Complex TV Quickstrike – Episode 7

DJ Clark Kent and Russ Bengston is back with another episode of Quickstrike. This episode they’ll discuss about the latest Nike SB Koston sneaker, the Ewing 33 Hi Jamaica and Georgetown colorways, and Packer Shoes latest collaboration with Reebok.

Patrick Ewing will also stop by to talk about the return of his brand. Enjoy the Complex TV Quickstrike episode 7.

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Check out the video below for the previous episode.

  • Heat

    Dope episode

  • JB

    This is a cool series, TSG should implement something similar to this!

  • Heat

    I don’t think any player is capable of starting their own brand. LeBron is the first that comes to mind obviously but even he can’t do it.

  • AceofJ’s

    Wade is so wack for going to li’ning, should’ve stayed with JB

  • Mars Blackmon

    @AceofJ’s wade’s li’ning shoes are actually pretty dope though. well some of them lol