping the Olympics.

    This team should’ve had AI, Shaq, Kobe, Duncan.

  • omar najeeb

    @ spins6136….Lol. yeah just bfor I posted, I thought of rain man kemp. Then figured id be wrong. Good learnin me. Lol
    Oh guess I short-changed mcdyess a lil bit too. Fgot to ment knee injuries..ur da man! Haha

  • bdogg

    flightposite on jay kidd and KG ..damnnnn!!!