Confessions of a Sneaker Addict – Part 3

Confessions of a Sneaker Addict – Part 3


Everyone who collects sneakers or just has a desire to always have the latest kicks knows about multiple trends that are evident among the sneaker culture. Whether they are the hotness or the wackness is up for debate, but the reality is that they are apparent among many people today whether it be the casuals, the shoe collectors, the heat rockers, the celebrities, the kids, the adults, just about anyone you can think of. 

Now, without any further ado, does the following confession apply to you?

Loose Laces

New kicks have been acquired, you cannot wait to rock them, break some necks, show them off, uhh, whatever else the cool kids say too. Now comes the problem, you do not like tying shoes. I know what you’re thinking, “I got these two laces in my hands, what the heck am I supposed to do with them?” I was in the same boat also and I started to go the loose lace route. You know what I’m talking about, the whole not tying your shoes all the way, pulling the laces out, the shoe strings stick out the side of the shoes, turns your kicks from shoes to virtually slip-ons.

But the question does arise, why do people do this? For me, I do it for certain kicks, why? Mainly because I do not like tying all my shoes since I’m lazy. SBs are the main culprit for me where I take the loose lace route mainly because I just think they look better. Jordan’s however I tie each one since I just believe it looks better. So there’s my reason on why I do this. I’ve noticed a trend has picked up (at least where I live) of people rocking loose laces on EVERY SHOE IMAGINABLE. Even to the point where the laces are so loose that they hang off of the sides and can be stepped on. It seems to be a fad that has picked up and is spreading like a wild fire like “foamposite” shoes and eggplant colorways.

Do you rock loose laces and if so why? Are there certain shoes you rock with loose laces?

Written by: JediJumpHigh

  • deadstockdev

    sometimes I do it for comfort..when I tie my shoes all the way, it feels like im choking the but most of the time, I won’t lace them all the way up.

  • futastar

    I tie all my shoes up. I don’t want my feet flopping or a shoe to come off and plus my parents taught me to always tie my shoes.

  • FlatBushBully


  • FlatBushBully


  • Tanner P.

    the only shoe’s I rock w/ out tying and leaving loose are SB’s…but that’s because of the elastics inside. SB’s stay tight, and nice n snug on ur foot even if u put NO laces due to those bands. I still don’t rock them all loose and bugg’d out, just looser. That whole totally un-tied, all-over-the-place “look” is ridiculous.

  • e

    i need a pair of 2009 eggplant foams asap in a 8.5 anybody have any suggestions?

  • JuZ4KicKSnGigglZ

    tie em up to lift n ball….loosen when chillin n most of kicks i have have inner support that keeps the feet stable…there was a time when i just skipped 2-3 holes while laceing up my sneakers n boots but havent done that in a while….

  • soledetermined

    Depends where I go and what I am wearing the shoes with. Summer time is the only season though I would keep the laces loose. Some shoes you need to tie tight, some you can get away with leaving loose all-day (Hyperdunk). But it’s not a big deal, shoes are shoes.

  • Shoop

    The only time I don’t tie my laces is when I rock a pair of kicks that’s not my exact size. Size 12 is my true size but I can wear anything from an 11 to a 12. So, if I’m wearing a size 11 sneaker, I normally wouldn’t tie them. I would just lace it all the way up and let the laces hang to the side but not to the point where I’m walking on them.

    I think this whole thing has become an acceptable fashion statement in the sneaker community.

  • Jerronimo

    I rock mine loose cus… I am lazy! I got two many shoes in my closet to tie them all. Especially if I am having a brainfart day and I try on 3-4 pairs before I decide on one. It’s just easier for me. I can’t wear sneaks to work so when I do get to rock a pair outside of my job I make sure they are the “NEO”. I’ve been doing it since day one and I’m an older dude. So it’s not a fad wit me man. It’s easier to put on/off.


    Mannn i rock all my shoes loose, have been for the longest. I do it cause to me it looks good, really cant remember the last time i tied my shoes lol

  • Izl

    Depends on the shoe – certain J’s I tuck the laces under the tongue and others I either let loose or tie them up ( depends on pants and shoe). Wale did NOT start this trend ^^ like Converse king said – Run DMC has been doing this before alot of you kids were even born ! – also- Wale has crazy sneaker game but the dude just looks sloppy all the time – SHOWER

  • J DIzzle

    props to JJH . i never loosen my shoe laces cus it never appealed to me. sum dudes got the swag to loosen them up and not tie them and it looks beast. but if i see it multiple times on the same cat it gets tiredsome. the loosening jus givs more flavor and options to kix.especially if mad heads got them, u wanna look different to seperate urself. i myself hav the clean gentlemen approach so i tie my joints and wit sum kix i tuck them in to look cleaner like on the 6s.

  • Baker

    Yo i been doin that loose lace in high school. i have a lot of sneakers, so when i wake up i really dont know which one to wear. it real e-z to slide em on look down naw not today and pick somethin else. i tie my chucks up but they mad loose and i didnt lance them all the way up.. my mom always sayin i need to tie my shoes but i like they way it look. plus it make people look at your shoes more….

  • Mr. Y@TeS

    i do one tied, one out on most shoes, or jus both out

  • 4DRUMZ

    WALE style looks ridiculously STUPID… I’m sorry… if you do it this way… it looks really really stupid. He does it to the extreme though… extremely stupid!
    Back in the day it was all about NOT UNTYING your kicks! So, they stay tied but you just pulled them off and on… a lot heels got crushed because of this!
    Depends on the shoe. My NB 574’s have a nice tongue (though I also do NOT pop the tongue usually) so I tuck the laces in the shoe down toward the toebox. Runners always have that extrahole at the top so you can weave it through and it still stays tight even untied! My Jordan IX’s NEVER get tied because the sock-liner is plenty snug and the laces aren’t stupid long. Most kicks I tie!

  • DC DunKing

    WALE rocks the Uptown or NW style of DC and MD
    Just about every kid rocks their new balance that way and it slowly triclked to the Blazers, Dunks and Vandals.
    I dont mind it but its a DC thing!
    Flyer than the Rest of them and STILL got my Nike boots!

  • J Flo

    Its not followin trends or who does wat to me, its simply a matter of preference jus lik the shoes i buy,some i feel look better tied some dont, lik my asics i deff lace up, but even wen i leave my laces loose it wont be to the point where theyd slip off tryna scrap

  • J Flo

    o nd usually tuck em in keeps it alil cleaner then havin em hang

  • Du

    Why does it matter if you like your shoes loose or laced? The focus should be on the shoes itself not how theyre tied or untied. I mean if I see someone wearing some Jordan Cement III’s or Cement IV’s, my first thought isn’t why are they wearing them loose or tied like that…its wow, CLASSICS!

  • kdduncan32

    i tuck sbs in …i let some jordan laces hang and always for foamposites…but i always tie forces

  • mzadeh

    @ John B – oh! LOL

  • BigMeechDMV

    I agree we’ve been doin the loose lace thing for a while now especially on jordans, New Balance and Pennies. Now instead I just put bow laces on all my shoes. It’s a compromise between comfortable and snug in my opinion:)

  • Josh

    Some shoes I wear loose, my foams I always wear loose, and some I never do like XIs. Then alot of times it depends on the outfit, like if I wear jeans Ill probably tie em, but I like wearing laces loose when I wear cargoes or bball shorts lol idk just personal preference, dont judge me lol

  • flykickz

    ive been doin loose laces since i was in middle school but every body is right all points that everybody is making is valid but everybody has their own style and sum are followers and for the wale haters u already know


    loose messy laces = creativity & swagg people. take notes…

  • casone238

    lol yeah i do it too but it only looks good on certain kicks but on my jays i tie them but very lightly i dont like choking kicks they aint do nothin wrong to me for me to yoke em up plus it gives it a bad crease also

  • chi_city_ghost23

    I tie my laces but I like the loops to be big idk…. its like an attention grabber. Imo

  • http://iss cgdreams

    grow up and tie your shoes.

  • sneak-vandal

    I tie most of my kicks, some even stay tied and they’re jus able to slip-on any way… <— I love tht…. but I only rock 'em laceless if the strings are too short to reach the top loop and it jus looks fly

  • Supreme13z

    Where to start…first off, loose laces been around for the better part of TWO decades as far as I can remember. And it’s really an aesthetics thing; basically looks. Most mid-tops and hi-tops looks good with loose laces. Low-tops all tied up but tied up loosely. LOL. I like the little bunny ears on AM95 and AF1 lows. Also, some kicks I don’t go thru all the eyelets, maybe the first two eyelets then criss-cross to the last eyelet and tie up with over-sized bunny ears like the mid-top and hi-top AF1s or the AJ8s. LOL. For me, I do it for looks. Whatever looks better. My 2 cents…

  • C.Kicks316

    Not me. I tie all my laces just cuz it looks neat to me. Loose laces looks so tacky but if thats what floats your boat *shrug*


    this is a hell of a topic..and i used to take the loose lace route a lot more when i was younger mostly on “uptowns” and dunks but when I started gettin more into the Jordan game…I kinda killed that whole trend…I agree 100% I just hate seein a pair of space jams with the laces all hangin off the shoe and draggin and shit, it sorta kills the shoe to me..but with kicks like dunks, especially low top SBz i think the loose lace route long as you don’t ODEE and you sport em right..but i really do think this loose lace shit is just a fad, and as soon as half the sneaker community twists their ankle they’ll realize it just wasn’t that fly…LOL

  • N.O.

    I tie my laces for the most part but for instance my retro jordan XII black/columbia blue. when i tie you can see the lace marks on the tongue and that looks super baddddddd…….

  • C.O.P.E.

    it all depends on da shoe imo. my area(DMV, more D.C. than anything) it startd as a foams only thing and pulled em out all da way down the shoe,for those who haven’t seen it check Rap Artist Wale…. but me only foams, but dey are spreading to almost every shoe round here

  • D.C.sneaker_freaker

    not lacing your shoes looks tacky to me, but more power to those that do.

  • Ralph Folarin

    I’Guess Many People Can admit To Doing This Because For Me it Depends Personally Foamposites Look Good Loose. Im From The DMV and Thats Pretty Much All We Do is Foamposites, New Balance 498’s, 993’s Jordans But it Doesnt Matter i Tend To Do what Looks Best. Like Jordan Look good tied so what you do is what you do nice entry. =)

  • shoefan

    I started wearing my shoes loose in high school, most cool guys did that. Ever since I’ve worn all my shoes and boots loose except when running being the only time I tie my shoes. I have a pair of shoes just for running, all my other shoes are permanently loose.

    I do it because it looks bad ass and because it’s way more comfortable and faster to put on and off. I wear them with the laces really loose, maybe not quite as much as Wale but still very loose.

    Some that have a tight fit even without laces I’ll just let the laces hang out the sides, but some would just loosen all the way up like that so for those I tie a knot at the ends to prevent them from getting too loose. With some shoes I’ll skip some holes so I get the look and looseness I want.

    I also always put laces that contrast with the back (white laces on black shoes, black laces on white shoes, etc.) so the looseness stands out. It probably also attracts more attention to the shoes, but most of my shoes are fairly flashy and stand out to begin with. I often get comments on them.

  • Mr. Niceshoes

    definitely loose with my foams got the concept from my boy who was doing it back in 2001 with his baby blue and white foams.

  • nizzy

    meh, I can’t do loose lacing… on 99% of my kicks I do factory lacing, knot with a loop on one side and the loose ends on the other. Has that fresh from the box feeling to me. and very easy to tighten/loosen

  • Cortezplay

    Almost all brands of loose kicks look hot. Some bro’s like them untied a little and some kids have them so bad they heelpop ’em walking around. Nobody’s said word about playing with my kicks in class, library, mall, whatever. Sometimes slide ’em off for comfort, other times for play. C’mon, you know you like it now and then!

  • sneaker daz

    I like wearing skate sneaks well loose I wair my d3 withfat laces I love that scuffing sound

  • Dgyo

    When you said skate sneaks loose do u mean like loosen your shoes like a hockey skat if so how do u do it?
    For the pic whoever posted that how do u get the laces to be that loose