Complex TV’s Quickstrike – Episode 2

complex's quickstrike episode 2


Complex’s Quickstrike starring Ross Bengston and DJ Clark Kent is back with another episode going over various sneaker topics.

Topics for this episode span from Penny Hardaway to Allen Iverson to Kobe Bryant in the PTI-inspired sneaker talk. One interesting topic to note is how sneaker lines should be handled for post-retirement athletes.

Check out the episode now and let us know your thoughts on the latest episode of Quickstrike presented by Complex.

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  • BK1

    Reebok needs to release some new shaqs its the best player they’ve had n the best sneaker too so i dont see why they dont get to making new Shaqs

  • Blink Welch

    Only receiving one comment proves how wack this show is! Two old guys talking bout sneakers with dry humor! Try again

  • You know what?

    @Blink Welch. Yeah, 2 old guys that have forgotten more about sneakers than you’ll ever know