Air Jordan 11 “Concord” Official Images

Besides being arguably the best Air Jordan model of all-time, there is really not much to say about the Concords. The iconic patent leather Air Jordan 11 “Concord” is back after over a decade long hiatus. Expect the same white mesh upper with black patent leather as before, but this time it’ll have a new price tag. The highly anticipated Concord Air Jordan 11 will be available on Friday, December 23rd at Jordan Brand retailers.

Here’s the retail prices for Adult, GS, PS, and Toddler sizes.

Adult – $180
GS – $120
PS – $75
Toddler – $55

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  • DRE C.

    High as fuXX those are damn crack prices!!!!

  • Lace Lock

    Officially mine! Can’t wait to see the Christmas tree lights reflecting off the patent leather. Oh and I won’t be dashing through the snow in these. Merry Christmas to all my SNEAKER FRIENDS!

  • And for those who say it hasn’t been 10 years since we’ve seen the Concords, the DMP 11 doesn’t count as a Concord 11. It didn’t contain concord grape in it’s colorway…

  • Definitely on the “must have” list for 2011.

  • blind

    damn they photoshopped the hell out of those pics

  • dotsupreme

    the price is crazy but its resellers who are not helping the situation out at all get into the game to buy not sell come on man

  • dotsupreme

    o and i don’t know why these are official pics when there the worst.


    Better gimme som sucky sucky with that price tag.


    Yea boy down here in Htown have been getting them for 350 + for a bout two-three weeks now!!! eff that Ima try my luck for my lil boy pair and mine cuz wife didnt want them after all and my hook up acting like a lil Bia!!!

  • big Dro

    Man 1 more day and the streets gonna look like the walking dead.
    11/12 pack,spacejams,cool Greys got nothing on these. The hype around is on levels of a hundred thousand trillion. the spots in my area had them since november. First they wanted $400 . Now they want $300 yeah right. These people worse than resellers.

  • iwellsfargo

    You hate resellers? I hope you in that line pwahboi. If not your going to have buy them from me.

    Sincerely a reseller.

  • sneakerkid24

    It’s going to be crazy but I’m ready to get it in I was built for this price is only 5 dollars more den last year

  • littlph

    cant wait im buyin 5 pair!!!

  • mike

    damn, that price point is outta of my league. Kids want Uggs for christmas

  • AU Kid

    not the best pictures but the sole looks the best in these

  • blind

    how come the first pic has clear sole and second blue? wtf is going on here? Groc you got a pair from nike right what color is the sole?

  • Just accepted a new position… So its internet or bust for the kid. I won’t be in any lines for sneakers on Friday morning… Snooki-wah.

  • SeVIIn

    2 pairs on deck 10.5 n 11


  • SPINS6136

    Thank god I always have friends who work in sneaker stores.

    Never had to stand in line, never missed out on my size.

    It’s a blessing because that crap is a nightmare. I walked into Foot Locker to grab my cool grey’s last year, and James Jones wife (WR for the Green Bay Packers) tried offering up $500 in cash and 2 tickets for the last 2 games of the season for mine cuz me and James wear the same size.

    Little does she know my family has a box (they’ve worked for the organization since the mid-60’s)so the tickets mean squat to me, and $500 was NOT prying them out of my hands. Me and James work out in the off season together so I made sure to give him tons of slack next time I saw him.

    And I made sure to wear them when we hit the court for a couple games!

  • I might be Royal Swag

    Hopefully I get lucky. For some reason I and the 11’s never seem to come home together on release date at Footlocker

    11/12 CDP- Strikeout
    Spacejams- Strikeout
    Cool Greys- Strikeout

  • Trey

    Too much $… $125 yes..

  • John B.

    ol lady will be in line early in the am gettin my pair for me…i would…but to hell with that! i can sleep a lil longer and gotta get to work on time…thank god for good women!

  • Serg252001

    Got em last weekend

  • duke


  • aSh

    @ Royal…. Damn man that sucks… Hope u get ur pair this time dude!!!
    @ JohnB…. If I strike out at niketown tonite… My girl is willing to camp at one spot will I post up at another…Thank god for a good woman indeed…
    @ Duke… The blue icy sole doesnt not prevent from yellowing BUT it does delay the effect dramatically hope that helps…

  • I might be Royal Swag

    Just drove pass by a footlocker & they already camping out !! WTF, it’s not even noon yet in Cali.

  • JaysFeet

    am i the only one that thinks that these are to Hyped?

  • @JaysFeet Yes Their Hyped , But I Don’t Blame The Hype Cuz Their Top 3 Sneaks Of 2011 !

  • Monkey D.Luffy

    I’m in the Military, and on base they’re going for $115….Thanks you uncle Sam for keeping MJ Honest.

  • speechless

    gona be late for work tomorrow morning.. shoes come out same time I’m suppose to clock in.. got them cool greys from last year never wore em.. so ima try to do the same this year.. hope I get lucky..

  • Grind247

    Sheesh. $180 for them boys huh. Jordan Brand obviously has no respect for my pockets haha

  • zo krit

    I can’t believe niggas Bring their chair to seat in front of foot action to wait for them expensive kicks , wats the point of rocking them with ur pockets ?

  • 901sneakerhead need their azz whooped…smh.


  • Nyle

    I got myself 2 pairs of 9’s over here in the UK!!
    People Goin crazy for them over here too!!!

  • Darren

    yes do need they ass kicked… Halfway while I was completing my order the site when to maintenance. By then it was too late to go elsewhere. At least I copped the 3s on black friday.

  • Jars

    I bought a pair for $300! How come it’s only $180 here?!

  • obey jesi

    Damn these shoes are sexy asf I love them