Classic Photo: Michael Jordan + Len Bias

Len-Bias-vs-JordanVintage MJ and Len.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, lets take a look back at an image of the greatest basketball player going up against one of the greatest players to never play in the NBA. Here’s a pic of Michael Jordan in his North Carolina Tar Heel days going up against Maryland Terps, Kevin “Len” Bias. MJ was rocking his Converse Pro Leather while Len rocked Nike high-tops.

For those who’s not familiar with Len Bias, he’s considered one of the best players to never make it into the NBA. Although he was number 2 pick of the 1986 NBA Draft, he didn’t make it for his first game. He tragically passed away only a day after he was drafted.

For me, Len Bias was a hometown hero. While I was growing up in Hyattsville MD, he was often the talk of the town even years after his passing. To put it in perspective, he was in front the draft of now legendary NBA players like Ron Harper, John Salley, and Dennis Rodman just to name a few. You’ll be missed Len Bias, but never forgotten.

Image: Iamsports

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  • His little brother was also a promising basketball player back in the day too. But tragically, he was murdered only a few years after Len passed away.

    On a lighter note, did the players back in the day ever notice how short their dang shorts were? Jeez! lol

  • Larry LeJend

    Almost cried seeing Len Bias in the photo… “They Say the Good Die Young”

  • omar najeeb

    Maaann…this dude len bias was a damn freak at MARYLAND. Crazy athletic. He was mj’s equal in college. Its hard to say he would’ve had the nba career mj had. Just a lot of guessing. I remember hearin of bias’s death the first morning of summer vacation after finishing (blah-blah)-th grade. Unfortunate for real.

  • weezy23

    Man what could have been!

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    I saw the Len Bias story not too long ago, it was pretty sad.

  • elhambone

    i remember the day i heard Len Bias died (shortly after the celtics won their 16th title on my 16th birthday) tragic, he was about to dominate on the Celtics (with Bird leaving)..can you imagine the league if both MJ and LB were playin at the same time??!! oh, the levels..

  • omar najeeb


  • omar najeeb

    Leave that celtic 16th ‘chip $#!+ out tho. Lol
    Go sixers!!

  • MelloYelloMD

    Dope! Terps all day!

  • sirfresh

    i remember Lins mom came to my church. very inspirational woman

  • JoeSlow

    Thanks for posting this. Real DMV ninjas know whats up.

  • greg

    If Bias had played people would be lining up for reebok right now. He was legit 6’8 better pure shooter than Jordan. Went to the hole like Nique. He was the real thing.